* Major Yaoi content

* Mild gore

* Strong language

* Spoiler of L's name

* Maybe non-con

Chapter 1: L's Downfall †

L sat there in a prison cell rotting there until his due execution day, the walls of the cell were white and the flooring was concrete, there was a small single sized bed next to him and in the corner of the small room was a toilet. He was dressed in a white shirt and white pants, his arms tied behind his back. He sat like he normally did on the floor, resting his head on the base of the bed, his black locks contrasting with the white mattress.

It was his fault that this happened.

His fault on how all the Task Force members were going to be executed in front of him.

His fault that Kira's new world was established, and how the murderer held the title as "God".

God of the new world

It was a mess, L had made a very large mistake the ultimately leaded to his and the whole world's downfall. Kira or Light had taken over quickly, in about a month America had surrendered then it was Europe, and then the entire world had fallen under Kira recognizing him as God. L remembered the day that Light had made his first public appearance as Kira, it was May 18. He appeared on a balcony of the Osaka castle he was dressed in a golden Kimono with some sort of crown on his head, Misa and Mikami both behind him. Millions of people from around the world, even the leaders of countries below them at the base of the castle, submitting to him, many chanting and cheering wearing necklaces of the Kira symbol, a heart with wings, and carrying signs and gifts for him.

L remembered it bitterly how he was tied up and gagged when he was brought out roughly onto the balcony shoved next to them, nearly falling off the balcony but he felt a hand pull him back, he didn't know whether it was Misa's or Light's but he really didn't care. The genius remembered how as soon as Light announced that he was L the crowd's faces turned from grins and cheers to booing and glaring many yelling horrible things at him and throwing things at him, they cheered when Light revealed his execution date, on day after the Task Force's death day, July 7. Then L heard Mikami lean over to the guard standing at the doorway and whisper

"Lock him back up."

Before he was pulled back out of the balcony by the burly and rough hands of the bodyguards he saw Misa turn to him and give him a somewhat apologetic look and loosely hold his hand. That was the last of the outside world he saw for the last two months. The only human contact he came in terms with were the guards tossing his mush for food through the bars of the door and occasionally maybe once in two weeks Misa would visit him and bring him a treat and sit outside the bars talking to him, he guessed it was mostly because she pitied him or she liked it when it was the three of them in the task force headquarters and was actually his friend. Of course she would only stay there for ten minutes not really liking the settings of prison and how her outfits got dirty when she was there. The blonde would mostly talk about Light or about current events in the fashion world, sometimes she would clean his face up or brush his hair of course after putting little doo-dads in his hair.

The last time Misa had come over he had asked what day it was, it was June 1, six more days until the Task Force was killed, he asked about her status was and replied that Light was Kira/God and Mikami and her were the angels of course Misa argued and wanted to be Light's goddess. But that was two hours ago.

L was now pondering how to escape this jail, since he was so skinny and didn't eat most of the mush they gave him, only the treats the blonde gave him, he was now looking anorexic maybe he could slip out of the bars but then again there was cameras and guards around his cell, he didn't care if he died because it was his fault but the Task Force was innocent.

He stared up at the ceiling, he remembered the day he had made that horrible mistake that led to his downfall.

April 5

L sat at the headquarters spinning around in his chair his thumb to his lips, he needed evidence to put Light in jail as Kira, but there was none. He frowned it was turning into night and he hadn't made any new findings in the case, he was becoming depressed but he didn't want to tell Light that because he might punch him again.

He signed but then jumped in his chair from the sudden contact on his shoulder, he didn't like anyone going into his private space i.e. touching him without his consent. He turned to see the brunette smiling at him.

"Light-san is there anything wrong? You're abnormally happy today. I wonder, is Kira happy about something?"L asked.

"For the last time Ryuzaki I'm not Kira, and I was wondering if you would like to go out, the task force is going out drinking and we'd like to know if you'd like to come."

"Kira does not take a break so neither should I, and I do not handle my alcohol well."

"Oh come on, two hours and you can come back, and I'm sure they sell drinks other than sake maybe you can get some tea?"

". . . No"

"Please! This is what friends do and you can bring you laptop!"

L nibbled on his thumbnail then slowly arose from his chair, the mention of friends was enough to get him to go because deep down he was lonely and desperately wanted someone to talk to.

So he ended up in a small bar, not bothering taking his laptop. L sat down at a bar stool in his trademark sitting position next to Light. The brunette mastermind ordered their drinks, at first L wondered where the rest of the task force was but Light said they would come later they were just in traffic.

Soon it was drink after drink, Light only having one watching L drink, the brunette lying to him that it wasn't sake and it was instead some new sugary drink. As soon as the words sugar reached the genius' ears he couldn't stop he was being to lose his train of thought and everything was becoming blurry and in doubles.

When L was softly rocking back and forth and his feet stumbling off the stool Light took him outside setting him in the backseat of the car sitting next to him. The mastermind smiled at L and the detective smiled a goofy grin towards him, his hands ruffling up the brunette's hair.

"Since we're friends let's share secrets," Light said, "I'll go first, what do you want to know?"

"W-What – hic – shampoo d-do you use? You're hair – hic – is so s-shiny . . ." L babbled semi-stroking and touching his coffee shaded hair.

"It's called Shimmer Lights (it's an actual shampoo lol I have it myself) , I'll let you borrow it sometime. Now I get to ask you something," Light said removing L's hands from his hair gripping the pale bony hands in his own tan ones.

"Can you tell me what your name is?"

"Oh haha I-I don't think –hic- I can tell Light-san," L said shaking his head side to side.

"But that's what friends do, we are friends right? Best friends."

"O-oh then that makes –hic- everything o-okay!" L happily smiled crawling over closer to Light sitting on his lap.

"It's Lawliet! My n-name is Lawliet! I only t-told –hic- you because y-you're my BEST FRIEND!" L cried out wrapping his arms around Light's neck.

Light grinned maliciously, this is what he wanted, finally he had L's name. But he wouldn't kill the detective, he couldn't because he loved him, it grew on him, he would just use it as blackmail to get L to step down, soon his world would be build and he would be God.

"T-Tell me do you –hic- love m-me Light?" L asked smiling at him.

L was drunk and wouldn't remember his answer anyway so it didn't matter if he answered truthfully or not, Light snaked his jacket-clad arms around L's waist drawing him closer and whispered in his ear, "Yes."

L smiled even more grinding his hips against Light's, the mastermind groaned and picked L up placing him down on the seat next to him, "You'll regret doing anything like that to me tomorrow."

The detective was going to argue but Light strapped him with the seatbelt and got out of the car then going into the front seat, tomorrow was going to be hell for them, but he finally got what he wanted, finally. He drove back to the headquarters and put L into his bed sitting in the chair waiting for the genius to awaken, so he could basically blackmail him. Then his new world would be built and L would be nothing more than a rotting body in a cell.

Lawliet shook his head trying to rid himself of the horrible memory, he didn't want to remember it, the terrible mistake he had made that cost him everything. Why had he have to be that stupid enough to believe that murderer? He beat his head back and forth on the mattress then turned to look out the bared window, it was nighttime.

"Hey freak, you got a visitor!" a guard shouted at him through the bars making L turn his head to look at the guard.

He slowly got to his feet shuffling over to the door, as soon as it opened the wardens grabbed his forearms tightly and walked him over to the door leading out of the hallway, they forced him into the main section of the prison, while he was walking down the staircase L saw a throne chair with the symbol of Kira resting on the head of it.

"Is he here yet?" a regal voice asked from behind it.

L recognized that voice immediately anger grew in the pit of his stomach, "YOU BASTARD!" he screamed at Light his legs violently kicking the wardens enough to make them let go of him, he ran over to the throne chair ready to kill the so called God to the floor when more wardens tackled him to the ground holding him there with their feet and hands.

"Tie him to the chair over there then leave us."

"Of course."

They did as Light told them and tied L to the sturdy chair across from the brunette then left the room watching from the surveillance cameras if the prisoner was to make any form of resistance or to inflict violence.

L's face was to the floor looking down at his bare dirty feet, not wanting to look up into the face of Kira.

"It's nice to see you L, or would you prefer me to call you Lawliet?" Light asked him.

"I prefer you call me L. Light, or do you want me to call you Kira-sama now that everyone else does or maybe your majesty?" he asked him monotonously making eye contact with the mastermind, amber eyes meeting obsidian.

"Light will be fine, you know only you, Mikami, and Misa know my real name. As I only know your name. Too bad I'll have to get rid of the task force but that can't be helped."

". . ." L chose not to answer, this was the first time that they had come in contact in two months, "Why are you here. Don't you have to punish criminals? God?"

". . . I came here because as you know you are to die in a couple of days, and well L I love you, please be one of my Angels, or better you can rule beside me!" Light pleaded, his voice dripping with desperation.

"Lies. No one could bring themselves to love me."

L turned his back down to his feet, anger still boiling inside him. He heard a thump and then cool hands were holding his face making L look down at Light who was now kneeling on the floor.

"L, I told you before I love you. Of course it pains me to say it, and I don't want to believe it at all but I do. I don't know how it happened but thinking of having to kill you, to write your name down hurts. Please just say you'll be one of my Angels, you don't have to rule beside me even though I would prefer it, hell you don't even have to obey me, I just want you to live under my protection."


"WHY THE HELL NOT!?" Light roared causing L to jump, "sorry, I'll give you everything you want, please L . . . . Lawliet please."

"Light-san I said no. I will not be changing my answer."

The brunette let out an angry sigh and stood up motioning for the warden to lock L back up. They came and yanked the genius from the chair dragging him back up the stairs to his cell throwing him in it then locking the barred door back up. He pulled himself up off the floor sitting on the bed, his knees huddled to his chest. L didn't like what was going on, he didn't believe that someone like Light who was gorgeous and now powerful could ever like him not to mention he had Misa who was a beautiful model, it was clearly to the detective a plan to humiliate him one last time before he was to die.

His head leaned back on the pillow staring at the white brick wall, his mind drifted to what it would be like if had accepted the offer, he would be able to eat sweets everyday and be able to wear his normal clothes. No, it was just a trap to humiliate him, L could see through it as Light was a very good lier.

He felt his eyes starting to close, he hadn't slept in days, maybe it would be a good thing to get some rest, L shut his eyes drifting off to a place filled with sweets and things he loved.

Light paced back and forth in the godly palace his followers had built for him, his hands in his hair. What was he going to do, killing L would kill him, thoughts of the detective going through his mind the pale flawless skin, the cute, big, knowing, panda eyes that would stare at him, the slim body that he wanted to nourish and hold, and the rosy lips that were so . . . so . . . the killer didn't want to think about it.

He let out an angry growl and banged his fists on the closed thing to him which was a wall. He heard a laugh behind him.

"Shut up Ryuk, it isn't the time," Light spat at the shinigami.

"So what are you going to do? He obviously would rather die than be with you."

"I'm thinking!"

He heard the crunching of a juicy red apple behind him and the bone rattling cackling of the death god.

"I will have to force him."

"What about your old man? Gonna kill him too?"

"I have no choice, I have to erase those too close to me."

Ryuk let out another cackle eating his apple. "You are very interesting Light."

The self proclaimed god walked out of the room and into the breezy Zen garden outside promptly sitting on the bench looking at the luminance moon a pout displayed on his attractive face. What will his followers think of it? They will have to accept it or else their god won't be too happy.

He groaned rubbing his temples, why was the detective such a pain in the ass? Just then his phone rang startling the mastermind, he took out the sleek black phone answering it when an ear splitting screech coming from the other end.

"OMG LIGHT SWEETIE I GOT THE CUUUUTEST OUTFITS FOR US OOOH AND I GOT THE MOST ADORABLE PLUSHIE OF YOU . . . oh and Mikami says hi . . . no Mikami you can't talk to him . . . cause he doesn't want to! . . . . Mikami HEY WAIT!"

"KAMI!!!! I was wondering why don't you come with us to Tokyo? . . . MISA DON'T BITE ME!! GIMME THE PHONE BACK YOU BLONDE!"

"Anyway we have to go, HUGS AND KISSES SWEETIE!"

And these were supposed be the people he trusted with the Death Note? Light shook his head, at least they were extremely loyal to him but he found himself wanting to strangle them at times but mostly they behaved.

He tried to relax, perhaps he could visit the Kanto beach it was summer but L wouldn't leave his mind, it was bothering him. Then Kira knew what he had to do, he would do it the day of L's execution until then he would visit the detective every single day. Which he did sometimes talking in a civil man to man way or sometimes asking him to change his mind about refusing Light's offers. Most of the visits he would brings sweets to L watching him eat them, those disgusting sweets that he hated but would bare them only if L ate them, then he would snack on potato chips.

The day set for the Task Force's execution was approaching, and L grew more depressed with each passing day. Light had to follow out with the plan. The task force members were nothing to him, he wouldn't think twice about keeping them alive. Finally it was the day before their murders and the genius refused to see Light, wouldn't even look at him or accept the treats he offered him.

All L was thinking about was the task force, they would have to die because of his foolish mistake, if only he could go back in time then none of this would have happened, they wouldn't have to die. He wouldn't have to die, depression was consuming the detective.

His fault.

His downfall.

His stupid mistake.

For the first time in many years he cried.