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Milli didn't remember her first 10 years. The only things she new was that she was a vampire hunter, because she was born in the "Destiny" clan. The other thing was that people told her that, vampires killed her parents. But Milli always belived in peace. So one day she finds her uncle, Cross Kaien. When he invites her to his school, Cross Academy Milli accepts. But what awaits her at Cross Academy?

Milli: Zero will you tell it?

Zero: NO!

Milli: Okay *sobs*

Zero: Fine. Milli does not own vampire knight, but she owns her OC Milli.

I remembered nothing of my first 10 years. I had no memories of the time and no family. I knew nothing about their death, but since I was born into the "Destiny" clan, people figured that it was the vampires who had killed them. Destiny was a vampire hunter family, so I was vampire hunter apprentice. I was trained by Toga Yagari-sensei, along with Zero and Kaito.

Zero was my childhood friend, but I haven't seen him since I was 12. He was also from a vampire hunter family, with the family name Kiryu. I had not seen Kaito for a long time. I beat I most likely never see him again. Ever since I became a vampire hunter, I had had strange dreams about vampires. It was always the same dream. I was 6 years again. I cried all alone, but then a vampire at my age came and wiped my tears away. Afterwards he showed me his friends and the light. When the dream was good, I woke up.

Since my dreams, I had decided not to kill vampires, but still, I was forced to kill the Level E vampire. It was those vampires who had been out of control. The problem was that back then Zero and I were very naive. Thanks to that Yagari-sensei lost his one eye. Since that day, I made various things that might help me avoid a fight, instead of going on missions.

When I was 14 years I tried to find more information about my parents. It was fortunate that I found out that I had an uncle, Cross Kaien. He invited to go to his school Cross Academy. So I stood here and waited for my uncle. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened my eyes, I saw my uncle, waving to me. I waved back and started walking in his direction.

"Welcome Milli-chan, I'm your uncle Cross Kaien."

My uncle had blond hair. He had a sort of cream-colored eyes. His hair was mostly tied in a ponytail. He had some glasses, but it made him look even more innocent.

"Cross? Is not the name of the legendary vampire hunter?"I asked.

I could see that Kaien sighed. "It is not a past I'm particularly proud of,"he said. "Actually, my dream to get humans and vampires to live together,"

"It ... It cannot be done" I said and sighed. "Because if it could had been no need for some people like us" I said.

"People like us?" He asked with a questioning glance.

I did not expect that it would go so fast to get my secret revealed.

"Ehh you see, I was a vampire apprentice in the past" I said and looked away.

"The past cannot be changed," he said and patted me on the head. "But the future can" he said and looked into the blue sky.

"Should we look to come home," he said with a laugh and a happy voice.

His mood changed really fast. I laughed a little to myself and followed the Kaien. The wind blew strongly, and I got goose bumps several times. Especially when we walked in the woods, it might be a little gloomy. I could see a house ahead. I sighed a sigh of relief.

"So here we are," Said he happy. I didn't get his mood swings. "Lets go inside," Kaien said, and I just nodded.

Milli : So that was the first chapter. It's just like a prolouge, so don't jugde it now ;D