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Chapter 1

All I could see in my mind was her, screaming in agony and covered in blood. I pounded against her chest, willing for her heart to re-start its rhythm. That thing had killed her, and I had just stood by and watched. She lay perfectly still now, an angel covered in blood, a large gash open at the bottom of her once perfect belly. I just stared, and I couldn't look away.

"Jacob" I heard my name somewhere in the distance, snapping me back out of my misery. "She's gone. We did what we could. Now, leave us be." His tone was firm and cold. I turned to look at the filthy little leech. I felt the anger well up inside of me, and my hands started to shake uncontrollably. I just glared at him, angry at something that I couldn't even pin-point. His stone glare turned from cold to hurt. He was dying inside, just like I was. I turned from him, my anger turning from him and back to myself. I was just as guilty in all of this, I let her go through with it. I could have changed her mind... I could have done a million things, but I didn't. I was just as much to blame as that bloodsucker. I hung my head, my anger subsiding, and turned to leave.

I had completely forgotten that my hands were covered in her blood until I reached for the door knob and saw them. I felt instantly sick to my stomach. I ran through the long hall until I found the restroom, struggled with the door, and threw myself over to the commode. Once the sickness had settled into just an ache again, I looked up at the mirror.

There was blood streaked across my face where I had wiped away some sweat, the corners of my mouth turned downward instead of into the normal lopsided smile that she loved so much, but what had really caught my attention was my eyes. All the light that once made my deep brown irises sparkle was gone, vanished, as if she took it with her into the spirit world.

I sighed, washed my hands and face slowly and deliberately. I had to tell the pack what had happened, and I had to leave this place before I lost my mind from the grief. I just couldn't stand to be here without her, and they needed to hear my last goodbyes.

I started down the stairs into the well-lit living room of the Cullen mansion when a soft cry made my normally hot blood run ice cold. I had almost forgotten about that thing that had sucked the last breath out of Bella, that thing that had killed her. In an instant I made up my mind, It had to be destroyed.

I walked over towards Blondie, as she held it and cooed at it lovingly. The anger welled inside of my chest again. I reached out, ready to force her to turn when I felt a cold hand grab my shoulder and spin me around.

I was face-to-face with Emmett, the largest of the Cullen family. He shook his head slowly, as if to say something he couldn't utter. I felt lost again, hearing that thing cry. I broke free of his grasp and sprinted towards the door.


I barely made it 20 feet outside before I phased. Leah and Seth were instantly inside of my head. I'm so sorry, Jake. Leah's soft voice did little to comfort me.

Where are you going, man? You can't run away from this, we need you. Seth said

You have no idea what I need. I need to just go away. I have to get away from her and everything that reminds me of her. I just can't... Her blood-soaked clothing and lifeless face crashed into my mind.

Well, You are my leader, and I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Leah surprised me with her loyalty. Me, Too! Seth shouted a little too eagerly for my tastes.

Go home I growled. I am not going to be very good company for a long time.

I don't care about that, Jake. I only want to be in your pack. Leah showed me how convinced she was of this. Seth wavered a bit, but cautiously chimed in I can't let you run off with my sister, what kind of brother would I be?

Fine, Suit yourselves. I didn't have any kind of fight left in me. I really don't care anymore.

I picked up my pace, with both of them close at my heels. I ran from the bloodsuckers, from that thing that killed her, but mostly I ran from myself. Myself and the memories of her awkward laugh, her smell, and her face.


I ran until every muscle in my body ached. My head was unbelievably foggy. The only clear thing was the sound of Seth's whining.

Hey, Man. I'm starved. Can we at least stop for a bit of a break and a chance to hunt? I sighed. It has been almost 3 days since we left Forks and everybody we knew. Seth had whined incessantly for the past day and a half. Yeah,. Jake. We are almost to the Gulf of Mexico by now. We need a break. Leah had been nearly silent the while way.

As soon as I started to slow down, my legs nearly gave way under me. A moment of concern crossed Leah's face. I will hunt. She said softly. I will bring you back something. Go over there near that rock, I will be back soon. She nuzzled her snout into the fur around my neck. I sighed and hobbled over to the outcropping of rocks about 20 yards away. The moment I collapsed beneath them I felt myself falling asleep.

I awoke with a start. It was dark now, the leaves were dark around me. I heard something stir in the brush. It wasn't Leah or Seth, they going in for the kill on a relatively large grizzly bear about 10 miles away. I sniffed the air. It smelled like a mix of blood and something soft, almost sweet. I heard a low hiss from the bushes nearby.

I sprang to my feet, ready to pounce. Instantly Seth was in my head What is it, Jake? Leah responded with We are on our way. But I knew the wouldn't make it in time. Whatever this thing was, it was big. Big and probably hungry.