Big Sister


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Slowly but surely the years started to pass by as Cube and Yoyo slowly started to grow. Cube was now fifteen and Yoyo was eleven years old. They were both growing into fine young rudies, but Luna still liked to call them her students even though they had long since learned everything that they needed to know from her. Both Yoyo and Cube where also starting to gain quite a bit of fame in the rudie world, but Cube was the one who was really starting to gain the other gangs attention. Cube was the fastest rudie of the Rapid 99 and she was slowly starting to become known as the fastest rudie in Tokyo.

She had plenty of rudies challenge her to a race and she was able to beat anyone who challenged her. Cube was also rather intelligent and Jade had once said that she could be a good leader for a rudie gang. While Cube's fame came from her speed and her intelligence Yoyo's claim to fame came from somewhere else. Yoyo was pretty famous for being the only boy in the Rapid 99 and he was rather well known for annoying and taking down any Rokkaku police that he came across. He loved to annoy the Rokkaku police and he had become rather good at knocking the police off their feet.

However Yoyo was still young and while he was starting to show some rather good potential none of the other gangs really saw him as anything of interest. This was a completely different story with Cube, she was a good rudie and a lot of gangs thought that she would be a great addition to their team. Cube had plenty of gangs ask her to join them, but she never accepted their offer to join them. She was perfectly happy in the Rapid 99 and she would never leave her little brother behind. The Rapid 99 protected and cared for Cube and her brother and she happy to be in such a kind gang.

Most of the gangs accepted the fact that she would never leave the Rapid 99 and that she was completely happy there. Their where also some gangs who just never bothered asking because while they really did want Cube to join them they were not about not happy about the idea of her little sibling tagging along. However for all of the gangs that wanted Cube to join them there was one gang that would not give up on getting Cube into their gang. That gang was Poison Jam and they wanted Cube to be the leader of their gang. They had fought against Rapid 99 plenty of times and they had seen everything that the girl had to offer.

She was fast and she could be quite ruthless when it came to challenges. They had seen her take charge and win challenges for their gang when Jade was away and they could tell that with her as their leader they knew they would go far. However, there was one little problem and that came in the form of her little brother. She would never leave her little brother and Poison Jam knew this. However Poison Jam also knew that she would most likely leave Rapid 99 if she ever thought that her brother would not be protected enough. Sure rudies got injured quite a bit, but if Yoyo was to get some very heavy injuries then Cube would start to think that she and the Rapid 99 would not be able to keep him safe. This could work in Poison Jam's advantage and it should be rather easy to pull off.

All they had to do was set it up so that Yoyo got hurt and then they could set their plan into motion. Oh yes Poison Jam was going to get Cube as their new leader even if they had to hurt her brother in the process…..

It was nighttime in 99th street and the Rapid 99 would have been at home sleeping if it were not for Poison Jam. The Rapid 99 gang had been doing one least patrol around their territory when they found the whole entire Poison Jam gang hanging out in the backstreets of 99th street. Needless to say the girls of the Rapid 99 where not happy about them being there and Yoyo was just a bit scared by them. Poison Jam was known for being rather ruthless and Yoyo had actually seen them seriously injure a small group of rudies once. Yoyo just hid slightly behind Cube and looked at them and Yoyo was quick to notice that some of the Poison Jam members where looking at him.

It made Yoyo feel rather nervous, but he just took his attention off of them and looked over at his leader who was giving the monster mask wearing gang a glare.

"What are you doing here Poison Jam?" Jade asked.

"We just want to challenge you to a taggers tag match. The winner gets 99th street as their territory." One of the Poison Jam members said.

"Fine the challenge is accepted." Jade said and with that said the game officially started.

About five minutes into the match everyone in each gang froze when they heard a Rokkaku police announcement being made over on their watches.

"Attention all officers a rudie fight has been reported in 99th Street. All officers are to report to 99th street. I repeat all officers are to report to 99th street."

The two gangs remand quite for a few seconds before Jade finally said "I think we should put this match on hold. We can continue it tomorrow here at the same time."

None of the Poison Jam members gave her an answer to that, but they really didn't need to considering it was about that time that the Rokkaku police appeared. Within a matter of seconds the street was filled with chaos as the two gangs started to fight the police instead of each other and the police just tried to fight back. Yoyo was doing rather well against the police and a quick glance over at his sister showed him that Cube was doing fine as well. However before Yoyo could even blink he felt someone grab him by the jacket and yank him away from the fight. Yoyo tried to see who it was that had pulled him away from the fight, but before he could even get a look at the person who had pulled him away from the fight he was hit in the head and knocked out cold…..

When Cube was fighting against the Rokkaku police not once did she ever worry about Yoyo. Taking out the police was Yoyo's specialty and he never had any problems taking them out. So when she heard one of the Rokkaku police shouting out that they had captured a rudie she never dreamed that it would be Yoyo that they were talking about. So when Cube turned to see what rudie the Rokkaku had captured she was surprised and rather horrified to see a bloody and bruised Yoyo being held in one of the policeman's arms. A few of the Rapid 99 members had seen Yoyo as well and they were quickly trying to get over to him, but the police was making it rather hard to do so.

However Cube wasted no time in pushing everything out of her and getting over to her little brother and once she was standing in front of the officer that had her brother she ripped Yoyo out of his arms and kicked the man in the face before she skated away from the scene and quickly made her way to the Rapid 99 hotel. Once she was at the hotel she gently placed Yoyo down on one of the couches that were in the lobby before she skated off to get the first aid kit that they kept in the kitchen. Once she got the first aid kit she skated back to Yoyo and started to treat his injures. He had a lot of small cuts that where bleeding and he had quite a few bruises all over his body, but the worst injury that Cube could find was the head injury that he had.

She wrapped up all of his injuries and made sure he was comfortable before she sat down beside the couch and waited for him to wake up. About ten minutes passed by before the rest of the Rapid 99 gang returned to the hotel and when they got back they all gathered around the couch and just looked at Yoyo. Mint, the only Rapid 99 girl who knew a lot about treating injuries, looked over Yoyo and checked all his wounds before she let out a sigh and looked over at Cube.

"Most of his wounds aren't that serious and you took care of them rather well, but I'm worried about that head wound of his." Mint said.

"Will he be ok?" Cube asked.

Mint just shrugged her shoulders and said "We won't know until he wakes up."

"He will wake up soon though right?" Luna asked as she looked over at the injured child.

Mint just sighed and said "Who knows?"

Jade just cleared her thought and called out "Well there is nothing that we can do for now, we are just going to have to wait until he wakes up."

The girls said nothing to this, they just looked over at their youngest gang member and hoped with all of their hearts that the boy would wake up soon…..

The days passed by slowly and Yoyo never made a sign of ever waking up. Cube wanted to take him to the hospital, but because they where rudies the hospital would not help them. Cube could practically feel the guilt eat away at her and no matter how much her gang would tell her that it was not her fault she still felt guilty. She promised herself and her parents that she would always keep Yoyo safe and she failed to keep her word. Just hanging around the hotel and waiting for Yoyo to wake up was doing nothing for her and she didn't like the feeling of complete helplessness that she felt whenever she was there.

So every night Cube would just skate around 99th Street and spry some tags. It helped keep her mind off of the problems back at the base and she would welcome anything that would keep her worries away even if it was for a short time. For about a week this would all she would do and it was usually rather peaceful for her, but that all changed on this night. When she got to the backstreets of 99th Street she found three members of Poison Jam waiting there.

"What are you doing here?" Cube asked as she gave the three men a harsh glare.

The man in the middle just ignored the glare and held his hands up before he said "We are not here to cause any harm we just want to talk."

"Then start talking." Cube said.

"We want you to become the leader of our gang."

"And my answer to that will be no." Cube said.

"Come on now just hear us out." The Poison Jam man said. "You're a smart girl and you're becoming pretty well known in the rudie world. I think you could really help and make out gang into something great if you became our leader."

"To bad for you, but I don't want to be your leader." Cube said as she started to skate away.

"What about your little brother?" The man called out to her.

Cube immediately stopped skating and looked over at the Poison Jam member.

"What about my bother?" Cube asked.

The man just skated up to her and said "We saw how hurt your brother had gotten thanks to the Rokkaku police and we think we can help. You must know that we are a rather strong gang and we can knock around the police with ease."

It was true the Poison Jam gang was known for being strong and Cube had lost count of how many police officers that they had sent to the hospital.

She was snapped out of her thoughts on Poison Jam when she heads the man continue to say "We could protect your brother if you become out leader."

Cube just looked at him with wide eyes but the man just said "You don't have to decided now; you can make your decision at any time. Just come meet us at Rokkaku-dai Heights when you have finally made your decision."

With that said the three Poison Jam members skated away from sight and Cube was left to stand there with a what seemed to be a thousand questions racing though her head. After what seemed like hours Cube finally skated back to the Rapid 99's base. The whole way there she just continued to think about Poison Jam and their offer. It was true that Poison Jam where strong and they could easily protect Yoyo, but how could she leave the gang that had so warmly welcomed her and Yoyo into their gang? However she had promised herself and her parents that she would always protect her little brother and she did not think she could do that in the Rapid 99 gang.

Honestly, Cube did not know what to do and she still didn't know what to do even when she finally got back to the hotel. Cube slowly skated into the hotel only to run into Luna.

"Cube thank goodness I found you!" Luna said.

"Luna what's wrong?" Cube asked.

"Yoyo woke up."

The second Luna said that she skated as fast as she could to Yoyo's room. When she got to Yoyo's room she slammed the door open and raced over to the bed.

Yoyo just looked up at her with his ruby red eyes and smiled as he weekly called out "Big sister…."

Cube immediately sat down on the bad and picked her little brother up and placed him in her lap. She hugged the boy to her and ran her hand though his green hair before she said "Yoyo I'm so happy to see that you are awake, how do you feel?"

Yoyo just laid his head against her chest and said "I feel ok, but I'm still tired."

"Then go to sleep Yoyo I'll still be here when you wake up." Cube said.

Cube then started to hum some nameless lullaby and before she knew it Yoyo was fast asleep. Cube just hugged her brother closer to her as she continued to hum her little lullaby. After seeing Yoyo Cube had finally made her decision and she was not going to back down on it….

After a few days had passed by Yoyo was back on his feet and acting like his usual self. The Rapid 99 members were happy to see that their youngest member was back to perfect health, but they were now starting to worry about Cube. For some reason Cube had been rather standoffish and no one knew why. She had also taken up a habit of disappearing for long amounts of time. No one in the gang knew what was going on with Cube and Yoyo was just as clueless as his teammates.

Whenever he would ask Cube what was going on his sister would just smile at him and tell him that everything was fine. For once in his life Yoyo didn't believe his big sister at all. He was worried about his older sister and he had a feeling something bad was going to happen soon. Sure enough his bad feelings turned out to be correct when after a full week had passed by and the Rapid 99 gang had woken up only to find that Cube and all of her belongings were gone. Yoyo's things where gone too which was odd because just last night everything was still in place in his room.

The only thing left behind by Cube was a note asking for Jade, Yoyo, and Luna to meet come and meet Cube in Rokkaku-dai Heights. With nothing else to go on Jade left Holly in charge while she was gone before she, Luna, and Yoyo left the hotel and set out for Rokkaku-dai Heights. The three Rapid 99 members where unusually quite during the whole trip, but the three of them just had way too much on their minds right now to bother and come up with a conversation. Eventually they made it to Rokkaku-dai Heights only to see a surprising sight. Cube was waiting their just as she had promised but her dog collar was gone and her Rapid 99 uniform had been replaced with black clothing that she had never worn before.

Standing behind Cube where three Poison Jam members and they looked like they were just waiting for the order to move. Yoyo just looked a Cube and Cube only smiled at him, but her smile looked like it was forced.

"Yoyo come here." Cube called out softly.

Yoyo just nervously skated over to his big sister only to have her sweep him up into her arms. Yoyo was so small and light weight that Cube could still easily carry the boy around.

Once Cube was sure that she had a secure hold on her brother she looked over at her leader and old teacher and said "I am quitting the Rapid 99 so that I may be the leader of Poison Jam and I'm taking my brother with me."

A loud "What" could be heard being shouted out by Luna and Yoyo, but no one paid any attention to it. Yoyo started strangling in his sisters grip but Cube was not letting go.

Jade just looked on at the scene with a blank expression as she asked "What made you choose to do this?"

"I believe it would be more beneficial for me then staying in your gang." Cube said.

"I see…. Then I suppose that we are done here then leader of Poison Jam." Jade said.

Luna just looked over at her leader in shock before she shouted out "Jade how could you let this happen and how can you just let them take Yoyo!"

"Cube is a big girl now and she is free to make her own decisions and even if we where to take Yoyo now Cube would just keep coming back for him." Jade answered before she looked toward the shocked Yoyo.

"I'm sorry Yoyo…." Jade said softly.

Jade then turned her gaze toward the Poison Jam gang before she said in a harsh cold voice "Know this Poison Jam you have made a bitter enemy out of the Rapid 99 and we will never forgive you."

"We don't want your forgiveness anyway. Miss Cube I believe now would be a good time to take our leave." A Poison Jam member said.

Cube just nodded her head before she turned around and started to skate away. Cube said nothing to her ex-teammates, but to be honest there was truly nothing left to say. Cube could feel Yoyo finally stop struggling in her arms and just left out something that sounded a bit like a sob before he heard him say softly "Cube I'll never forgive you."

It hurt to hear her little brother say that, but Cube just shock off the painful ache in her heart and continued to skate on to their new home. Yoyo would one day understand that Cube was doing this all to keep him safe…

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Rapid 99 VS. Poison Jam: I know that Rapid 99 and Poison Jam have a pretty bitter rivalry with Poison Jam and I always wondered why. I know in the game they said that the Rapid 99 girls hate fish and Poison Jam are a bunch of and I quote "fish-faced fools". Now while I get that all of the gangs have fights and what not but in the game it made it seem like Rapid 99 had a pretty deep grudge with poison Jam and I doubt it's just because of seafood. I am pretty sure that one of the GG's says something that hints that Cube may have been part of the Rapid 99 so I suppose the fact that Cube left them for Poison Jam could be where the grudge came from. In this fanfic it is one of the reasons why Rapid 99 hates them but another reason is the fact that they pretty much took Yoyo from them. It's in this chapter that we get to see the hate towards Poison Jam come into existence.

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