Hey y'all. JAYSEN here with another story that's been bouncing around my skull for a while. I remember once that I read FreedomGuard's Naruto/Rune Soldier crossover and I really liked it. I was inspired to write this story, only in this one, I used a younger Naruto that was still vulnerable and was still very vulnerable emotionally. The younger Naruto was still starved for attention and acceptance and very fragile in some ways, but still strong in others.

I feel that Jenny and Carwess would be able to see past the Kyuubi and see him for who he really is. Carwess would be very interested something that he has never seen before AND Jenny would be very protective of him once she learned of his past. Also, Merrill would see some similarities between Naruto and herself, both being orphans and raised by the streets, not to mention the fact that shinobi and thieves use similar tactics in battle. Melissa, however, would have a massive problem with him on more than one count.

She was raised as a noble woman and is somewhat spoiled, while he was a street urchin and an orphan, having to fight for everything he ever had.

Her perspective of the world was built through story books, so she believes that all heroes are handsome knights on white stallions. Naruto has seen humanity at its best and worst, and knows that a TRUE hero is one who rises again and again, ignoring the odds and doing what's right. He should know, because he IS one.

She is a priestess and has been trained to fight evil spirits and the undead. Naruto is in symbiosis with a demon and a very powerful one, at that.

Enough of my babbling and ranting. On with the fic.


A young blonde shinobi stood atop the water that flowed into the lake that made up the valley floor. He stared across the way to his once friend and teammate, who was now attempting to betray the village. Naruto made a promise that he would bring Sasuke back to the village, and he meant it.

The battle that the two former friends fought was nearing it's end. Sasuke was in his level 2 cursed form and Naruto was drawing on the Kyuubi's power, only a tails worth, but still formidable. To Naruto, Sasuke was his family, his brother. He wasn't just going to let him throw his life away for revenge and refused to break his promise to Sakura to bring him back.

As for Sasuke, he wasn't going to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his revenge. He was willing to go as far as kill Naruto in order to gain the power to kill his brother and satisfy his thirst for power. Needless to say, this was a clash that could only end in tragedy.

Not too far away, Kakashi Hatake, their Jounin sensei was racing towards his two students, praying that he wasn't too late. He suddently felt two massive evil chakra's flaring and saw them preparing their best attacks. Kakashi couldn't move, rooted to his spot by the sheer magnitude of the power out there.

As if beckoned by some unseen signal, the two combatants launched themselves toward eachother, Naruto to disable and capture, Sasuke to kill.



Kyuubi powered Rasengan met with a Curse-seal fueled Chidori in an explosion of power. A bright light enveloped them and a violent vortex roared to life, fueled by the clashing energies.

Kakashi raced to pull his two students away from the anamoly before they were sucked inside. "Dear god...This can't be happening...Please, don't let them kill each other." He prayed as he picked up speed.

Naruto was struggling in two different directions. One was against Sasuke and the other was against the pull of the vortex. The Kyuubi inside of him was beginning to panic. "Kit!! You must kill him if you want to live!!" The Fox demon screamed at him.

"No...I promised Sakura-chan....I'm bringing the Teme back alive, even if it kills me!" The blonde retorted.

The great fox growled at the stubbornness of its vessel. "You stubborn brat!! You're going to kill us both!!"

During their exchange, Sasuke noticed that Naruto was distracted and called to him. "Hey, loser...I'll be sending my brother to keep you company in Hell. Maybe Sakura and that Hyuuga wench, too. That is, after I've had my fun with them..." He sneered.

As he said that, he shoved his Chidori right through Naruto's chest, just missing his heart by a scant inch. He thought that it wouldn't be enough to finish off Naruto, so he threw the dying blonde into the vortex as it was closing.

"Goodbye, Dobe." He sneered, with a smirk of absolute evil.

Kakashi what he had just heard and saw from the rookie of the year and last Uchiha. "No...Not Naruto..." He whispered. The Copy-nin quickly remastered himself, and swiftly knocked the prodigy unconscious with a strong blow to his head. He glared down at Sasuke, fighting down the urge to kill him.

"No...I don't want to make Naruto's death meaningless. Your final mission, was a success. I'm so proud of you, Naruto." He told himself sadly. He set to work, binding Sasuke up in wire and slapping a stasis seal on him for transport back to the village. Before heading back, he picked up the crystal necklace that he received from the Godaime Hokage herself that had fallen to the ground where he vanished. He thought that she would like something to remember him by.


It is a very special event in the life of any priestess of the War God, Mylee. This ceremony, the Ritual of Revealing, would show to the priestess the hero she would be bound to serve. This day, a young woman named Melissa was undergoing the sacred ceremony. She had dark blonde hair, was fairly tall and around 20 years of age, had violet eyes, and was altogether a very attractive young woman.

Watching from the fringe of the pool, Jenny, the High Priestess of the order of Mylee oversaw the whole process. She was a taller, older woman in her early 40's with long reddish hair, light green eyes and a motherly countenance, along with being a seasoned adventurer. She hoped that the ceremony was going well.

"Mylee, great and powerful lord of war...please reveal to me the hero I am bound to serve." Melissa prayed softly.


Before she could wonder about what was revealed to her, a violent vortex roared into existence in the air in front of the statue of their deity. The vortex spat out a strange boy, no older than his early teens, who fell into the water back first. She screamed out when he fell, causing Jenny to see what went wrong. The elder woman wasn't prepared for what she saw.

The boy floating in the water was mortally wounded. He had many cuts and lacerations and a gaping hole just a hare away from his heart which was pumping out blood at a lethal pace. She was even more surprised that he was still alive, let alone conscious. The boy had on a strange orange jumpsuit of sorts with a headband that was fitted with a metal plate, which bore a strange spiral leaf insignia. On his face, he had peculiar whisker-shaped markings.

He opened his eyes briefly to see where he was. Jenny had never seen such a young person so badly wounded, or with eyes that told of as much pain and determination as his did.

He reached out to Melissa with a bloody hand which she smacked away in fear, "Help...Me..." He gasped, then collapsed, blood spreading in the water around him at an alarming rate.

The young acolyte was frozen in fright. His eyes were a burning, bloody crimson and his outstreached hand had claws. He had a somewhat feral appearance and to her eyes screamed of evil. She looked over and was shocked to see Lady Jenny rushing to this...things, aid. The elder priestess was frantically checking for his pulse and trying to staunch his bleeding in vain.

Jenny's eyes flew wide with alarm as his breathing ceased and his heart was beginning to fail. She quickly began a healing spell as she turned to Melissa. "Melissa, summon more healers and medics!" She ordered, but Melissa stayed rooted to her spot, now fully clothed.

"GO MELISSA, NOW!! HE IS GOING TO DIE IF NOTHING IS DONE!!" She ordered again, spurring the young priestess into action. She chanted an high-level healing spell in an attempt to save the boy's life.


After hours of medical treatment, the boy was stable enough to last the night, though there were couple of times that they nearly lost him. One thing puzzled the elder woman. The boy, by all rights, SHOULD have died, but by some miracle, he pulled through. All of his wounds told her seasoned eyes that he had been in a battle of unspeakable proportions, and that he refused to give up.

Jenny also felt a slight demonic aura coming from her young blonde guest. A few other priestesses felt it too, but Jenny stayed their hands. She told them that it would be rude and that he should be given the chance to explain. Jenny saw what looked like an intricate seal in a language and text she was unfamiliar with on the boy's abdomen, so she contacted someone who might know.

She also had a good look at the items he had in his pouches and holster, none of which she had ever seen before. He had various small pills and scrolls, at least a dozen star-shaped weapons that she could only guess were throwing weapons, a spool of thin yet very strong metal wire, a few small tags with strange text on it, and 6 diamond shaped knives with rings on the handles, also razor sharp.

Carwess, the Royal Mage and director of the Sorcerer's Guild in Ophen was an old friend of hers. He was very well versed in several arcane languages and texts, so she thought he might be able to tell what the boy is and where he might hail from.

In the early morning, Naruto woke up slowly, clutching his chest. An apprentice priestess whom Jenny assigned to watch over him noticed his stirring. "OoOoHHh, where...am I? Who...are you?" He asked her groggily, trying to get his bearings.

"Oh! You're awake! I'll just go get Lady Jenny." She told him as she got out of her chair. "By the way, my name is Denise, Denise Fairwater. You are inside the temple of the War God, Mylee. Here is some water...um..." She paused, fishing for a name.

"Oh...ah...heh heh. The name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. Nice ta meetcha. And thanks...For the water." He greeted shyly with a bright blush. He saw what she looked like. She was a year or two older than him, had forest green eyes, light red hair pulled back into a braid, and slight freckles on her face that made her look fairly cute.

She giggled at his bashful reaction. "You're welcome, Naruto. I'll be back in a few moments with Lady Jenny."

'He's kinda cute with those whiskers and his blue eyes...I can't believe Miss Melissa called him evil...' She wondered as she went to find the Head Priestess.

Naruto took in his surroundings. 'Where the hell am I? I've never heard names like that before. And what's up with this room? No electricity, running water...' He thought to himself.

As he moved to get out of the bed, he felt the Kyuubi try to contact him. "What the hell do you want, fox?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"YOU STUPID LITTLE BRAT!! YOU NEARLY GOT US BOTH KILLED BY THAT DAMNED UCHIHA!!" The demon roared from the confines of its cage.

"Whatever...We're still alive, aren't we?"

"Kit, please...don't take chances like that with me still INSIDE you. If you die, I die. I feel like living a little longer, thank you." It shot back snidely.

"Hey, fox...do you know where we are? I sure as hell don't!"

The Kyuubi thought for a moment, the replied. "Well, we WERE pulled into a dimensional tear...There's no telling what sort of world we're in, but if this room is any indication, the technology isn't as good as ours is. By the way..."The monster fox said, changing its tone to a more sly one.

"I saw you checking out that young vixen. Giving up on that pink-haired head case? If so, good for you! You're beginning to grow up. From what I can smell, this place has nothing BUT females, and not a dog in the bunch, either! You really hit the mother lode this time, kit!!" The great demon teased its host while almost being giddy at the thought of there being attractive females around.

Naruto sputtered indignantly and began to yell, "Shut yer pie hole, you walking flea condo! Don't talk about Sakura-chan like that!"

"Sure, kit. Sure..."

"Oh, yeah?! I'll 'sure, sure' your ass!"

"Whatever, shorty."

"I hate you, y'know that?"

"I know...It's a talent. Uhp...Look alive, kit. You've got visitors. One of them has a level of spiritual power that's through the roof for a human." It told its host as it kicked him out to the mindspace.

Naruto snapped back to reality just in time for Jenny to come in, accompanied by Carwess. Carwess reminded him of Old Man Sarutobi in a way that he just couldn't put his finger on. He then looked to Jenny and found that she felt...comforting in a way. He noticed that she was flanked by two younger women in similar uniforms. The girl who was there before was there again and winked at him, making him blush heavily.

Carwess noticed this and chuckled. He walked over to his bedside and sat in the chair there. "Hello there, young man. My name is Carwess, the Royal Mage of this kingdom and headmaster of the Sorcerer's Guild." The old man introduced himself with a kind smile.

'He reminds me of old man Hokage...' He wondered with an appraising look.

"Is there something wrong, my boy?" Carwess asked.

"Ah! N-no. It's just that you remind me of someone..." He trailed off looking away.

"A good person, I hope." He joked with the boy.

'He seems nice...I might be able to tell him...' He hoped.

"Y-yeah...He was like a grandpa to me. He died...a few months ago..." He revealed to him, as well as telling him about how it happened and about the world he came from.

Carwess and Jenny shared looks of sympathy. Here was this boy, no older than 12 or 13 at the most, had been through a war and more than most seasoned knights and adventurers, but remained strong through it all. It spoke very highly of his inner strength and character. They asked him how he came to the temple, and he told them of his final mission, to retrieve a traitor and to prevent him from falling into enemy hands. Naruto was given an additional mission : To bring him back to the girl he was in love with himself.

Jenny knew then and there that Naruto a was very special boy. He was willing to give up the girl he loved to make her happy. It spoke to the elder priestess of a level of selflessness, honor, and courage that she had very rarely seen, ever. Even King Rijarl when he was younger didn't measure up to the young blonde before her, and he's only boy. She was more convinced than ever that he was meant to be a Hero to be served by a priestess.

Finally, Jenny got down to the business that Carwess had come for. "Naruto..." She asked in a soft voice that put all of his fears at ease. "What can you tell us about the strange seal on your stomach?" She finished.

This was the question he dreaded. He didn't want these nice people to be afraid of him, but he felt that he at least owed them an explaination in return for saving his life. He sucked in a deep breath and took the plunge.

"Thirteen years ago, a demon called the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, attacked my village. The ninja there all fought to keep it from destroying the village, but suffered massive casualties. Finally, the leader at the time, the Fourth Hokage, came up with a way to stop the demon. He sealed it away, into a newborn child. The demon was too powerful to seal into an object and couldn't be killed by humans." He told them as he paused for breath.

"The technique was called the Shiki Fuuin, or Death Demon Consuming Seal. This called the Death God to our plane, and pulled out the soul of the demon, sealing it into the baby. But the price was the caster's own soul. The Fourth sacrificed his own life to save the village. His dying wish was that the child be treated as a hero for keeping the demon at bay, but..." He trailed off, his gaze going along with it and a sad expression to match.

Jenny finished it for him. She could already guess what happened. "But they didn't, did they?" She asked him softly.

Naruto couldn't hold back his tears as he shook his head in conformation.

"And that child was you...wasn't it?" Carwess asked him in a grandfatherly manner.

Naruto choked back a sob. "M-my life...from day one...they wanted me dead. Old man Sarutobi made a law, to try to keep me safe, but people ignored it. He made another law that kept them from mentioning the fox ever again, but they got their kids to hate me, too. Then, I got thrown out of the orphanage when I was 4...I lived on my own since I was 6...Came through the academy on my own...my team's sensei didn't want to train me, so I learned everything on my own. He just focused on the guy I nearly died to bring back...I doubt they even miss me..." He finished, now sobbing freely.

The room's other occupants were literally floored with what they just learned about their new guest. The two young priestesses couldn't even begin to imagine how he could have survived for so long and Denise couldn't help but sob, even clenching her fists in rage in light of the boy's nightmare of a life. Carwess could tell that the boy's will power was more than enough to keep such a powerful being at bay and actually felt a glimmer of pride for the boy that he shouldn't have felt. He would definitely become a fine young man.

Jenny forgot that she was talking to a young boy momentarily, but she quickly gathered the boy into her arms, rubbing his back in a comforting manner. She could understand the boy's vulnerability and felt her maternal instincts kick in.

"Shhh...It's okay, Naruto. We don't hate you. We couldn't possibly hate you for bearing such an awful burden so well. You have the nature of a true hero inside of you. The truest that I've ever seen or could ever hope to see in my lifetime. I am very proud of you." She assured him.

'Melissa doesn't know how lucky she is. Mylee has chosen this boy as her hero. It was no accident that he was brought to us when he was, this is destiny at work. If I were younger, I would be proud to serve him as my hero.'

Naruto stayed awake long enough to hear her say that, then fell asleep in her arms. The elder woman laid him down gently and kissed him on his forehead.

"Sleep well, young Naruto." She told him on a motherly tone of voice. She then turned to Denise. "Can you watch over him while he sleeps?" She asked, the tone in her voice almost imploring her to accept. Jenny didn't know how, but the boy had somehow become important to her. She never had any children, but she could almost see the young blonde shinobi as a sort of surrogate child.

"Of course, Lady Jenny! It would be an honor." She announced proudly, while casting said blonde a smile. After what she had just learned, the boy would amount to a hero of legendary proportions. She sat down in the chair that Carwess had been in and placed a cold cloth on his forehead.

Everyone else left the room to let the boy get some more rest. Carwess gave her his professional opinion on the seal. "I believe that his will power keeps the demon at bay and that he is safe to be around. That seal is a real work of art, the work of a master. It's not even magic based, but still ludicrously effective. I would love to study this some more. When he awakens, could you have him come to the Guild to see me?" He asked his long time friend and former teammate.

"Of course. But, you know, one of my priestesses was perfoming her ritual of revealing when he appeared. She was told that the next man she saw would be the hero that she is to serve. You know what this means."

Carwess sighed. He knew exactly what that meant. "Yes...I know. But it would be best to ask him what he wants. He most likely doesn't know about our ways and customs. Could you teach him about them and see what he thinks first?"

"Yes, I could do that. It think he deserves the chance to start over after all he has been through."

With that settled, the pair continued talked about random things while they waited for him to awaken again.

A/N: There we go...First chapter down. I've had this buzzing around in my head for close to a year, now. I've been writing it for nearly as long and mean to publish it much sooner, but I kept getting side tracked or forgot.

Melissa had better get a reality check and a wake up call very soon, or there's going to be some HUGE problem's in the future. Naurto has some MAJOR differences from Louie. He's much younger, had to deal with hatred and ignorance all his life, had to raise himself and was living on his own for a large portion of his life, not to mention that he has more courage and more burdens than Louie. I hope that I didn't over do it with the angst, but it's a nesscessity in getting Jenny and Carwess to understand his situation and why might not want to return. When he left, he had very little holding him to the village.

Next chapter will deal with Konoha's reaction to Naruto's "death". His funeral will have some unexpected visitors paying their respects. Also, he will meet Ila and Melissa's party, as well.

I hope you all liked the pervy Kyuubi. I got the idea from a fic by NarutoL0ver entitled "Deep Undercover on a Forbidden Mission". Its a funny Naru/Tsun story with a neat little twist. I have it in my favorites folder if you would like to view it.