Disclaimer ~ JS01 has no claim what so ever over Naruto and Spongebob. This is simply a fan-based piece of fiction that was written for Entertainment purposes only.

one day spongebob went to the academy and iruka said hi im iruka what your name spongebob said im spongebob iruka said welcome to the academy spongebob said i came to be i ninja iruka said ok `12 weeks later spongebob was so happy that day spongebob became a ninja. Spongebob, so happy, jumped up and down excitedly. His first mission was to retrieve a runaway cat.

In the middle of Konohagakure Forest, Spongebob with his team Sandy and Patrick along with his Sensei, Squidward.

Gripping the cat tightly as it struggled under him, Spongebob panted in exhaustion. "Finally! We got him!"

" Be careful with that thing, You may get hurt. Not that i would mind...." Squidward-Sensei mumbles, Giving the Ginger-haired Tabby wide berth.

"With my Body? Nothing will ever happe- Ow! My Eyes!" Yelped Spongebob, Dropping the Cat, none too gently, Then running in Circles with tears running down his porous cheeks.

"Sigh, Sandy? Can you bring him to a Medic-nin?" Squidward- Sensei exasperated voice calls across the forest.

32 D-Rank missions later, months have gone by. Spongebob, Craved a more challenging mission and requested a C-Rank mission. Leaving the Hokage office and Screaming in joy. his request approved, a Solo mission to boot!. Gathering provisions, excitedly storming out of his abode, He set on to deliver a package from an unknown Civilian to Sunagakure. On his way he heard a rustle in the bushes. In the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a group of Sound-nin! Outnumbered, Spongebob retreated to Konohagakure, set to inform the Hokage about them being so close to the border.

On his flight to Konohagakure, He encountered Orochimaru. With Spongebob's Amazing Genetic make up giving him the ability to absorb physical attacks with no harm at all (he is a sponge) Orochimaru aimed to Capture him onto his ranks. But Spongebob distracted Orochimaru long enough for ANBU reinforcements to come and help him, Causing Orochimaru to flee.

Spongebob was escorted by the ANBU back to Konohagakure.

On the trip back, Spongebob was staring fiercely at an ANBU.

"What!" Falcon snapped, unnerved by his gaze.

"... You have an Odd Face." Spongebob replied shrinking away by the Anbu's Glare.

To Be Continued.