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The Doctor raised his eyebrows as a yell of frustration reached his ears.

"I hate your spaceship!" Amy cried from somewhere deep in the labyrinth of rooms. The Doctor smiled warily, trailing off to find his new companion.

He found her in the first place he looked. He knocked on the door of bathroom twenty-nine- the bathroom they both agreed would be Amy's.

"Help," came a small, defeatist whine from inside. Stepping in, the first thing the Doctor did was laugh. Amy was wearing nothing but a bath towel and a ferocious glare. She was sat on the edge of the brass bath tub, strands of red hair tangled on a high shower hook.

"Don't laugh!" she moaned, and the Doctor cleared his throat, composing himself.

"Ahem, right," he bit his lip to stop a grin cracking. "Well, Pond, it seems you are officially capable of achieving the unimaginable. Tell me, how did you attach yourself to a shower? Only someone who really wanted to embarrass themselves could-"

"It wasn't me; it was your stupid TARDIS!"

The Doctor blinked. "I'm sorry?"

Amy sighed, seeing she wasn't going to be freed unless she told all. "I was washing my hair, and flicked a really long bit out accidentally and it got caught on the hook, so I went to get the shower head off to get my hair out when suddenly these two bolts appear and screw the shower head to the hook!"

The Doctor seemed to struggle with his thoughts for a minute or two before muttering "Stay still." He stretched over Amy, setting to work on her tangled hair.


"Look, do you want to be stuck to this shower forever?"


The Doctor smiled as her hair came loose. "There," he stated proudly. Amy still looked angry.

"It's all knotted," she complained.

"Don't worry," the Doctor grinned, sitting down by her on the edge of the bath. "I'll fix it."

The TARDIS suddenly hissed, making them both jump.

"Oi, you, shush," the Doctor warned. Amy frowned.

"You can speak to the TARDIS?" she asked sceptically.

"Of course," the Time Lord replied nonchalantly. "Nice if you're lonely, but sometimes she's a bloody nuisance."

Look at this, the ship sighed. The Doctor and Amelia Pond…

"Shut it."

"What," Amy half-turned as the Doctor eased out another tangle. "What's it said now?"

"Nothing of importance."

"Ouch," Amy winced as he tugged at her locks.


Fingers entwined in her hair, Doctor, you opportunist.

"Did your space ship just tut?"

"She doesn't approve," the Doctor lied. "Says this is a girls' bathroom. And I'm not an opportunist," he added quietly.

She's only in a bath towel, after all-

"Right," the Doctor stood up, pointing a finger threateningly at the ceiling. "Another word from you and I'll-"

Amy heard another hiss and wondered what on Earth- metaphorically speaking- they could be talking about.

"Oh you bet I would," the Doctor grumbled, resuming his post beside Amy. "Sorry about that," he smiled, unbinding the last of the knots in her ginger hair. "There."

"Thanks," she turned to face him, returning the smile.

Go on, kiss her, the space ship whispered. You'll only miss your chance. And I went to all that trouble, catching her hair…

"What did it say thi-" but Amy was cut of by the sudden presence of the Doctor's lips on hers. He pulled away, looking a little shell-shocked himself.

"Sorry," he cleared his throat. "She made me do it." And he walked from the room, casually running a hand through his hair, leaving Amy blinking, blushing and extremely confused.