To Be a Fly on the Wall

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine; I do not make any profit from this.
Pairing: Sonny/Rico

Warnings: mention of nudity

Beta: webbswoman

7. Ocean Breeze's Touch

The boat was swaying gently with the waves, miles away from the coast, while the sun was burning mercilessly onto the deck.

Sonny groaned, voice thick with his southern drawl: "Man, I swear, any longer in this sun an' I'll be competin' with your skin color."

Climbing up onto the deck from the galley, Rico laughed. "I thought you'd be used to the heat by now!"

The darker detective had stripped down to black bikinis while Sonny was dressed in blue shorts.

The blond sighed heavily and stretched. "You mind if I take these off?" He asked, indicating his shorts.

Rico laughed again. "Do what you gotta do, partner. Not like there's anyone around to see."

Efficiently Sonny pushed his shorts down and off before lying back down, this time onto his stomach. Rico was enjoying his cool beer just a few feet away, leaning against the railing with his back.

Rico ran an admiring look over his partner's and, more recently, lover's gold-brown body.

"See something you like?" Sonny asked. Rico realized that the blond had turned his head towards him and imagined the sea-green eyes looking at him from behind the dark sunglasses.

Rico smiled. "Yeah. You."

Sonny chuckled as he turned onto his side. "The great charm that makes everyone swoon. Tell me, does this actually work on the ladies?"

"Well, it sure works on you," Rico laughed and stood up to go to his lover. Gently he pushed him onto his back before touching the blond's mouth with his own lips.