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Chapter 20

Leah POV

Being alone with Jake was not one of my goals for this week, but a situation that I found myself in none the less. I was standing alone, in a brief moment of sunshine before I went in to address the council about my impending marriage. Until yesterday Rich had no idea I needed approval to marry him, he really had no clue on a lot of things, to which I was sure he was pretty upset about. I had argued with him that night after everybody had gone.

"Why didn't you tell me about needing approval to marry me?" He seemed a bit upset. "And what is this you owe the tribe to marry one of 'the pack' thing?".

"It is an old formality. I am a descendant of one of the first members of the tribal council. They don't want my blood line tainted, yadda-yadda. It is just nonsense." His worried expression didn't go away, so I reached out a kissed him softly. "They won't say no. I will go there tomorrow, and then we will leave right after that. Don't let my brothers intimidate you, their bark is much worse than their bite.". He smiled weakly, kissing me again.

"It isn't all of them... Just that Jacob guy- what is his problem?" He laughed, kissing me again. You don't even want to get me started, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I was broken out of my thoughts by an all-too familiar voice. "Don't go in there... Stay. " He pleaded.

Jacobs voice made me angry. I turned, ready to unleash 4 years of frustration onto him.

"What is your problem?" I yelled at him, already knowing his answer. "Can't you just let me be happy? I spent four years getting over you. I loved you, Jacob Black and you didn't even fight for me.- and guess what? Now I'm over you. I love Rich, and he loves me. I am happy, Jake. I can honestly say that don't want to be with you anymore. "

He looked as if my words had sliced him open. He cringed a little and I realized that they must have hurt more than I intended. I wanted him to walk away, but he didn't. He stared at me, searching for the right words, or maybe just a sign.

He inched closer to me, and my heartbeat quickened. He reached for my face, and the moment his hand brushed my cheek I felt the sparks and I exhaled a soft sigh. That must have been what he was waiting for, because he moved in for a soft kiss.

Our lips barely grazed each other, but it ignited a fire I thought had burnt out years before. He looked into my eyes, and softly whispered my name as he leaned back in for another kiss. This one had more passion, igniting outward from my core down to the very tips of my toes. The intensity increased as his tongue slipped into my mouth. Before I could even think, I threw my arms around his neck, kissing him deeper. He lifted me off the ground, pulling me closer to him. I was so into the feeling of Jake's muscular arms around me that I didn't even hear the footsteps that approached us.

"Leah..." Richards shocked voice snapped me back to reality. I pulled away, still locked in Jacobs arms. His grasp on me strengthened, and I could hear a low growl in his chest. I pushed my hands against his chest and he let me go. I straightened my shirt and brushed my hair away from my eyes and turned to Rich. He was getting angry.

"So now I know why this asshole has been giving me problems... He wants my future wife.". He glared at Jacob, who was now shaking with anger. "I don't want to, but I will fight you. You just don't make a move on somebody else s girl.". Rich seriously looked as if he planned on fighting Jacob.

I was frozen, somehow knowing that this was the moment that I needed to decide. I thought I had it figured out, but when Jake kissed me my resolve wavered. I looked at Rich, who was pissed off at me, and at Jacob who was just moments away from phasing.

"Calm down, both of you!!!". I was shaking like a leaf. I turned back to Jake, knowing what the kiss meant to both of us. I just couldn't do it. I needed to stick with the safe bet. The one who would never leave me.

"Jake...." I whispered, "I just can't...." I couldn't bring myself to say anything else as I turned to walk back to Richard.

I took less than three steps before I felt a strong hand grab my arm and spin me around. Jake was inches from me now.

"No.". Jake didn't sound angry. I turned to look at him, shocked at his resolve. "You just told me that you were angry because I didn't fight for you. So, guess what? This is me fighting.".

Rich stepped closer to me. "Leah?" He whispered, sounding confused. He was miles away from me now, all I could see was the deep abyss of Jacob black's eyes.

"I love you, Leah Clearwater. I have loved you so much longer than even I realized. I was so stupid.... I can't lose you again...." His voice started to shake as he let go of my arm and dropped to his knee. "You are my best friend. I want you to be the mother of my children. Leah- I don't have a lot of money to buy you a fancy ring, but I promise that if you choose me I will never stop fighting for you. Please.... Leah... Will you marry me?".

That was the moment my heart stopped beating.

Seth POV

The day was perfect for a wedding. It wasn't raining, which for forks was a rarity. The sun would occasionally peak out from the clouds, showing the true blue colors of the ocean that's waves gently lapped upon the shores of first beach. I wasn't extremely happy with this wedding, but I had grown so used to the women of my family being upset or sad that when one of them was happy, I couldn't help but smile.

It was a small, intimate affair. The pack was mostly all there, save a few that were off on patrol. I felt like a doufus in the suit that the bride insisted I wear. I was standing in the living room of my house, straightening the lapel when my sister walked in. I fidgeted with the collar, and just like she knew what I was thinking, she piped up.

"You look fine!" Leah exclaimed at me, hastily pinning a boutonniere to my chest. "Hold still!" She barked as she finally put the pin in place and stepped back. She looked beautiful too, happier than I had seen her in a while. Her hair pulled back into a messy knot at the base of her neck. Her cheeks were flushed, you could tell she was nervous. She suddenly got a dark look in her eyes.

"Do you think Dad would be happy with all of this?" She whispered. She might have started crying if I didn't reach out and hug her.

"Dad would be happy to see our family like it is now." I said, still holding her tight. "Dad would want us all to be happy.". I felt her nod into my chest.

I let her go, and she pulled away. "You better run off and take care of your best man duties or the groom is likely to have a stroke or something." she laughed. I nodded, knowing that she was right.

I ran out of my house and down the road to the Black's house. I burst through the door, seeing Jacob standing there, dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a white shirt. He burst out laughing when he saw me.

"You look ridiculous!" He said, shaking with laughter. I punched him in the arm.

"Shut up, you are gonna be in one of these before long. That is if you EVER decide to make an honest woman out of my sister" I grumbled. "Where the hell is Charlie.... Leah sent me to check on him, it is almost go time!" Jake grinned at Leah's name and pointed towards the kitchen.

Jake POV

Leah insisted we take it slow after she dumped what's his name. I was fine with that, especially when Charlie popped the question to Sue and Leah was suddenly wrapped up in wedding plans for her mom.

She was barely back two months before we got the news that she was pregnant. I tried to get her to marry me that day, at the justice of the peace, but she refused. She didn't want to overshadow her mothers wedding, she claimed, but I think that she secretly wanted a big affair of her own. I didn't care, for whatever reason she had as long as she woke up next to me every morning for eternity I would be happy. Neither Billy or Sue were angry about our unexpected little miracle, in fact it was the exact opposite. They were both excited to be grandparents.

The music started to softly play, and I turned in my chair to see Leah walking down the aisle. She looked breathtaking in the pale yellow dress. Her stomach had grown to be perfectly round in the 6 months since we found out, but I didn't care. She was carrying my child, and there was never a more beautiful sight than that. Our eyes met and I smiled at her. She winked at me.

There had never been a moment in my life that I was ever happier, but I had a strange feeling that there would be a lot more of these moments to come.