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Hey everyone! Well, here is the long awaited Chapter 2 of Feline Tears!

Feline Tears

By Blackie and Paws

"Let go of me!" cried Nudge. She wriggled and tried to bite the Eraser who was holding her back.
"Oh no you don't!" snarled the eraser.
"Yes I do!" Nudge tugged herself free of his grasp and scrambled away
Fang started to race after her, but a large eraser held him back. He struggled but a large, glowing thing touched him and a jolt of electricity shocked him.
"Aaargh!" He bent over double, clutching his chest as the mutant sneered and leered and jeered over him. Nudge heard Fang's scream of agony and turned around. Quick as lightning, two Erasers leapt on her and she was pulled down, to the ground.
"Secure the mutants," Nudge heard a mechanical voice say crisply. She tried to fight off her captors, her tail swishing around angrily, her wings fluttering, but to no avail.
A red laser beam wall shot up around them from the ground. Nudge tentatively touched it with her paw and squealed, leaping back. It was burning hot. She crept over to Fang who held her close. He sat silently while Nudge sobbed in his lap.
"What's gonna happen to us now?" She wailed.
"Dunno," he said quietly.
"I'm scared."
"Me too, Nudge."
"And, Fang?
"I'm sorry."
She could remember their capture so well.
"It's Ok...It wasn't your fault."
"It was."
"It was fate."
"Everyone says that when they want to blame things on something else."
They smiled at each other through their tears.
"We've got to rise above it. Be optimistic. Or else the whitecoats will have won." said Fang sternly. Nudge nodded.
"I suppose," she said, grinning slightly, "Anyway, since you sort of said sorry, I guess I forgive you. Just don't do it again. Okay?" she said mock-sternly, waggling her finger at him. He grinned, that special half-smile that only he could do.

The sun set slowly and blackness came. Fang and Nudge huddled together. It was freezing cold outside. The night was silent until nine whitecoats arrived with some werewolf mutants they'd created. They stood back and smugly watched the werewolves rise, hackles up, and howl at the moon. The hair stood up on Fang and Nudge's necks and they edged away. One of the whitecoats spotted them and appeared to remember something. He whispered to another whitecoat, who gasped. Then they both rushed inside and emerged a few seconds later with two transporting cages. The silence was ominous and Nudge shivered, and moved closer to Fang. His tail touched hers, and she stroked his wings.
The whitecoats pushed them into the cages and took them back inside. Fang and Nudge were too tired and too cold to put up much of a fight.
"Experiments F10364 and N7830 here, sir!" said a whitecoat, saluting at a man in a black cape. The man scratched his beard.

"That's not experiments F10364 and N7830! What have you done to them?! Eh? Eh? Eh?!" The whitecoat backed away.

"I - uh - it was him sir - not me!" He stuttered, blindly pointing behind him and what appeared to be a fly on the wall.
"You have implanted mutating Feline DNA!" snarled the man. "Do you know how dangerous these experiments could be now? Even more so than that Maximum Ride!"
The whitecoat covered his face with his hands and ran from the room. Nudge stared at the man. He had a strong, angular face, with wide set eyes and small ears. She felt like she recognised him from somewhere. She glanced at Fang to see if he did too. He shrugged. The man smiled at Nudge and walked over to Fang. He kicked him to the other side of the room. Fang slammed into the wall looking stunned. The man bent down and held out his arms.

"Ooooh who's my little Nudgy Nudge!"
Nudge screamed. Then she began to try to punch him. She may not be Max, whose reflexes strong even in situations like this, but she was a mutant. A mutant who bit.

This seemed to have no affect whatsoever on the man.

"Little Nudgy Nudgy Nudge! Who's a little Nudgy Nudge? You're a little Nudgy Nudge!" he giggled annoyingly. "On the count of three!" Fang yelled. Nudge understood.

"One!" they pounced and the man toppled over backwards.
"Arrggh! Get off me, freaks!" He lashed out and managed to clip Fang, who was still dazes from being thrown against the wall. Nudge continued to punch, while the man shrieked for help. Four whitecoats burst into the room.
"What's going on here?" they roared. Then fang and nudge were simultaneously clipped round the head. They sank back, unconscious.

"I'm tired."
"I'm hungry."
"I'm bored."
"I'm scared."
I'm confused."
"Can we stop now?
"Can we play hide and seek?"
"What if-"
"SHUT UP! Sheesh guys! Stop complaining! Gazzy, we'll stop in half an hour. We can't land in the ocean, what's wrong with you? You can have this chocolate bar. Here. Angel, I'll carry you if you're tired and I know you're confused. We'll explain everything in a minute. Don't be scared. Everything will be fine. Iggy? You're bored. Well, you know what, too bad. And that hide and seek thing? Whoever said that, just…just…just get lost." I raked my hands through my hair tiredly.

We'd been flying over this ocean for hours. The truth was, we just didn't know which country to go to. So we flew over the ocean in circles.
I realised this perhaps had not been such a good idea
"Hmph!" spluttered Angel, and she soared upwards clearly upset. This situation was getting to us all. No Nudge, no Fang- I may have been Iggy's eyes, but Nudge was Fang's voice. She spoke for him, not his opinion, but it was strange without her constant stream of chatter there.
Angel missed her best friend, her confident.
Gazzy missed her there-ness, if that's even a word. The comforting presence Nudge brought.
Iggy- well, with out Fang, it was like he had only one eyeball. And without fang's calming influence by just - just being there, we were all freaking out big time
And for me, if we weren't all six together, it was as good as us being alone. Separated, we were practically useless. A tear pricked my eye. I blinked furiously.
Leaders weren't supposed to cry.
Go with the flow, Maximum. It's all in the eyes.
Oh great. Just as I was really getting depressed, the voice comes and mucks up my day.
Crying isn't going to help, Maximum.
I'm not crying! I thought furiously, as I brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes.
If you want your flock members back, find them.
But I don't know where they are!
Sometimes things are in the last place you look.
Fine! I shrieked silently.
Still, the voice had helped me before. The last place you look...the last place...last place...
"Guys! I know where they are!"
"Where, where?" They clamoured.
"Tell us! Tell us!"
"Left, guys. We're going to New York!"
Angel burst into tears. Iggy let out a cry of excitement, his emotions getting the better of him. Gazzy farted.


Nudge groaned as she awoke, the blackness fading

"Wha-wha-wha? Where am I?"
"Nudge?" Nudge turned in alarm, to see Fang lying next to her. She tried to move, but found rope on her arms.
"Nice day, huh?" Fang remarked optimistically. He looked strange, like he had been drugged. But then again, he probably had.
"We may be, uh, mutants...but at least we're happy mutants!"
"yeah...uh Fang...?"
"And even though-"
"Fang? Fang?"
"...we shall remain together through thick and thin! Through good times and bad! Through -"
"Fang! "
"Look! "
Fang looked. He let out a cry of shock and then all was silent, as the upside-down volcano sellotaped to the ceiling of the room erupted all over him.
Nudge screamed, hot lava was streaming all over her, burning her.
But oddly enough- it did not hurt.
Why did it not hurt?