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Adrian POV

When the plane had landed, I carried Rose out of the plane, not minding the guardians who suggested that they be the one to carry her. I made my way out of the plane and into the waiting car. But before I could get inside, I noticed a man making our way towards us. Quickly, I put Rose's unconscious body inside the car just before he came close enough to talk to us.

"May we help you?" One of the guardians spoke.

"Good evening to you gentlemen, Lord Ivashkov. Princess Dragomir." He addressed us. Something looked familiar with this guy.

"Might we ask who you are?" I asked before I could stop myself.

"You can call me Abe." That rang a bell. This is Abe Mazur. Known to be a dangerous man in the Moroi world. What could he possibly want from us? I pretended not to know who he was.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I know you. What do you want from us Abe? As you can see, the sun is almost rising, so we best be on our way." I told him.

"Well, I'm looking for someone. I thought she might be with you. Are you on your way back to the academy?" he asked. Could he be looking for Rose? What does he want from her? And how did he know that we were from the academy?

"I'm sorry, who are you looking for?" Lissa answered.

"A girl named Rosemarie Hathaway. I heard you went out to look for her? And break out of the academy in the process?" he said the words like how a person would say water is liquid. What does he want from Rose? Better get rid of this guy before we say something to bring Rose in more trouble. As if she isn't in deep shit already.

"I think you got it all wrong. We went out to visit a friend from Russia. And if you don't mind, we'd like to be on our way. We're in a wee bit of a hurry, see." I told him in an almost unfriendly tone. One of the guardians opened the door of the car. I went in after Lissa, and I gestured towards Abe before getting in the car. As we sped away, I couldn't help thinking what he would want from Rose. I could tell Lissa was thinking about the same thing. We continued our way to the academy, with the guardian driving as fast as was possible. In a matter of an hour we reached the gates of the academy. The guardians by the gate let us in, seeing as the car belonged to me. We pulled over by the entrance, and I rushed out of the car with Rose in my arms and made my way to the clinic. It was night time in the academy so most of the students were in their respective dorms. I reached the clinic, and I didn't hesitate in going in. Dr. Olendzki was shocked to see me with Rose in my arms, but I didn't have time to explain.

"She needs help—and fast." I blurted out. I set her on one of the vacated beds by the corner. Dr. Olendzki examined her and turned to me.

"How long has she been down?" she asked. I mentally counted the days from Baia.

"About two nights already." The Doctor was obviously stunned upon hearing this.

"What happened?" she asked. Damn it. What am I supposed to say? I decided to stick with the truth.

"I will tell you what happened, but promise me that no one would know. This would be between us two. Please promise me that, Dr. Olendzki. I need your word before I let the cat out of the bag."

"Okay. I promise." I drew a deep breath before continuing.

"Rose had been turned Strigoi, and we brought her back to being a dhampir using spirit." I explained. She was horrified to her all this but after a few seconds she composed herself and turned to Rose.

"We need to run some tests first before we will be able to know what is going on inside of her. But are you really sure that she's dhampir again?" she asked uncertainly.

"Of course I am. You can hear her heart beating, can you? With a heart beating like that, who wouldn't be alive?" I said in reply. At the exact moment, Lissa came through the door.

"Sorry, I ran into a little problem." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Avery." One word alone explained everything. It was Rose who explained everything at us about Avery. She was a spirit user too, and she was using compulsion on both of us to manipulate us. I'll deal with the bitch later. I thought to myself.

"What will happen to Rose now?" Lissa asked, worry creasing her forehead.

"We still don't know yet. Dr. Olendzki said she needed to run some tests first. You probably should get some sleep. It had been a long journey." I told her.

"I would rather stay with her, I know I couldn't sleep without knowing that she will be okay." she said, and I knew exactly what she meant.

"Haven't the headmaster found you yet?" I asked.

"I think he's found out through Avery, though. Speaking of which, what do we do with her now?"

"I think we should just pretend like we don't know about her yet. That way, it would be easier to sort out." I said.

"If Rose were awake, she would know what to do." She said, and tears welled up in her eyes. I comforted her and told her that everything would be alright.

We stayed by Rose's side the rest of the night. Dawn broke and Dr. Olendzki came back to check on Rose. I woke the sleeping Lissa from the couch just before the doctor entered the room.

"Rose's result from the test is here. She's in coma, according to her result," she paused and I can't help but ask.

"How can she be in coma? She was in perfect shape before we brought her back."

"I'm not so sure, Lord Ivashkov. But in my opinion, I think it's from the lack of blood in her system. When one becomes a part of the undead, exchange of blood is required. She was probably drained of blood when she was awakened, and I don't know how this would make sense, but maybe she hadn't taken in much blood than what she needed." She looked hesitant when she said the last words.

"I know exactly what you mean. So what would she need? How long will it take her to wake up?" Lissa asked.

"For now, all we came up with is blood transfusion. We'll have to monitor her, though, see if she makes a progress. But there is also that possibility that she may never wake up." hearing her say those words put a big lump in my throat.

"Th-that can't be! She needs to wake up! After everything we've been through for her, she has to wake up!" Lissa shouted. She ran to where Rose lay in deep slumber. Lissa shook her shoulders, saying,

"You have to wake up, Rose. Don't give up! Fight for me! Fight for us!" I came to her side.

"That's enough Liss. She's a strong girl. She will pull through this." I said to her, and as soon as I heard myself say those words, I knew they were true.

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