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"Well Mr Swan I think you are in a bit of a mess!" Charlie looked over at Mr Cullen as he grinned at him …seeing him looking so smug sitting in his leather black chair…this young millionaire was ruthless as the rumor stated he was power hunger and played every trick in the book just to make money… he thieved seeing men like Mr Swan reduced to bankruptcy and sitting in front of him penniless…as he leaned back in his seat he looked at the man in front of him sweating.

"I don't know why you are doing this Mr Cullen but I will be homeless and my daughter is getting married soon and…"

"I have heard this all before…I seriously get bored hearing this stuff!!" Charlie looked at the young businessman not caring about anyone but himself as he picked up the glass paperweight spinning it on the desk..… He had no family and power meant everything to him…with Charlie's stock ruined and he was heavy in debt and the only think he need was time to pay the young man in front of him back.

"Next you say you will do anything and want more time…Look I just want to see my money… and you can start with the sale of you're business as a starting point.." Charlie looked at him question why he was doing this and the reason was simple

"Ok I guess you waiting for some speech as in why beta? why are you doing this? Well you want the truth or a Hollywood version? Ok since I am in a good mood I give you the truth! POWER Mr Swan … you be the 59th company I would buy…see I ensure I get you're company cheap due to the stock and then bit by bit I sell off your company and make my money….I think this will do or do u want to hear how you threw my mother out of the house and I'm taking revenge Hollywood style which is all lies…" Charlie looked at him chuckling to himself…looking at the man before him getting up from his chair

"I was an orphan and learn the hard way polishing shoes to men like you that its determination which grows success and you get power by making money….As for respect I care not what you and the world think of me!….Now I have a page 3 event to attend and need a woman desperately….i am sure a man like you can understand what a young man like me needs…" he said winking at the old man who just looked down on the floor this boy has no shame either and no respect for his elders…

"But I have a wedding and my eldest daughter is getting married…If the boy side find out then I am ruined and Alice will never get married…" Charlie voice quivered as Edward looked at him….Placing his hand in his pockets he walked over towards the window and looked down a bustling London below…how he was forever looking up to see the rich people stomp on him all his life and now they all looked up to him holding there heads up…

"Hmmm how many daughter do have?" Charlie looked at his back.

"Two!" As Mr Cullen turned to face him he walked over towards him

"Who do you cherish the most? Don't say both as I know there will be one you adore more then the other!" Charlie looked at him unsure of why he was asking the question.. Maybe he could appeal to his better nature…May be he would give him a break..


"Hmm I will give you you're house and money for the wedding…. if I can have your daughter as my mistress! I have grow some what tired of Jane…she boring me of late"

"MR EDWARD CULLEN!" Edward looked over at the angry old man getting up from his seat and glaring at him.

"Chill old man….I think it's a fair deal…I get a mistress and you keep you're house and I think that a little expensive for a woman but what can I say… I have millions…" Charlie looked at him laugh

"You think about it… you're eldest daughter does not marry and I have someone female company….I look after her financially…she live with me and will get clothes, jewelry and she will attend to my ever need and urge…" he said winking at him again…

See the old man barge out of the room…hearing the young man laughing