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Emily's heart pounded in her chest. Her throat was dry and her hands sweaty. How could Ash not notice this. How? I'm always like this, all the time, every time you're around, and you never notice, Emily sucked in a deep breath as she tried to turn her attention to the movie the two friends were watching. Emily reached into the bowl of popcorn sitting between them on the couch, her face took on a red hue as it brushed against hers. Ash on the other hand was too engrossed in the movie to even notice her behavior.

Dammit, I'm so nervous, how does she do this? She liked me, she likes me, but, she never shows it, ever. Why am I so scared to admit the truth? Emily dropped her head with a sigh, extremely thankful that Ash was too engrossed to notice her behavior. Ash looked over at her, and Emily started. "Hey, is it okay if I go grab another bag of popcorn?"

Emily looked down at the bowl and realized the bowl was down to the un popped kernels. "If there's another one in there go ahead." Emily managed to put a smile on her face as Ash headed into the kitchen. Emily quickly sneaked a look at her friend. Cute butt, she thought guiltily. Emily winced. At least she hadn't felt the need to run from the room like she'd nearly done the last time she'd caught herself looking down Ash's shirt.

Emily sighed, and looked down. When a bowl plopped into her lap she quickly jumped up in shock sending the popcorn spilling to the floor. Emily smacked herself in the face, then looked over at her best friend.

Ash looked sheepish as the two of them started to clean up the popcorn.

Emily started to curse in her head as she watched Ash out the side of her eye. Every move the red head made seemed to exaggerate itself, even the most innocent maneuver seemed to take on an almost sensual undertone.

Of course Emily knew the truth. Ash was too innocent to do anything like that. She'd never think to use her body to seduce someone, well, not since Colin. Though she'd suggested it at the time, Emily half dreaded finding Ash with a cut wrist the next day. She hadn't reacted well after the flirting.

Emily sighed even as she heard her friend start to curse.

"Crap is that the time? I gotta go Em." Ash deposited the last of her popcorn in the bowl, and hurried to rush out the door. "Bye, see you in school tomorrow!" Em got up and watched the Merkur pull away from the curb.

She could feel the loneliness in her heart as she watched her drive down the street. Oh god, I'm in love with her.


She gently knocked on the door in front of her. Emily dreaded the conversation about to take place more than anything else in the world. She knew that things would never be the same again after this. She barely made out the muffled 'Come in' that responded to her.

Emily opened the door and saw her target stretched out on her bed with a book in front of her face. She looked up at Emily and waited even as the girl felt her mouth go dry again. "Um, could we talk for a minute, I need to tell you something.

Emily's mother smiled at her. "Sure, hop in." Emily quickly laid down on the other side of the bed. It had been several years since she'd just sat and talked to her mom like this. Heck, the two of them used to just sit in bed all night talking about this and that. Emily mentally translated that to them talking about college and education.

Emily could feel the tears in her eyes burn as she tried to hold them back. "Um, Mom, I'm not sure how to tell you this."

Em could immediately feel her mother stiffen across from her. She could almost feel the panic coming off her in waves. And she quickly got the response she expected. "Y-you're pregnant, aren't you? No no no NO! We're going straight to the hospital and getting an abortion," Emily watched her start to rant as she quickly started to get up before Emily pulled her back down.

"No Mom, I'm not pregnant."

Despite her hysteria the woman stopped dead to make sure she'd heard correctly. Once Emily repeated herself she sat down with her hand over her chest as if to calm her hyper-active heart. "Oh, god, I'm sorry, I just, that's, that's just how I told your grandma after I found out. I'm sorry I over reacted. So what was it you did want to tell me."

Emily squirmed under her mothers direct attention. She knew the moment was here, the moment she dreaded, the very second that made this whole thing real and unavoidable. "I-I think I might be in love with Ash."

Ms. McArthur stared at her daughter for a moment. In a pathetic attempt to break the tension Emily tried to crack a joke. "At least she can't get me pregnant, right?"

Her mother stared at her again before letting out a strained chuckle. "Yeah, yeah I guess not." She looked away from her daughter for a minute, even going so far as to sit and focus solely upon a vase on top of her dresser. "How, how long have you two," She left her question sitting in the air between them.

"We aren't. She, she doesn't even know I like her like that." Emily looked over at her mom who still seemed unable to look at her. She looked away and was surprised when her mom's arm snaked around her shoulders.

"Are you planning on telling her?" The embrace tightened.

It brought back memories of when she was younger and her mother would comfort her and drive back the fears of a child. Now it seemed so small and yet so much when used to fight against the fears of a young woman. "I don't know Mom. I, I know she likes me, or at least, she did. But I'm scared. What if I tell her, and, and then I stop being attracted to her. I, I don't want to hurt her if, if this is just a phase. She, she's had enough messed up stuff in her life that I don't want to hurt her like that." Emily turned to her mother no longer holding back the tears that now spilled down her face. Her eyes held a request, a plea for her mother to tell her what she should do.

The older woman just held her tighter. "I wish I could tell you what to do here but, I just, I just don't know sweetie.

The two sat there on the bed holding each other without speaking for almost an hour before Emily withdrew from the embrace and headed towards the door. She stopped eve as she held it open. "Mom, I, how are you taking this so well?"

She turned around and saw a blush on her mother's cheeks. "Oh, well, err, after you were born, I experimented a little."

Emily stared at her in shock, but then quickly left the room. She really didn't want to know the details.


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