Chapter Ten: Nothing more, Nothing less

"Eat the damn food."

"I refuse."

Light narrowed his eyes; it had been at least twenty minutes of waiting for the stubborn detective to take a bite out of the food he had ordered. They were seated on the couch, the food on the small table in front of them, Light had ordered traditional Japanese dishes, mostly consisting of fish and ramen, he had already finished his meal and was now impatiently waiting for L to eat it.

The god sighed, he had to calm down. Picking up one of L's skinny arms, "You're too skinny. If you don't eat you'll pass out."

"That is because you aren't feeding me," L snapped immediately bringing his arm back to his body.

"I always give you food when you want it!"

"If I had it my way-"

"You don't have it your way. It's my way. This is my world like it or not."

L placed on leg on the carpet ready to get up, he wanted to get real food, well real food in his eyes. Light hand roughly sat him back down, his tan body leaning over L's frail one his other hand holding the chopsticks with ramen between the two plastic sticks.

"I hate treating you like a baby but if this is what it take for you to eat…" Light trailed off, the chopsticks forcing their way past L's pink lips. Thank God they weren't wood otherwise the detective's cute lips would be covered with splinters.

"Now swallow," the brunette commanded, his hand covering L's mouth to stop him from spitting out the ramen.

Surprisingly he actually did.

Light tried not to show too much emotion but in truth he was shocked; it took L so long and used up most of the brunette's patience. He removed his hand getting up off of Lawliet. Now that he thought about it the detective had barely struggled when he feed him the ramen and then swallowed so easily.

"I have to go, I'll be back around in about six to five hours? Anyway, do what you like but you may not leave this hotel," Light said glancing down at the watch on his wrist.

He left the living into the master bedroom closing but not locking the door behind him, L could hear the shuffling of clothes behind it. The panda-like detective got up off the couch nearly tripping over the pajama pants he wore making his way over to the other side of the room where the desk and Light's laptop was sitting on the comfortable chair in front of it opening up the laptop waiting for the desktop to load. While it was loading his vision turned towards the room service menu that lay next to the glossy computer, using his boney hand he opened it up scanning through the breakfast and dinner options going straight for the dessert. Behind him his acute hearing heard the door to the bedroom open behind him and the footsteps belonging to Light become louder and louder behind him.

Soon enough the brunette stopped behind him, L didn't turn around to look at him at all just kept his attention on one of the cakes displayed on the menu. Light leaned in closer to the detective pushing away the ebony hair off of his pale neck, placing his lips there instead then continued up his neck planting more heated kisses until he reached L's ear whispering, "I'll be back soon," then just walking away. He smirked to himself; he didn't need to see L's face (even though he would have wanted to) to know that he was blushing madly; he could tell just from the way his neck turned from ivory to flushing red in a few seconds.

Perhaps L was slowly submitting to him.

With that in mind Light exited the hotel with the grin still on his face.

Lawliet's head was hidden behind his knees; he had never in his life blushed as much as he had moments ago. Never. What was wrong with him? Light had done those things to him before but no blush, barely a reaction out of him. L didn't even want to see himself in the mirror or touch his face instead waiting for his body to cool down until he lifted his head back up again. Light's kisses were so soft, even gentle and he smelt nice...

'No L, you stop this ridiculous thinking! He killed your coworkers and locked you in a prison...a cold disgusting prison lacking of desserts or suitable food! Then again he's practically spoiling me..and he claims to love me' L argued with himself, a thumb raised to his lips. His vision once again darted to the pages of sweets he could order from. Yes. Cake would definitely clear his mind up a bit.

"The bastard took L with him!" Beyond raged stuffing his fingers into the half empty jam jar, "Who knows when he'll be back!"

"Actually Kira is supposedly back in November," Near said, sitting at the dining room table stacking dice to make a small fort.

"November?" Mello yelled from the living room sitting next to Matt, he was already in a pissy mood and didn't need to be bothered with bad information about their idol, "Just think of the things he could do with L in the time! Brain wash him into that occult lifestyle!"

"I'd rather not thank you very much," BB mumbled although much of the words were distorted due to the jam in his mouth, "Shall we start to plan? I know where the fucker lives and how to get into the building, so if we don't screw up we'll have L in no time."

"It still baffles be how you managed to get into a 'god''s palace so easily. It sounds much to suspicious not to mention staged," the albino muttered.

"He doesn't even know we exist or are alive in the first place, how would he know we're trying to take L?" Mello argued.

"We contacted L through email, he could have tracted us or read them."

"L wouldn't be that stupid to not fully delete them from the system, I mean he taught me how to totally wipe it from the hardrive," Matt said.

"Near's just being a worry wart," Beyond teased, clearly in a bad mood.

It had been almost a year of going through elaborate plans to get L back, it started with attempting to break him out of prison; even got to the point of his execution day where BB was ready to take L's place, disguise himself as the detective and die for his idol. But no. Lawliet was swept away by Kira into a place that no one knew the destination of except for those that lived there and they were sworn never to tell where it was.

Why was it so difficult to get L back? Kira should have killed him at the execution; them and almost everyone wondered why the 'god' had done such a thing.

When the jam jar the violent killer was eating from was empty he glared throwing the jar out them moving from leaning on the kitchen counter to his own room shutting the door behind him. None of the wammy kids bothered to ask why he was upset all of sudden or confront him. He was like a ticking time bomb now; none of them knew when he would blow up and go on a killing spree.

"I miss him," Mello groaned leaning his head against the redhead's shoulder watching in the game Matt was playing.

"I know, me too," Matt muttered the rapid clicking of button still heard. He placed his head on Mello's head and gave a light pat.

Near watched them from the table; his face was emotionless as always but his eyes had just a hint of jealously.

L was shocked.

No horrified.

B snuck into the palace.

Completely undetected and managed to take the codes to access the camera system, but he just said he was undetected. What if Light knew? He's never met Beyond before nor had he probably seen him. So that might mean if Light had seen or any of the security there saw B they would assume he was L and let him pass freely. Still. Light had never mentioned any of it to him or asked why. L was thinking to much into this, if Light hadn't brought it up everything was fine.


He got up off the chair after deleting the history striding towards the bedroom, he couldn't be in his, well Light's, pajamas all day long and it was nearing the time when the brunette would return back and L did not want Light to see him still in his pajamas.

Wait why did he care what he wore in front of Light?

Lawliet scoffed, he didn't care he just didn't want to be in night clothes the entire day. He started to shuffle through the drawers going through the neatly folded shirts and pants picking out a black shirt much like his own but it had a white stripe on the collar and cuffs of it and a pair of jeans. After dressing in the clothes he felt more...more secure? They were much more fitting than his normal clothes and not as soft and old but still they smelt nice.

"L? L I'm back! L?" he heard a voice call from the living room along with a shutting of the door.

"Oh I am here Light-kun."

"I don't know where here is, genius."

Light said while walking into the bedroom not taking off his coat, he stared at L rather surprised to see the detective in anything but his usual white shirt and blue jeans, and even more seeing him in Light's own clothes.

"What are you grinning about?" L asked becoming suspicious and slightly embarrassed.

"Oh..nothing. I was wondering do you want to go and have dinner? You're already dressed and it is dinner time..."

"If by dinner you mean dessert then I don't see why not."

"Really? You are acting odd today, L. Like you're not giving up a fight at all," Light asked nearing the detective.

"No. I am just hungry," L said.

"I saw the trays of room service in the living room, clearly you aren't too hungry for sweets."

"Fine. If you don't want me to go I won't," Lawliet stated sitting down on the bed, picking up the remote ready to watch television.

"No! That isn't it...," an idea popping into Light's mind, "maybe you're starting to like me?" he continued as he sat down next to L, his arms on either side of the panda-detective his face coming closer and closer.

L felt like he was trapped for the first time, not even in prison he felt that way. His large eyes never looked away from the brunette's amber ones. Although when he felt his back hit the bed and Light's hair brushing against his face he had to put a stop to it, "No, I don't. Only consider you acquaintance."

"Is that so?" Light pondered his lips hovering over L's ear, "Nothing more?"

"No...and nothing less."

The last part was more quiet but the evil brunette caught it holding in the grin. There was still hope for him...for them. Their future. Slowly he got up off of Lawliet caressing a few locks of hair before he fully was off of the love of his life. L rose as well getting off of the bed walking in back of Light through the door and into the living room. They stopped at the doorway putting on their shoes and Light got a white trench coat off the rack handing it to L.

"Light-kun I am cold!" L announced as they wandered through the streets of the Russian city, after just finishing dinner.

It was exactly the most enjoyable event. As soon as they went into the restaurant the guests stared at them, some bold enough to talk to them then the people bombarded the brunette with questions, begging to be killed by his hand, some trying to seduce him. L got the opposite, as soon as they were given their food Light had steak and L Turkish delight, both women and men glared at him hissing bad remarks about him to themselves. Of course it didn't bother Lawliet in the slightest, he was used to it and expected it, but Light. Oh Light. The face that graced him was the most angry one he had seen in ages.

Light had pulled him out of the restraunt as soon as someone called him a 'traitorous bastard'. He was so furious; rushing out into the streets the first of the winter snow falling down slowly as the brisk stride turned into a slow walk. He stopped completely when he heard that his angel was cold, turning around and facing L.

"Yeah, you're right it is cold. We could go indoors or get you something to warm you up," Light said, still not letting go of his cold hand.

L face was already flustered from the cold weather, and a blush was soon adding to it. He stared at Light's lips, they were plump and looked soft...L wanted to touch them, he wanted to before but that was when he wanted to rip them off to kept Light from talking. This time it was different, he wanted to feel them with his own lips; he had before but that was a forced unfair kiss placed by Light. The blush darkened at the thought.

Lawliet had never had a 'real' kiss before, and right now he felt the desperate urge to kiss the brunette in front of him.

"L you are all red. You're going to get sick aren't you, here let me feel your forehead," Light asked putting on an innocent face. He knew exactly what was going on with L, could see the aparent blush upon his cheeks, and took notice to the constant staring of his own lips. He had to fight back a snicker, it had taken too godamn long in Light's opinion for it too happen. He wanted L now. Well to be honest he wanted L anytime, anywhere.


He couldn't force naive Lawliet into this.

Then that would just push him farther away, plus Light couldn't bare to have L hurt and crying while doing...doing that.

He could wait, wait for L to kiss him of his own free will and by the looks of it he didn't have to wait long.

Light brushed L's bangs off his flustered face and felt his forehead, his eyes faking a look of concern. "Maybe we should go back to the hotel. You feel hot." The brunette went to pull away but L quickly and softly grabbed the sides of Light's face keeping him there while he pressed his lips against the god's. L was trembling, his hands loosely holding Light there and his lips awkwards still in place.

The criminal grinned against detective's lips, L was so cute when he was nervous; Light could even hear his racing heartbeat. Swiftly he encircled his hands around L's waist bringing him closer and started to move their lips together meshing them not daring to slip his tongue into L's gasping mouth. Lawliet pressed his body closer to his partner's trying his best to respond to the kiss, but it was proving to become difficult.

Light leaned them back a bit more almost like a dip, moving from L's lips to tease the corners of his mouth sucking and gently nibbling on the flesh. Lawliet let out a moan, his face becoming embarrassed from it, immediately his hands went from gripping Light to covering his face. The quick movement causing Light to lose his grasp on the detective letting them both fall into the small pile of fresh snow beneath them.

Red eyes turned to the now pink body going over every inch making sure he wasn't hurt in anyway. No. L was now blushing madly with snow and melted ice all over him, Light realized he too was wet and cold.

Light grinned his face going closer to L. "Let's go get warmed up in the bath."

L looked up at him, his eyes half mast. His hormones racing around inside him.