I was walking through Wumpa Jungles, admiring the beauty of it all. I saw a few animals and many exotic plants (one of which tried to eat me).

"Ahhh, it's so beautiful here," I said as I was looking down the water fall,"Lucky I live here..." My right ear then flinched and I got a feeling of foreboding. I then sniffed and smelled something familiar. I looked off into the distance and noticed two lights glowing as bright as red tomatoes.

"Two red lights like that is never good." I tried focusing on what the thing was. Then I saw what it was. I started running, trying to hide from it, but it was catching up.

"Come back here, you bashful bandicoot!" Neo Cortex yelled from his Hover board with his niece in her Arach-Nina robot. Why Nina was with Cortex was beyond me. Sending Nina to Evil Public School was the worst thing he could have done. Nina deserved it, but E.P.S. is HORRIBLE. I've been to public schools before, but that E.P. School is pure torture! Anyway, Ninia and Cortex were after me for some reason.

"Don't you guys have anything better to do then chase a poor defenseless bandicoot all around Wumpa Jungles?!" I shouted as I ran.

"Yes," Nina said,"But I was force to. It was either chase you or go back to E.P.S., and i am NOT going back there." Nina said as she tried reaching for me. Cortex flew in front of me and signaled something to Nina. As he signaled Nina, I heard a click. Next I know it, I'm trapped in a cage.

"Good job, Nina!" Cortex said as he lowerd down to my level. Nina sighed.

"What do you want, Cortex? Don't make me beat ya to a pulp again." I said mockingly.

"Haha, you are funny, Crash. well, since you did ask, I was going to......" Cortex's voice trailed off. I raised my eye brow and smirked.

"What's wrong? Too much in that head of yours, Cortex?" I teased as I crossed my arms.

"God, this is so embarrising..." Nina mumbled.

"Quiet, Bandicoot," Cortex said as he pointed his blaster at me,"I have half a mind to blast you to smithereens!"

"Half a mind? That's a pretty big mind considering your head size." I laughed. Cortex turned a bit red and was about to pull the trigger, but someone pounced at him, taking him to the floor.

"Ah, uncle!" Nina screamed. She started swinging her saw around trying to hit whoever was hitting Cortex. All I saw was a flash of white here and there. something weird was happening, and I wanted to know what it was. Soon enough, Nina stopped to see who or what it was. I was surprised to see the back of a white bandicoot.

"What the-- another Crash?" Nina asked surprisingly,"Ugh, doesn't matter, I'll kill you, too." Nina swung, and the mysterious, white bandicoot dodged it by flipping over her saw of death. The bandicoot giggled to his amusement of Nina missing. When Nina swung again, the saw went right through my cage. Luckily, I ducked in time. As soon as I was set free, I went for Nina, trying to help out the bandicoot. Nina kicked me though, knocking me into a tree. The next thing I wake up to is the Arach-Nina on the floor. And guess who's on top of the Arach-Nina, That mysterious Bandicoot.

"Thanks for saving me, man!" i said to him. Next I know it, he comes to me pinning me against a tree. He growled at me and showed his teeth. I just stayed there like an idiot. He then ran off, leaving me baffled.

I asked myself,"Who is That Bandicoot?"