Big Sister


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Summary: When Cube and Yoyo ended up living on the streets Cube made a promise to herself, she promised to take care of her little brother Yoyo no matter what… Parings: Undecided.

This story will basically take place from when Yoyo and Cube first started living on the streets and continue up to the ending of Jet Set Radio Future (and maybe even beyond that).

It was a cold rainy day in Tokyo and everyone on Chuo Street was busy trying to get out of the harsh downpour. As everyone raced around the streets to get out of the rain, two small kids tried to avoid getting ran over by the huge crowds while also trying to find some shelter from the rain. The first child was a small ten year old girl with short black hair and gray eyes, and holding her hand was a small boy that was about the age of six years old. The boy had bright green hair and he was wearing a blue hoddie that was obviously too big for him. His brown shorts were also too big for him and were only being held up by his yellow belt. The boy and the girl were both wearing a pair of in-line skates, although the boy was having a bit of difficulty keeping up with the girl.

Although they look nothing like each other, the boy and girl were siblings. The girl was the protective older sister and the boy was the energetic little brother. The boy was usually always full of energy, but right now he was tired and cold and he just wanted to rest. His sister knew that her little brother was exhausted, but she wanted to at least be able to find some shelter before they crashed for the night. The girl looked around the area before her eyes landed on the strange frog statue thing that was located in front of the large office building.

"Come on Yoyo, we can hide out under the statue until the rain goes away." She said as she slowly skated over to the statue. Yoyo said nothing; he just followed her without making a sound. Once under the statue, the two kids sat down on the cold floor before they each gave out a small sigh. Hiding out under the statue did not completely protect the kids from the rain but it was better than nothing. They had tried to hide from the rain under the glass covering that the Café on Chuo Street had, but the Café's owner did not like the fact that they were taking up space and so the two siblings had to levee.

"Hey Cube, what are we going to do now, yo?" Yoyo asked as he laid his head on his sister's shoulder and gave a small yawn. Cube smiled slightly before saying "Well, once the rain clears up we are going to go and find a Rudie gang to join." Yoyo yawned yet again before asking "Do you think there will be a gang that will take us in?" Cube just continued to smile as she said "Of course there will be a gang that will take us in, so don't worry about it ok?" Yoyo just gave her a quite 'ok' before he fell asleep.

Cube stopped smiling the second Yoyo fell asleep; she was only smiling so that Yoyo would not be worried. In all honesty, Cube really didn't think there would be a gang that would take them in. She was not too sure if any gang would take in a six year old, and she refused to leave her brother alone. Cube had promised Yoyo (and herself) that she would take care of him and that was one promise that she refused to brake. Cube sighed slightly as she watched the rain fall. For now, all she could do was let Yoyo sleep and hope that they would find a gang that would accept them soon…

Ok, so that's the prologue. Also, I have no clue who Yoyo and Cube should end up with so if there is anyone who you would like to see the two end up with go ahead and say so in your review. Anyway, please review and don't flame.