Feeling his lips on her neck she felt her body sink into his as he turned her around and kissed her. As he released her and hugged her she smiled. Feeling his lips on her body she closed her eyes feeling his touch awaken something inside her as he always did as they make love… as he looked down at her he kissed her feeling her sweating body beneath him as there bodies lay tangled in each other, with her arms around him, as he lay his head on her bosom feeling her heart…

"I love you Edward!" he froze holding her as he felt her hold tighten…

"Edward! Bella! Welcome…." Bella smiled looking at Lovely couple greeting them in there home as the party was held out side on there lawn…

"I want to introduce my nephew Jacob Black…" Edward looked to see Bella gasp as she looked at the tall handsome young man smiling at them

"Froggy?" Jacob looked at Bella smiling as he pinched her nose and she smacked his arm.

"Donkey!" Edward looked at Jacob laughing and Bella giggled as everyone looked at them surprised..

"So you two know one another?…" Edward asked looking at Jacob

"Yeah from college….we had the same classes and stuff!" Jacob answered smiling at Bella talking to some ladies at the party

"Poor girls had it ruff never complaint her parents past away and her uncle and auntie look after her….but its not all rosy she make out her sister loves her but the truth is Alice hates her guts…I think Alice feels she took her parents away from her and I remember she used to cry and Rose was there for her we all were…she wears a great mask and if she hurt she never tell you….You know that right!" Edward looked at him surprised as he saw something in his eyes looking at Bella as he spoken about her…

"Excuse me Jacob …" Edward said walking to the bar and as he turned he saw Jacob walking to Bella and her smile in response . he gulped down his whiskey in anger.

"Edward are we ready to go home!" she looked at him talking to some high-powered business people as he nodded at her.

"I'll be there in a sec" he said looking at her.

"Ok I'll just say good bye to Jacob."

Edward walked inside in search of bella but found Jacob talking with his friends

"Jacob don't take it to badly…Something's are not meant to be!"

"I know dude.. I finally went to her house to propose to her the other day to swan residence but it was locked … I got to know that alice got married and that bella went to stay with her uncle…funny thing b'coz she never mentioned having an uncle.. I was shocked to see her here…She still the same …my Froggy princess!" Edward turned and walked away so this guys loves her and wants to marry her?…

He looked at her in the car when he asked if she had a boyfriend she said no and was she playing him? Jacob mentioned she wears mask is she wearing on now…Do I actually know her is she like the all other? And her sister she never really mentioned her? I need to be careful maybe she is like all the other these women are the same she may be playing me and then she tears you up…But would she? For Revenge… face it I ruined her life made her a slave in my home. I use her for sex and my every need ,she was an ambitious girl before i made her my mistress…But she can leave when she wants and….so why has she not gone? What is she waiting for? She said she loved him last night… what game is she playing?

"Edward?" he turned to look at him as she placed her head on his arm

"I had a nice time…" she said closing her eyes.

"Seeing Jacob ?" he asked looking down at her.

"Hmm.." she answered with her eyes closed leaning into him.

"I can hold you like this forever" she added looking at his blank face as the car stopped outside the house.


"Edward I have to talk you…" she could sense something was troubling him as soon as they got home he poured himself a drink but she needed to talk to him and this could not wait any longer…

He looked at her moving closer to him on the bed and take his hand and place it on her stomach…

"I am pregnant!" she said smiled as he jerked his hand and looked at her.

"WHAT?" she looked at him frowning as she looked at him pushing his hands through his hair getting up out of the bed turning to look at her…

"Why have you not been taking the pills I given you!" she looked at him scream at her as she felt the tears running down her face he was not happy by the news?

"How far are you? When was you last period!" he said looking at her shocked face.

"Edward?" he looked at her sobbing as he went to pour himself a drink.

"Damm it! I gave you those pill to stop this sort of problem from happening!" he said gulping down the whiskey…

"I don't want a child! Look It's ok don't cry we get a termination!" he said walking over towards sitting down next to her holding his drink…

"I want this child!" he looked at her in anger as she sat in the bed looking at him.

"WFT! I told you we abort the dame thing!" he shouted getting up from the bed.

"But I…" she protested as he looked at her narrowing his eyes.

"This is all a planned isn't….first you make out we married to you're friends and then you tell me I love you and now this…. You're doing all this so I marry you?" Bella looked at him in horror as she felt someone had ripped out her heart and looked at him. He thinking her love is meaningless…a plan


"NO then why have you not taken the pills … TELL ME!" he shouted looking at her.

"I don't want a baby or a wife! You hear me tomorrow we're go to the hospital and get rid of it!" he shouted looking at her not believing what was happening.

"I want this baby…" she said looking at him as he stared coldly at her.

"Fine Get out of my house! You choose the baby or me!" he looked at her getting out of the bed and approach him as he shoved her away from him.

"I love you and this child ..it's a part of you…I want this baby!" she whispered looking at him as she moved towards him..

"Don't touch me! Stay away from me ….Get out of my room!" he shouted looking at her walking back in tears stunned…as he turned around to get another drink.

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