At the Teen Titans West tower, all were present in the Common Room. All the main furniture was replaced with rows and columns of chairs. Some were already seated in their chairs as some of the kids were running around while the members of the Titans West were checking if things were in the right place.

My half Indian and half Spanish girl
my half Indian and half Spanish girl

When Raven had given a thumb up to her husband, Changeling, he then ran over to the light switch near the main doors as the rest took their seats. When the lights had dimmed, there was a single spotlight where a silver podium was on the stage underneath the huge television that was covered with a black cloth.

Drop your earrings
if your eyes meet her, you shall melt
Dance to the beats
everyone's heartbeat matches your steps

Nightwing stepped through the Common Room doors, walking along the red carpet the Titans set up to stretch up on the mini stage Cyborg built. He stood behind the podium underneath the spotlight, pulling out a white card from his left jacket pocket, holding it in one hand as he read the words on it.

Sways her body and lays the trap
makes the heart restless
Every Romeo agrees they have never seen a girl like this
they never seen such a girl

"Before we start," Nightwing's voice echoed throughout the speakers, "Disclaimer, Simmy/DudeYourAwesome8 does not own the Teen Titans or Desi Girl by the Dostana Soundtrack. She only owns Icyhandra, Fireian, Scarlett and the Teen Titans' kids. Well, not really, but you guys know the drill with that."

"Wow, you can't even explain things right anymore? How old are you getting?" Changeling joked, leaning back against his chair.

"Hey," Nightwing yelled, pointing a finger to the shape shifter. "I'm still leader of this team and as leader I'm not afraid to kick you off."

"What does kicking me off the team have to do with being the leader?" Changeling then asked, hoping to get Nightwing confused.

"Oh, shush," Raven said, covering her husband's mouth and Nightwing's with her black aura. "Can we please get through this night without any arguments?"

Choruses of "agreed" and "yeah" were heard through both side of the room from the others.

Nightwing nodded his head along with Changeling and Raven removed the magic.

"Go Aunt Raven!" Some of the kids yelled. Raven turned around and winked, having the kids giggle before Nightwing cleared his throat to continue on.

I've seen millions of girls
ain't nobody like my half Indian and half Spanish girl
I've seen millions of girls
but the prettiest among them is my half Indian and half Spanish girl

"Titans," Nightwing started again, placing his hands on either side of the podium's top as he looked at each member sitting in the room right now. "We've gone from singing about friendships to relationships. Relationships to breakups and back to relationships and even about family members and important memories that will be kept forever," Nightwing smiled, placing a hand palm out on his heart, "in here."

He took a deep breath, placing a smile back on his face before continuing. "Now, Teen Titans, please welcome the writer herself! Scarlett, come on out!"

Who's the hottest girl in the world?
My half Indian and half Spanish girl
with her grooves, she'll rock your world
my half Indian and half Spanish girl

Scarlett came out from the Common Room door when the spotlight shown there. She came out in a green long dress with beadwork sparking around the halter top and empire waist from the shine of the spotlight. The beaded straps cross to the open back and loose fitting skirt that reached the floor as she walked.

With the dress, she matched silver heels with a silver dog charm bracelet on the same hand where her wedding ring was.

Her hair was curled except for her bands, straighten, which were shifted to the left side of her face. She had a necklace with different types of charms symbolizing the friends' she made here.

My half Indian and half Spanish girl

She laughed, walking down the red carpet as she saw everyone's energy running through their bodies while they were clapping and cheering at the brunette haired girl. Scarlett got up on the podium, giving Nightwing a hug before he stepped to the side so she could have the spotlight.

If you look at her hips sway
she will bring colors to your dreams
if she holds your hand
her lover will die smiling
search wherever you like
but you won't find such a girl

"Hello!" Scarlett said, waving her teammates.

"Hello!" The others repeated back, waving too.

As Scarlett was still smiling, she slowly shook her head and asked, "Why are we all here and dressed fancy?"

Nightwing took a deep breath and sighed.

"Oh, I know!" Scarlett threw a finger up, "If you look behind me, there are two gay guys who go by the name Liam and Ethan making out in the ocean." She then turned around. "Oh, that's sad, Liam got eaten by a shark and Ethan got stung by an American Jellyfish." Scarlett waved her hand, "Bye guys!"

Nightwing face palmed and the adults groaned as the kids laughed at Scarlett's behavior. The adults knew though she was only doing that to humor the little kids.

I've seen millions of other girls
ain't nobody like my half Indian and half Spanish girl
I've seen millions of other girls
but the prettiest among them is my half Indian and half Spanish girl

"Honey, bring it up," Nightwing ignored Scarlett and told Starfire who still didn't stop giggling as she rose from her chairs, holding something in one of her hand.

Who's the hottest girl in the world?
My half Indian and half Spanish girl
with her grooves she'll rock your world
my half Indian and half Spanish girl

Starfire was holding a golden custom made trophy in her hand. On the base, it had a silver plaque with the name 'DudeYourAwesome8' written across it. Underneath her username, it then had 'For writing 100 chapters in Singing How I Feel.' Sitting on the base was a laptop tilted with the Teen Titan's logo on the screen.

Scarlett covered her mouth with both hands as she saw the trophy, already feeling the tears build up in her eyes and everyone clapped again. Starfire handed Scarlett the trophy and gave her a hug, saying congratulations as they hugged.

Wherever I go every eye follows me
if I stop for a while here everyone has a cold sigh
everyone's eyes has told me
they've seen a girl like me only in their dreams
a girl like me

"Speech, speech, speech!" The guys, kids and some of the girls kept chanting over and over again until Scarlett finally nodded her head which made everyone cheer.

Scarlett sighed and Nightwing handed her, her own white index card which Scarlett took with a huge smile, looking down at the piece of paper as she read the words into the microphone.

"First off," She said, "I'd like to thank; my three sisters, Soul of a Raven, Treskttn and Avandra the Mary-sue slayer; my brothers llew ifanc and Chico Magnifico; my beautiful secret wife xxFraise; and of course my two great friends xXxPaperFlowersxXx and Magma832 for your support, song suggestions, inspiration giving and many, many more other reasons that I can't think of right now." Scarlett turned to face the camera, bringing a hand to her mouth and blowing a kiss. "I love all you guys times a million trillion gazillion."

I've seen millions of other girls
ain't nobody like a half Indian and half Spanish girl

She then faced back to the Teen Titans. "Secondly, I don't know how much to thank teentitangirl25 for always being the one I can count on to review every single chapter of Singing How I Feel plus Saffire55 in the earlier chapters." She turned back to the camera and gave a thumb up, "You're the greatest, girls!"

I've seen millions of other girls
the prettiest among them is a half Indian and half Spanish girl

Scarlett took a deep breath. "And lastly, I'd like to thank; Violet, Alex, Wolf Princess Girl, Okami-girl22, thedaydreamer06, FelynTiger, fallingthroughspace, xXxForgottenMelodyxXx, KingofRandom117, Titansgirlsgo, RandomThinkerAlltheTime, Dianna Phantom27, tyria tatayanna x3, raelover123, Addicted2Books13, Redtha, Addie Marie Jones, Twilight-PJOgirl, Naruto The 0 Espada, Angeltiger777, Techno Skittles, TheJadenDolphin, Phoenix Ariel Roth, ElvenQueen18m, delusionallyinept, readerchick6, CaelinWasHere, saedrtyutrdsa, roguelover321, Downward Spiral 1, Kiba Sniper, MondoTR, Moonlight123, caelinalexlaron, Duncan-Gwen-Roxx, redshadow17, Hexpert, and kiki for your reviews, song suggestions, comments, messages and more!"

"Whoa," Nightwing breath, "That's a lot of reviews."

Scarlett turned to look at him, "You have no idea. A total of 291 reviews and counting! Isn't that amazing?"

"Totally!" The others answered, giving Scarlett another round of applause.

Who's the hottest girt in the world?
A half Indian and half Spanish girl
with our grooves, we'll rock your world
a half Indian and half Spanish girl

Nightwing jumped to Scarlett's side. "Drop your earrings," he grabbed her hand, pulling the brunette haired girl into his arms. "If your eyes meet hers," He bent half down along with Scarlett, "then you shall melt."

Scarlett laughed, pushing the leader away and walking back to the podium to grab her trophy but Cyborg and Changeling stopped her.

Cyborg and Changeling jumped up, grabbing Scarlett's hand to pull her back down. "Dance to the beats." Both best friends took a turn to spin Scarlett around, "Everybody's heartbeat matches your steps."

She walked away from the two, but not until she was blocked by Aquaman, Fireian, Flash, Mas, Jericho and Hot spot who stood shoulder to shoulder in arms length as they shook their chest. "Sway her body and lays the trap," They sang together until Scarlett was tapped on the shoulder by Red Star.

Red Star, Menos, Thunder, Lightning, Herald, Killowat, Bushido stood on the opposite side. Scarlett was pushing Red Star back as the other guys had a hand on their hearts. "Make the heart go restless!" They sang together.

All the guys then gathered around her, screaming, "Every Romeo agrees they have never seen a girl like this!"

The girls pushed their husbands away, repeating, "They have never seen a girl like this," as they pass the helpless girl still standing in the middle of the room.

Somehow then, the guys pulled away from their wife and surrounded Scarlett again, but this time with their own kids standing in front of them. The kids had a hand underneath their chin and smiled up at Scarlett as the guys were smirking at her.

"I've seen millions of other girls," The guys placed a hand on their cheek, looking dreamily at Scarlett before continuing, "ain't anybody like the half Indian and half Spanish girl."

The guys waved their hands behind their shoulders, pointing to their own wife who was standing among one another, laughing.

"I've seen millions of other girls," each brought their hand back to their cheek, "but the prettiest among them is the half Indian and half Spanish girl."

Speedy grabbed his wife's hand, pulling her out of the crowd and into his arms. He smirked at her and she laughed, giving her husband a kiss before he surprised her with a part of the song.

"Who's the hottest girl in the world? Yes, my half Indian and half Spanish girl. With her grooves, she'll rock your world," Speedy rested his forehead on hers, "My half Indian and half Spanish girl."

Solange ran up to hug her mother and Scarlett placed a hand on her head, running her fingers through her brown hair with orange tips right before Speedy lifted their baby girl up in his arms. Scarlett let Solange hold her trophy. She laughed as she waved it in the air as the others continued to clap their hands, closing the night's ceremony and changing into party mode.