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Tie 2: Loveless

Ten years after their wedding night…

Zero was walking in the police headquarters' parking lot where he's an inspector. It's late afternoon and he'd promised to give Yuuki and her friend - Yori, a ride to the airport. He walked very fast but never missed replying to people who said good bye to him on the way. He soon settled in his car, a shining black Mercedes-Benz, and quickly drove it off.

It's not easy for anyone to accept him at first. Nobody would expect a good cop with a large tattoo on one side of his neck and many rings on ears. There were rumors that Zero had close relations with some people on the top level, who had given him continuous promotions within a few years. However, he had proved to be quite proficient, swift witted, with sharp senses and good martial arts. His colleagues believed Zero could effortlessly defeat any dangerous criminals or expose any complicated crime investigations that happened to take place in his area. Nobody knew about his little secret of being a seasoned vampire hunter as well as a vampire himself. Human criminals were no competitors to his abilities. Anyway, protecting innocents was his nature. Everyone had to change their mind and learned to respect him, they realized he might not be very friendly and open, but the hunter surely had a kind heart and a great sense of responsibility.

Zero was an orphan but his way of spending money, his clothes, his car indicated that he came from a wealthy family. As a matter of fact, he simply took whatever Seiren prepared for him. She's the butler at Kuran mansion, who was in charge of maintaining the mansion in its best conditions, carrying out her two masters' requests and taking care of their daily needs. Zero didn't like showing off or concerned too much about his own living style, but thanks to her, he used all expensive stuff. As for this luxurious car, it's a birthday gift. He laughed when receiving it because Kaname didn't know what he wanted, which was actually a sport car. However, he wasn't an impulsive teenager anymore, and not gonna destroy it or sell it off.

The hunter reached Cross Academy fifteen minutes later. It's about time for Night Class students to get out, many Day Class girls were gathering outside the Moon Dorm gate in excitement. Something remained unchanged. Zero remembered his own time of being a prefect, bustling about those crazy girls to distance them from the blood-suckers. Ten years had passed, the girls of his time must have been married with kids now, ironically, he, an annoying prefect and vampire hater, ended up marrying a pureblood.

At the time he graduated from high school, a summit conference between human and vampire representatives were taken place to discuss about a future of co-existence. To demonstrate their good intentions and devotion, both sides agreed on an arranged marriage between a hunter and a vampire of their highest levels. Kaname Kuran, a pureblood and new leader of vampire society, was the nominee for vampires. And Zero Kiryuu, the only disciple of the Hunter Association's president, who had a high potential to succeed his mentor, was the nominee for humans. Unfortunately, both were men. But one side didn't accept the other to change their nominee to a woman, because anyone else, except two of them, were less important in their own society, thus, the union would be weak. At last, they agreed to keep original nominees. A marriage contract was signed and a big wedding reception was held after. On that predestinarian day, the young hunter's impulse had made them not only officially but also practically married.

Zero met Kaien Cross in his living room. Cross was a big-hearted man, who had raised Zero, after the boy's parents were killed, helped him get over his loss and painful turn fifteen years ago. When Zero was about to leave, he brought home another child, Yuuki, also let her follow his last name. Cross was a pacifist and zealously supported the idea of co-existence. Approved by both sides, he's building another academy for humans and vampires on the opposite side of the country. He's quite busy and travelled a lot at the moment. However, he's willing to put everything aside to meet his son now.

"Chairman." Zero greeted him. Unlike Yuuki, he rarely called Cross father. The chairman wasn't happy with it, but Zero was a boy and not very emotional. He knew the hunter loved and respected him as his father though.

"Son, come over here!" Cross smiled, pouring a new cup of tea for his special guest "Yuuki'll be ready soon!"

"Thank you!" Zero accepted the cup.

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, all quiet."

"How about Kaname?" Cross asked tentatively, knowing his son wasn't interested in talking about his spouse.

"He's fine." Zero grunted "It's not like he can catch a flu or something." Well, the hunter himself hadn't caught any disease for more than a decade, let alone that pureblood, who could take everything, then walked out of his bedroom like brand new after they finished.

"Yeah, I haven't met him for a while." His father remarked "He's actually not a bad guy. I hope we'll get together at the opening ceremony of the new school." Cross paused, there's something he wanted to say, but his son had never listened to his advice calmly "I know you didn't like it from the beginning, but do you think about… giving it a try, considering you two will have more than a lifetime together?" He meant human lifetime in this case. Zero was a steady level D vampire, meaning his life would be lengthened quite a while. Cross worried that the hunter would feel lonely after all of his beloved humans were dead. The only one left would be Kaname. He sincerely hoped they could live together in peace. There was a thing which Cross or Yagari or anyone else didn't want to ask - how were Zero and Kaname living together? As a couple? As friends? As acquaintances? He knew each of them had their own bedroom at Kuran mansion. And he's suggesting them to give a try for what? A good friendship? A brotherly love?

"It's been ten years, chairman! If I could, I would've already done." Zero stood up, walking out to the varenda. It's not like such idea had never come in his mind, but reality with many responsibilities kept reminding him that it's too good to be true. Cross sighed, one more time accepted failure in talking about this topic. His only consolation was the hunter at least looked okay, physically strong and healthy, mentally keen and careful, his current situation didn't seem to be treating him too badly.


There was something about Yuuki that made Zero feel very fond of. She's now sitting beside him on his car, wearing a pink dress and having light make-up on her face, a soft scent of perfume from her neck caused a tingle inside him. He'd watched her grow up for ten years, from a tiny child to a sweet girl, showering her with gifts and bringing her to anywhere she asked. Being with her was a peace, something which the rest of this world refused to give him. Feeling her presence, holding her tiny hands reminded him that he could still be a kind and gentle man. Her giggles wiped out all rages, miseries, precautions and suspicions. Didn't one love another not because of who that person was, but because how one felt being with her? Zero only wanted to tenderly hold Yuuki with his tainted hands. This girl was so lovely and he had forgotten since when the dream of building up a family with her started nurturing in his heart.

"What would you like from the States, Zero?" Yuuki asked "Give me some hint to buy you a gift."

"I'd like anything from you, sweetie!" he glanced at her.

"Anything in particular? Something you need?" she insisted.

"Not really. Just get something simple." If I told you what I need, would you really give me? He thought, it'd be great if possible to ask her out for a movie and dinner, as a date, not brother and sister thing, and see how they would match.

"Zero, how long from your home to the academy?" Yori suddenly asked.

"About an hour."

"It'd be a long drive back after seeing us off at the airport." She continued.

"It's not a problem." He said politely.

"Then you won't mind picking us up when we come back?"

Yuuki caught what her friend was thinking in her mind. She hadn't asked him yet, but he's supposed to pick them up too, unless some unexpected thing came up on that night. She felt uneasy with her friend's interest in him. Zero was definitely attractive, and could be considered successful in both careers at such young age. He looked no older than twenty-five years old as his aging had temporarily ceased, due to vampire's peculiarity. Yuuki had been raised by a pacifist who worked hard for the peaceful co-existence between humans and vampires while her adopted brother was the best image to prove how practical this issue could be. Zero was a kind and sweet vampire who made her feel very pleasant to stay with. It's always enjoyable when he's around, however, the reason that stopped her from cultivating her hopes and dreams was that he's unavailable. His marriage to Kaname Kuran was a permanent thing. Even though she believed they didn't have a real relationship together, Zero wasn't free to marry her. She had met his spouse a few times when he came to the academy, Kaname seemed easy and courteous, however, Yagari told her father that it's just because he could act better than Zero.

"I'd love to." He answered Yori.

Taking his answer as a confirmation that both of them wanted to see each other again, she continued "Who are you living with?"

Yuuki almost coughed, knowing he disliked that kind of question, she decided to change their subject "Uh, Zero, let listen to some music. What cd's do you have?" and asked her friend "What would you like, Yori?" She pulled out his cd's, reading aloud the name on each.

"I have a roommate." Understood what Yuuki was trying, however, Zero didn't want Yori to feel disappointed at not having his reply. They're teenagers, sensitive, imaginative and crazy sometimes. It might not be a correct answer, but he himself still hadn't figured out what Kaname Kuran was to him.


After driving the girls to the airport and wishing them a good vacation, Zero drove back home. Well, if he couldn't say it's home, then he had no home. It's over 9:00PM. Kaname should be at work already, the hunter thought he would have his late dinner and go straight to bed. Being a cop and a hunter at the same time, living as a human and a vampire at the same time resulted in lacking of sleep continuously.

Behind the gate was a large, well-cared garden in kanshoh style, which design was to provide best view of freshly green plants from the windows of the house. Great trees stood quietly in a windless night, starlight created thoughtful shades on the ground. Zero drove through it indifferently to the main door. A vampire servant was waiting there to take care of his car.

"Good evening, Kiryuu-sama!"

He nodded, then walking inside. The mansion was full of vampire scent, not from those level C servants, but noble vampires', which immediately put him on his guard. The true meaning of living together was to watch each other's back, to make sure no sides was latently breaching their pact. It's unlikely that the pureblood could be careless to have a meeting with his nobles about some fishy things at home, where the hunter could intervene in anytime.

Zero found them in their dining room, Takuma, Shiki, Aido, Kain, Ruka and Rima. All of them were looking at him, except the pureblood sitting at one end of the large table. His white suit combined with his pale skin made him look colder and more arrogant, his long fingers supporting a glass of red wine which he was drinking, apathetically ignoring the new-comer. Seiren was standing behind him. The other end of that dining table was also prepared but empty, it's supposed to be the hunter's place.

"Zero-sama!" they greeted him in chorus. It could be an acting, but they're in a big play where his role was their leader's official spouse.

"Oh, you all get together here!" the hunter said doubtfully.

"I called and sent you a message. Didn't you check your phone?" The pureblood put his glass down, still didn't bother to give him a glance. "Where were you?" He meant Zero was included in his plan of meeting tonight and their getting together was ordinary, they're not doing anything behind his back. In addition, he was unpleased with his absence.

Zero pulled his phone out. Yes, one missed call and one message from 'Purebastard'. That nickname was set ten years ago, since he had to add this number to his phone list. He should have changed it to the pureblood's real name. "Sorry, I was at the academy and didn't check my phone." They had assented to tell each other what they was going to do. No secrets was a term in their marriage contract.

"I hoped you at least let me know you couldn't join us." This incident was trivial, though it could be quite different than it looked like. They're obviously not in a marriage based on love and trust. However, those nobles didn't know another reason why their leader was purposely getting on his spouse's nerves.

"I said I was sorry." Zero said with a firm voice "Next time I'll definitely join you. Don't ever think about anything shady."

"Good." Kaname was satisfied hearing the hunter's irritation in his tone, feeling a stir in his pants in anticipation.

"Zero-sama, your dinner will be ready in a minute." Seiren told him.

"Just make something simple and bring to my bedroom. Thanks." He decided to leave them alone. It seemed too late to stop whatever they're discussing. Indeed, it could really be a casual meeting, considering Shiki and Rima's presence. They were developing their modeling careers in Europe and didn't often stay in the country. Shiki was Takuma's lover and Rima was into Europeans. Once again, things could actually be different than they looked like.

"Good night, Zero!" Kaname told him when the ex-human was leaving.

"Good day!" Zero answered curtly, without looking back.

They didn't kiss, hug, touch, or even look straight at each other as a normal couple should do, though it's not a surprise. Both sides believed their best intimacy was the hug they had shared in their wedding. The pureblood emptied his glass, Seiren immediately approached to fill it up again.

"He isn't suspicious, is he?" Shiki wondered.

"Of course not, we stopped as soon as he passed the main door." Aido rolled his eyes.

"No worries." Kaname curled his lips into a half smile "Let's proceed as planned."

"OK, we should get going now!" Takuma finished their 'lunch' meeting.

Kaname nodded his approval, everyone stood up to leave the room. Just Takuma followed him to his study, after telling Shiki to wait in their car.

"Would you like me to keep you company meeting Sara?" The noble suggested.

"Nah. I can handle her alone." Kaname swooped down on the boss chair behind his desk.

"Do you want her?" His friend winked, settling himself on one of the guest chairs opposite to him. They had been more like close friends than a leader and a follower.

"Not that way." Kaname shook his head " I want her to be our ally." Sara was his ex-fiancée, who opposed the co-existence from day one. After their engagement was cancelled, they had gotten out of contact. She's now playing a test before taking her action and Kaname needed her to stay quiet for his plan. All vampires thought they would make a perfect couple, practical or not. No ones knew the brunette had already found an ideal match.

"Got it." Takuma crossed his legs "Hey, wanna go to Queen bar this Friday?"

It's the most popular gay bar of the city, but their frequent visits were simply because it's owned by Kain, who was happily married to Ruka for years. In fact, vampires didn't have straight, gay or lesbian, all of them were bisexual. While some chose to be faithful in a long-term relationship, the others led a life of pleasure with lots of mates. Takuma-Shiki, Kain-Ruka were in one-on-one relationships, Aido was a playboy, many of his flings were from this bar, Rima preferred Europeans. The circle had never seen their leader with anyone, either guy or girl. Zero was only the spouse in name. They wondered if Kaname hid his lover from everyone, or honestly didn't have a love/sex life.

"Let's see." the pureblood said indifferently, leaning back to his chair.

"You know, just relax sometimes! You're so dry." Takuma teased. "I've even been thinking about sacrificing myself to give you some pleasure."

"Crap!" Kaname laughed "Now go! Otherwise, Shiki will think I'm appropriating his precious time with you." The noble took it as a dismissal, his friend was right, he and Shiki didn't have enough time with each other since the half pureblood started working in Europe.


Zero was ready to sleep. It's a relief to have heard the pureblood say good night, he didn't want to be with him right after spending time with Yuuki, while his mind still overwhelming with her image, heart still feeling her presence around. Just with that thought, his door clicked open. Ignoring the intruder, he finished pulling the cover sheet out of his bed and dumped it on the floor. Of course there's only one person in this large mansion who had the guts to barge in his bedroom without permission.

"What do you come for?" his voice sound quite angry.

"Your abuse, obviously." Kaname smirked.

"Get out! I'm not in the mood." Zero hissed, walking around his room to turn the lights off. Now there were only those lamps on two nightstands still on. He had really kept his words of not getting back to the pureblood's bedroom ever again, not meaning they had stopped sleeping with each other since. Kaname started coming to his room after their wedding night. Zero wanted to drive him away, however, the result was regretfully contrary. The rougher he treated him, the more frequent he came back. Until Zero secretly and disgustedly admited to himself that he did enjoy it too.

"But I am." Kaname didn't expect to be welcome anyway, he made himself comfortable by taking his white jacket off. "Please punish me for being disrespectful to you in front of them."

Zero knew his spouse would never stop being haughty in public, regardless of how hard his punishment would be. But who cared about public when they're being alone in his bedroom? "You forgot to close the door, horny vampire!"

The pureblood grinned, walking closer to his spouse, door obediently shut close by itself behind his back. The hunter's violet eyes were alight with heat after hearing such request and seeing desires glistening in those claret eyes. His lovely plan of pondering on the time with Yuuki was well-forgotten, he could never reject it when Kaname offered himself in that seducing manner. Driving by carnal hunger, Zero entered the built-in wardrobe to get his new leather belt, which lock was in a shape of a pointed cog-wheel. Seiren wouldn't buy such weird thing, the hunter had seen it by chance and bought it for a secret reason.

Kaname shivered covetously, getting how this belt would be used for. Zero sniggered, stroking the length of his belt, pleased to see his spouse's reaction. This pureblood was totally perfect for his taste, smooth and slender, he could remember how gorgeous his body was under those designed clothes.


Kaname rejoiced to hear that word, instantly loosing his tie, slipping it off his neck, then starting to unbutton his shirt, pulling its flaps out of his trousers, before letting it fall down. It took him no time to deal with shoes and socks. The belt was quickly unlocked and stayed still in the rings when the trousers were peeled off after that. Finally, his underwear joined the others on the floor.

Zero got hard at first sight of Kaname's erection, taking his pajamas off and grabbing the handcuffs on his desk. Even though he had arrested a lot of criminals, those handcuffs still served his personal gain more times. Pointing at the bed by a thumb, he gave another order "On your stomach."

The pureblood obediently laid down with his back up, face buried in a pillow. His hands were pulled over his head and snapped together on the wrists with those handcuffs. All silence. Zero was holding his belt lock, enjoying the view of his spouse's delicate back and full cheeks. Kaname moved a little after not hearing or feeling anything for a while.

Whack. A whip landed on his cheeks. "Still."

Whack. Another whip also on his cheeks. "Stay flat."

Kaname pressed against the mattress. His erection was crushed under his body.

Whack. Whack. Whack. Three whips across his back. Trail of the first one disappeared as soon as the second landed. His skin turned perfectly smooth and pale as ever right after his spouse stopped. Zero found it annoying because he couldn't see any trace of his work.

Whack. Whack. Whack. Another three whips. Same result. "Hm… Hmm…" Kaname whimpered. Although Zero couldn't see their vestiges, they hurt like hell, especially when he put more and more strength in an attempt to make those trails stay a bit longer.

Whack. "Shut up." A whip on his thighs. Kaname moved again as it's the first down there.

Whack. Whack... Whack. Two more on the same place and one lower.

Kaname learned his lesson and tried hard to stay still. Whack. Whack. The belt placed another two on his legs before getting back to his cheeks. Then he lost his count as his spouse began lashing uninterruptedly. His face stuffed in the pillow to restrain sobbing moans, hoping the hunter would move to another place soon, his cheeks were burning painfully.

After a great number of whips on those sexy cheeks, Zero changed to the other bed side.

Whack. "Move over here." He ordered. The distance was better from previous side, but he wanted to change his whip heading. Kaname struggled to obey. His body was terribly stinging.

Whack. "Stop." Before finishing such single word, the hunter started another storm of whipping on the pureblood's back. Kaname soaked his pillow with tears, his ability of abating pain was patently slower than those lashes. He almost came, but strove with himself to hold back, knowing his spouse would get angry when he found out.

Silence again… Kaname cooled down a little, his burning body got some relief… Waiting…

…A soft caress on his shoulder. He opened his eyes, seeing a longing in violet ones. For ten years, those scarce gestures were the only gentle thing he got from his spouse. They were cold and formal to each other in public. And in private, Zero was rough. Kaname loved his roughness, but he's also in thirst for something from his heart. He starved for his kiss, and would be willing to go through anything if the reward was his kiss. His claret eyes moved down to see the hunter's hardness standing proudly up, feeling so happy that his suffering pleased his spouse profusely.

Zero unbound those handcuffs. "On all fours, facing me." Kaname managed to raise himself to comply his spouse's order. His naked skin had turned perfectly smooth and pale again, but the stingy feeling was still torturing him. Zero held his belt with the leather end in his hand, the pointed cog-wheel lock was now free. Kaname glanced at it and shuddered, knowing next part would be harder, but both of them were enjoying the game so much. It's not like his spouse was really damaging him. All those things were within his endurance. He's going to have a meeting a few hours later and would surely be there on time, sound and elegant.

Kaname supported himself on hands and knees, looking devotedly at his spouse, yearning to please him by sucking his erectile flesh, but waiting to see if Zero would like to do something else first. A hunter instinctively found pleasure in wounding and conquering his prey. That instinct was overflowing inside this silver-hair, however, it influenced to his tendency of having sex since he happened to be married to a prey. A whip launched on his vampire's back, quite different than previous ones as this time the cog-wheel smashed brutally on his skin. Kaname almost jumped but restrained himself, holding his look up to his hunter, waiting.

Zero joined the bed on his knees, his erection was now suitably in front of the pureblood's face. "Suck." Joy flushed Kaname's cheeks, who delightedly engulfed his spouse's pride in his moist and hot mouth. The hunter tensed up with pleasure, trying to stifle his moan, a hand tugging the pureblood's head closer while the other landing random whips on his back, hips moved to pull it in and out of his mouth. Some whips had its pointed lock graze the pale skin, leaving bloody cuts behind. Such delicious smell got Zero more excited, his fingers grabbed the pureblood's hair tightly, burying his member deep in his throat. "Hold." he stuttered. After a few moments, Kaname choked on his stuffing. Whack. Whack. Whack. More cuts appeared on his back as a punishment for his failure.

"Turn around."

Kaname knew his own blood smell was getting his spouse hysterical and couldn't delay taking him any longer. He turned around as ordered, exposing his waiting rear, spreading legs apart. He moaned, feeling his tight ring being teased, and pushing back to welcome those touches. The hunter kneaded his stinging cheeks, saliva-coated tip easily slipped into him, both of them paused a little to savour the feeling of joining together, then Zero kept pushing in while Kaname pushing back, they soon completely became one.

The hunter thrust some more before easing down to delay his explosion. He retrieved his belt. Whack. A tooth of its lock hooked the pureblood's shoulder. "Move."

Whack. Whack. "Faster." Kaname rocked back and forth to blow his spouse.

Whack. Whack. "Faster." He speeded up, pressing his spouse's shaft against his sweet spot.

Whack. Whack. Pain kept burning his throbbing back. He tried his best to move faster, climax was rushing in.

Fingers pinched atrociously on his hips "Slow… down." Zero muttered, bathed in sweat, grabbing Kaname to hold still for a few moments before resuming shoving in and out his tight heat. They both lost in deep passion, loud moaning… The pureblood felt his spouse's grip getting tighter and his thrusts more ruthless when their orgasms were coming up. They exploded at the same time and fell down on the bed. Kaname was still on his stomach, Zero stirred to lay down on his back. They stayed exhaustedly together for a while. The brunette would have to return to work, but silver-hair wouldn't sit up until tomorrow morning.

For ten years, behind that close door, they had been doing what all hunters and vampires on this world had been pondering upon its possibility. The only vampire who knew the truth, was the one went to Zero' room after he left every morning to make his bed and wash his blood- and passion- stained sheet by herself. It's their butler – Seiren.

-to be continued-

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