It was inevitable, Gilbert thought, that this would happen. From the first moment they met, the other man had both frightened and captivated him.

As their lips met over and over, devouring each other like starved beasts, he briefly wondered how long Xerxes Break had been planning and plotting, preparing for this, encouraging conflict yet drawing him closer, teasing until he couldn't stand it any longer.

Break chuckled. It was only then he realized that in his haste to feel the older man's skin, his heat, he had ripped the man's nightshirt, exposing everything to his lustful gaze.

"My, my, Gilbert~ So eager..." Break purred, leaning back, parting his legs even more, showing no shame at all, instead, enticing him to go further.

How did it come to this? Oh yes. He had finally found out that the older man was slowly losing what's left of his tattered sense of sight. Gilbert had been in the middle of berating the man for keeping such a secret when Break cut in, waving his tirade off like it was nothing.

"There's no need to concern yourself, dear Raven. I may be losing my sight but my sense of touch hasn't dulled in the least~"

It infuriated him. How can Break be so calm when it's obvious that nothing was all right? Still saying things the younger man couldn't understand.

"Is that so?" Gilbert asked darkly, earning him a look of absolute surprise from Break before he tackled the older man, pinning him to the bed as he melded their lips together...

And here they were, in bed, bodies moving, rutting like animals, seeking completion as Break cried out his name over and over with every thrust.

Gilbert leaned in and pressed his lips to the older man's ear, whispering, "Break, come with me," before being swept away by the force of his orgasm as Break came, milking him for all he's worth.

This is insane, Gilbert thought as he held the other man closely. He felt like a moth drawn to a flame. Break was dangerous. One of these days, they'll...

"You know, my dear Raven," Break whispered as he lightly ran his hand up and down Gilbert's chest, giving the younger man a dark, knowing smile, "even if I lose all my senses, I'm yours just as surely as you belong to me."

Gilbert wondered how long before they destroyed each other as he surrendered to Break's dying flame.