5 Years Later

Paul Langley heard the doorbell ring 'Door!' he called, hoping Weslie would get it. He continued working, then heard it ring again a moment later 'Weslie!' he yelled 'The door!' but still nothing, and a moment later, it rang again. He sighed and shut his laptop, getting up; he jogged down the stairs and pulled the door open, finding himself face to face with his best friend, Bolton Smilie.

'Alright mate' he said, smiling and stepping aside to let him in 'thought you were coming at ten?' he asked.

Bolton nodded 'Yeah and it is ten' he said.

'Shit' Paul mumbled, looking down at his watch 'so it is, we better get a move on then. Weslie!' he shouted, walking through to the back of the house, Bolton behind him. He smirked to himself when they passed the TV in the living room which was still switched on; one of Weslie's video's playing on whatever music channel had been left on.

After giving birth, Weslie had taken a year out to take care of her daughter whilst Paul enrolled at university. Once Emmery was a year old, Weslie also enrolled in University, only to sign a record deal, release three singles and an album within her first six months there. She took time off for a month long UK tour and never went back, having finally made it.

Paul had stayed on at university and studied for three years to become a graphic designer. He had graduated two years previously and had earned himself quite a reputation after doing the art work for Weslie's third album, and had worked on several other big projects, making a name for himself.

Paul finally found his wife in the kitchen with their daughter, who was stubbornly refusing to eat her breakfast 'I don't waaaant it!' she protested, shoving the bowl away from her.

'You have to have it, so just eat it then we can go okay?' Weslie said, getting frustrated with her toddler.

'Bolton!' She exclaimed, looking up and finding her godfather and her father in the room. She dropped down out of her chair and bounded over to him, throwing herself into his arms.

'Hey Ems' he said, kissing her on the head and hugging her 'how's my favourite girl?' he asked. She beamed at him and nodded.

'She's a madam' Weslie said 'and a naughty one at that'

Bolton sighed and gave Emmery a serious look 'Come on little B' he said, referring to her middle name 'eat your breakfast up for me okay?' he asked.

'Oh, okay' she said, squirming out of his arms and back over to her seat, where she took her spoon from her mother and started to eat her cereal.

'You're a life saver' Weslie said, getting up and walking out past Bolton, leaving Emmery to eat as Stotch trotted into the kitchen to sit with her. Stotch adored Emmery a thousand more than he had ever loved Weslie and would spend days on end playing with her, and refused to sleep anywhere other than on the floor at the foot of her bed.

'Nahh, she just knows the score with me' he grinned; Bolton was extremely fond of Emmery and treated her as though she were his own family.

Weslie laughed 'No, she's just mad enough to idolise you' she said, shaking her head.

'Babe it's gone ten, we really need to go' Paul said, nodding at the clock. Weslie looked down at her watch and groaned, she was always running late since Emmery was born.

'Well, I'll just have to go like this then' she said, gesturing to the dress and cardigan she was wearing 'I'll just go find some shoes'

A short drive later, and after dropping Emmery off at her Aunt Mia's, Paul pulled into the car park of Waterloo Road, a place neither he, his wife nor his best friend had visited for five years. Though as they looked up at the building, it felt oddly familiar to them, as though they had never been away.

'Yes, Yes I'm aware of that, but I still don't think I can right now' Weslie was saying, her phone clasped to the side of her head, talking to her manager and climbing out of Paul's car.

Paul looked at Bolton and rolled his eyes, the two friends stifling laughter 'because I don't think it's fair on either of them' she was saying, they heard the voice on the other end talking, but Weslie interrupted 'Look, I'm here now so I'll have to call you later and we'll talk about it then' she said before muttering a goodbye and hanging up.

'American tour again?' Paul asked, holding his hand out for her, which she took. Her manager had been trying to convince her to tour the states again, but she didn't feel she could leave Emmery for six weeks. Her last tour of the states had been nearly two years previously and being away from Paul and Emmery for so long was like torture to her.

'Yeah' she sighed, shaking her head 'thing is, if I do that, then he'll wanna tour Europe, then Asia, and before you know it I'm away from home for six months, and there's no way I can leave Emmery for that long'

Paul smiled and leaned in to kiss her 'we'll work it out' he said. She smiled at him and nodded. She gazed at him, still completely in love with him and so proud to be his wife, she couldn't ask for a better husband.

'Well, well, well, would you look who it is' they heard Christopher Mead call from the main door way, smiling down at the ex pupils 'and you're late' he joked.

Weslie laughed as they walked up the steps to him and the boys shook his hand, Weslie hugging him briefly 'Sorry sir, but you wanna try having a moody five year old'

'Don't worry about it' he smiled, stepping aside to let them inside 'the others are all here, in the hall. And don't call me sir!' he said.

In the hall, they found the rest of their former year group, all their friends back in the same place together after five years apart. It felt odd to see everyone back in Waterloo Road once again, but it was striking to see how much everyone had changed.

Weslie smiled when she saw Danielle Harker, now a fashion model and mother to a year old baby boy. With her was Aleesha Dillon, photographer. At the other side of the room Ros McCain, international lawyer, walking talking to Karla Bentham, vet, and Philip Ryan, gentleman's magazine editor. Alone at the back of the room was Michaela White, on the phone to employees of the security company she had set up herself was still successfully running.

Then there was Paul, Graphic designer, Bolton, fitness instructor, and Weslie, musician, singer and the current face on topshop. Mega star, what she had always wanted.

And the end of the day when they arrived home after spending the day happily catching up with their friends and having a tour around the school (Weslie had to stop to pose for pictures and sign scraps or paper over a dozen times), it occurred to Weslie that in just the five years since she had left Waterloo Road, she and Paul had grown and changed more than they could've ever guessed they would.

They were parents, they had married and were both happy in successful careers, and often she had to remind herself that she was still just 22 years old.

Her life now felt a whole world away from what it had been when she first started Waterloo Road, and she remembered how she had felt on that first day at the school. How much she had resented her parents for sending her there, and how much she had dreaded it.

When ironically it was the place at which she had truly discovered who she was and what she wanted to do with her life. Waterloo Road had shaped her in many ways, and given her the most precious gifts she had. It gave her her husband, the best friends she could ever ask for and had put her back on the right career track. It taught her more about herself than anyone or anything had ever done before or since, and it was where she had really started to live her life.

Waterloo Road had changed her and shaped her into the women she was now. And she couldn't be more thankful for that.


There's your proper end. It really is all over, and I think I've managed to bring it to a nice, neat close there. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you eternally for sticking with me all this way.

This is the longest story I've ever written, and it's also the hardest too, and I'm most proud of it. I had some wobbly moments back there, so thank you for you patience with me. I'm exhausted now! Writing isn't always as easy as you'd think and I put every ounce of effort I had into this, so to know it was loved means the world to me, once again. Thank you =]

P.S 'Gentleman's magazine editor does NOT mean porn before someone asks. I was thinking more Zoo, or Nuts magazine. A career I feel very fitting for Philip. & Anyone after a few more details about Wes and Paul in the years after this epilogue, message me and I'll happily let you know, as I couldn't manage to fit them in.