The sound of a heart monitor beeping echoed in a hospital room and Naruto slowly opened his eyes and closed them quickly while groaning.

Tenten hearing the groaning moved from the chair she was in to Naruto side and said "Naruto...can you hear me."

Naruto groaned and said "I hear angels."

Tenten blushed a moment before she punched him in the head causing him to scream as he set up quickly and rubbed his head where she punched him and said "What the hell was that for."

Tenten said "For scaring me like you have any idea what went through my mind when I heard your voice in the air like that and then hear Orochimaru and Danzo."

Naruto said "I'm..."

Tenten punched him in the stomach and said "DON'T SAY IT...You ass is sorry all right. You publically emberrassed me by talking about our sex lives, you revealed our relationship to the world without asking me and then you..."

A couch caught both thier attention and both Naruto and Tenten blinked as they saw the Six Realm Sage Naruto standing there and he smirked and said "Hi."

Naruto frowned and said "What are you doing here...How are you here for that matter."

Sage said "Well, I came by to congradulate you Naruto."

Naruto blinked and said "Congradulate me...congradulate me for what."

Sage said "For doing what I prayed you would be able to do. You changed my history and destroyed the Bijuu's."

Tenten said "What...what do you mean."

Sage said "Please sit down both of you...and know that like you did to Danzo I am having what I am here to say to you broadcast around the world right now. Not just this village. I have also sealed this room so I can talk to you and explain the truth. For those of you who are listening to this and wondering who I am and what is going on...I have gone by many names over the years but the name I am most famous for is the Six Realm Sage, the man who gave chakra to the world and Jinchuuriki of the Juubi...but I was originally born Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki and became the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune when it was unleashed on Konoha by Madara the way Madara, your plan for the Bijuu is over. As we speak they are ceasing to exist. hahahaha."

In Rain country Madara clenched his fist and screamed in rage.

Back in the hospital room the Sage said "Now I guess you have a lot of questions as many others do...I guess I can start off with telling what Madara plan was. You see, in 3 years time Madara and his Akatasuki group would have had collected the first 8 bijuu and extracted them from thier Jinchuuriki. Madara wanted to recreate the legendary Juubi that was supposedly sealed inside of me and use it's power to take over the world...when Madara played everyone to get Itachi Uchiha to kill his clan and leave Sasuke alive he did this because Sasuke was the key Madara needed. He had Itachi torture Sasuke mind turning him into an avenger who then would recieve the curse seal from Orochimaru when he was strong enough, be forced to use it several times until he fell to the lure of going to Orochimaru for power who would drive him more insane while twisting his mind and turning every thought he had into revenge and power no matter the cost. He would then have Itachi and Sasuke fight where he used his Sharingan to have Itachi feel guilt for killing his clan so Sasuke could kill him but then he would turn Sasuke against Konoha increasing his anger where he would want more power at any cost using the curse seal more and more. He would force Sasuke to use the Magnekyou Sharingan to get his revenge until Sasuke went blind where Sasuke would then have Itachi eyes transplanted into his own unlocking the secret power of the Uchiha clan. After that he would kidnap a the time it was Hinata who had confessed her love for me when the false leader of Akatasuki named Pein who possess the Rinnegan came and destroyed Konoha...Sasuke under the influence of Madara raped and impregnated Hinata to create a child that would have the genes of the main house Byakugan and the Eternal Sharingan and then he planned to transplant the Rinnegan from the body of Pein when I killed him into the child while sealing all 9 of the Bijuu into the child who would be formed into the Juubi."

Around the world people were shocked hearing this and Sage said "But his plan didn't work right. Itachi before his final battle with Sasuke transplanted part of his Sharingan powers into me. Before Hinata would of gave birth to the child a team was sent to try and rescue her when we found out where she was since we didn't know what Madara and Sasuke wanted her for. It was Neji, Lee, Tenten and me who had went after her that time all the hidden villages in the world had been destroyed by Madara and we were the only survivors from Konoha...when we got to where Hinata was being held Sasuke and I fought and Sasuke lost but before I could kill him Madara appeared and tried to capture me to take the Kyuubi...I was able to kill him at the cost of my eyes...Hinata gave birth durring the battle and died from it...Neji and Lee also died...Tenten who had learned medical skills took the Rinnegan that was still in Peins body that Madara had with him and gave them to me while Sasuke escaped with the infant to go where the other 8 Bijuu were being stored. After Tenten transplanted the eyes into me we went after Sasuke...when we got to him he was in the process of trying to seal the 8 Bijuu into himself while using the infant as a hostage...the chakra from the bijuu when it entered his body merged with the curse seal...I knew there was no way to stop him once that happened so I replaced him with myself in the sealing circle sealing all 8 of the Bijuu inside of me with the Kyuubi...but Sasuke who was using the curse seal also began to be sucked into me as well...that was when Itachi gift to me activated."

Tenten asked "What was it."

Sage said "Itachi didn't want Sasuke to die...he thought that I would kill him...but he didn't want to kill me either...his gift caused a black hole to appear similar to Kakashi Magnekyou Sharingan that can absorb things and send them to another time and place...Tenten, the infant, and I were all 3 sent back in time...I don't know how far it actually was...but the curse seal and the chakra from the Bijuu all merged together...I was a Toad Sage and was able to use Nature Chakra to fight against it for a while...and I eventually came up with a way to save myself...It was when I created the Bijuu as legend told."

Naruto said "What...why did you do that."

Sage said "The chakra was toxic. If I would have died the chakra would have been released on the world destroying everything on the planet, every human, bug, plant, and animal...I began to teach people to use chakra to defend themselves should I lose control so they could fight and hopefully kill me...I had to remain in Sage mode nearly every moment of every day...Tenten and I began to raise Hinata child as our own over the time and eventually we fell in love and had 2 children, a son and a daughter. The son having been born while I was using Sage chakra was able to draw on chakra from nature naturally...he was the first ancestor who became the Senju clan...while Hinata son became the first ancestor for the Uchiha daughter became the first ancestor of the Uzumaki clan who was born with the abilty to drain and purify demonic chakra while both my sons were able to use thier abilty to supress or control me when ever my control started to slip."

Tenten said "So that was when you created the save your children and the world."

Sage said "Yes...I created a special clone called the Bijuu clone that is basically a body without a soul that as long as it has chakra can heal from any damage and can not be destroyed. I made 10 of them. Using the Rinnegan I was able to split my soul between the 10 bodies...I created the Whirlpool seal so that the Bijuu bunshin would drain chakra from me...Before I died I used the Rinnegan to seal myself inside a tomb of earth and sent it into space where it became what you now know as the Moon entrusting the Bijuu in the control of my children and thier decendants."

Naruto said "So if that is my future...why are you here."

Sage chuckled and said "That is not your future...that is my past. You change the future. When you made it impossible for Sasuke to get the curse seal you erased the Bijuu. There were several ways to change the future. It was all linked on Sasuke. If Sasuke never got the curse seal he couldn't of tainted the chakra of the Bijuu making it where the Uzumaki clan who would drain and purrify the demonic chakra which resulted in the birth of nearly every bloodline on the planet would have successfully drained the Bijuu before now...even as we speak if you notice the whiskers showing you hold the Kyuubi are fading...but you know what the best thing soon as it finishes the world will shift one last time revealing the true reality...a world without chakra, a world without demons...a world without ninja and both who have the mark of the Shinigami on you will wake up the day I first appeared in the past...but don't worry, you will like it there." as he faded away and the world went white.

Both Tenten and Naruto blinked as they found themselves on a beach.

Tenten said "What the hell...where are we."

A female voice said "That depends."

Both Naruto and Tenten turned and Tenten eyes widen and said in an unsure voice " that you."

A chuckle could be heard as Dustin could be seen walking up as well and he said "Yes dear."

Naruto eyes went wide and said "No way...Mom, Dad." as he ran over toward where he could see Minato and Kushina and Kushina quickly grabbed him in a hug and said "Oh my son, I am so happy to see you."

Naruto said "But...but how...what..."

A chuckle was heard and Naruto turned and paled as he saw the Shinigami standing there who took off his mask and said "Hi."

Naruto blinked and said "What the hell."

Kushina said "Remember the 2 children you gave your brother."

Naruto said "But if he's my brother then..."

Shinigami said "Don't worry about it. The future will take care of itself. Right now your wife, her parents, you and your parents have a long life ahead of you to live. What you do with it will be your choice. Your in Water country right now. You still have your memories and skills. What you do with them is your choice. Live a long and happy life and don't question how because unlike you...I'm a good ninja who knows how to keep my secrets and my mouth shut...see you in the future someday my family." as he was gone in a yellow flash.

Naruto felt a tap on his shoulder and turned seeing Tenten with tears on her face as well as a smile and said "Naruto...I would like you to meet my mom...and this is the real her from the world where she engaged you and me...the one where dad popped your moms cherry and those are your parents from that world...where a family...we...I'M SO HAPPY." as she hugged him.

Naruto hugged her back as he looked at the 4 smiling adults and thought "He's right, why question things when I got everything I ever and love...what more could I ask for." as he pulled back and kissed Tenten passionately before picking her up and spinning her as both began to laugh.