27 dresses

Season 1

Pilot 20/1/10 Viewers: 1 million Ch: ABC

Jane is in Barneys buying a dress for her interview. She has got an interview at Parson's Account's agency. She is outside the door wearing a silk Burry berry Mac and a black YSL coat. She walks in and sits down. Jon parson turns around. Hi, well, can I have your resume please. Yes, Jane gives john her resume. Across the street Kasey is at star bucks waiting on Jane. Jane walks out of parson's publication and over to Kasey, who has got a coffee for her. Hi so how did the interview go, did you get it? Yes I did and guess what: I'm john Parson's P.A!

What? I thought you wanted to be an account? I do but this has more money and now since Kevin lost his job at the New York review, we need the money. But why does he not just get another job? I know but he's looking.

Tess and gorge are in the Caribbean and his magazine is on the verge of cancellation plus you need to get a JOB!

I have got one at Elle magazine.

Elle what?

Yes Elle I start tomorrow!

Tess is in the Caribbean hotel and George is at the bar waiting on her. She answers her phone, hello and a man is on the other side, hi baby so when are you coming back? Well after me and George come home I'll meet you there ok by...