Hey... I'm sorry for the long wait. But I can't promise it won't be the last one u'

I was forced being with Aidou for the whole day. Therefor I did not have the opportunity to talk with Zero. I wondered if he really was okay. Right now I was drying my hair. Right now I did everything to slow… Even for a human being. I hoped that Aidou would get bored and fall asleep. Even vampires needed their sleep. I smirked. If my plan worked, I would be alone and free the whole day!

I was wearing a yellow top and some shorts. My long hair was in a ponytail to the left side and I was wearing some gold heart shaped earrings.

I opened the door carefully and looked at Aidou. My plan worked! He was really sleeping. I was laughing mentally. I walked over to the window, and Aidou was still sleeping. He looked really cute in his sleep… I never thought that vampires could be… Cute. I shook my head and smiled. Silly Aidou. I almost felt bad for him.

I opened the window. It was really windy today. I got a little goose bump. I was about to jump when I felt to hands around be. I gasped, surprised.

"Aidou-Senpai?" I mumbled.

"I told you so~!" he sang


"Did you really think that you could run away from me?" he asked. My cheeks were burning.

"D-Didn't you sleep?"

"Yes I did, but you opened the window," he said, almost like he was joking.


"Let's just say, that a really delicious smell hit me," he said, before letting me go. "And… It was an order from Kaname-Sama, I there's no way I could let you run away," he said. I rolled my eyes, but suddenly I got an idea.

"Ne Aidou… you really have to follow me everywhere I go?" I asked.

"Yes… Why?" he asked, seeing my weird smirk.

"Then let's go," I said.


"Yeah! Either way you are going to follow me, or you're going to stay right here," I said.

"You're not going anywhere," he said, clearly serious. I looked at him with my saddest look – the puppy eyes.

"Don't you dare give me that look," he said, warning me, but I just frowned.

"Okay, okay, just stop looking at me like that!" he cried and I smiled. I won! And now we were going to the town… This was going to be fun!

"Kaname-Sama is going to kill me!"

After a long walk, I stopped when I finally found an ice-cream shop. My eyes turned into small stars.

"Do you want some ice-cream?" he asked, almost laughing, when he saw my eyes. I nodded like a little girl and waited for my ice cream. And of course… He paid! He was really a goodhearted vampire. I never thought that he would like me this much. Right now I was just in my own little happy world. Aidou laughed.


"You're really cute, eating ice-cream and looking all adorable," he said, knowing it would make me blush. But I was annoyed. I was never hot, nor cool, just cute… Cute, cute, cute… Even uncle called me cute! I sighed and continued to eat my ice cream. ¨

"Hey Mill," Aidou said, clearly trying to sound nice. But there was something bothering him. "We should turn around now."

His eyes were cold. I remembered the Level-E… Surely he did not forget that memory. I blushed when he took hold of my hand. I nodded and walked back with him.

"Aidou, you can let go of my hand now," I whispered.

"Does it bother you?" he said and stopped walking. Actually it did not bother me at all. Even if he was a vampire. I shook my head. He smiled.

"And you would fall if I let go of your hand," he smirked.

"And Mill," he said when we finally reached the woods of Cross Academy.


"If you even think about visiting the town again… You shouldn't go out there all alone," he said and looked at another direction. He could not look me in the eyes right now. I would not be in danger, but I could not tell him my secret. It would ruin everything. He sighed and lifted my chin. His lips were so close to mine.

"You are not listening, are you?"

He looked at me with those shining eyes. I could not describe the perfect blue color. It was magic. My heart raced in my chest. I pushed him away and blushed. What was he doing to me? I knew he heard my heart… His ears could hear everything! He laughed, but I really needed a break! He was not giving me an honest chance against him. I remembered Zero…

"Aidou… I need to do something. You can leave me now," I said. His eyes shined with mistrust.

"I won't run away anymore," I said, calming him down. He sighed.

"You know… I won't let you run away even if you tired, but fine then. I'll show you some trust. Kaname is clearly going to punish me anyway," he said, his hand going through the golden locks of his. I nodded and ran away form Aidou..

I really needed to check Zero. Something deep in my heart told me, that something was wrong…