Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds or NCIS. This just popped into my head, the idea of Reid and Tony being pregnant. So, enjoy

New Friend

Spencer Reid carefully lowered himself into the hard plastic chair and wiggled around a bit to get comfortable. He set his bag on the seat next to him and fished out his book, the current best-seller in Italy. Resting the hardcover on his stomach, he slid on his glasses and open to his bookmark.

"How far along?"

Startled, Spencer glanced up. Standing by him was another very pregnant male. His green eyes sparkled.

Spencer rested his hand over his stomach. "Only seven months."

"Lucky." The man groaned and rubbed the small of his back with his knuckles. "I'm about to attend my last class." He winced. "And my partner is late, again."

"I know what you mean."

"So, tell me, boy or girl?"

Spencer smiled. "Girl."

"Hope she gets your eyes."

"That's what my partner says, but I think she's going to be his carbon copy, right down to the dimples."

The other man laughed, which was cut off mid-way. "Oh crap, LJ don't kick Daddy in the kidneys."


"Boy. I call him Little Jethro."

"After you?"

"Nah, my partner." He held out his hand. "Tony DiNozzo."

"Dr. Spencer Reid."

"Hey! I've heard of you. You're a fibbie."

"A what?"


"Yeah. And you?"


"I've heard a lot of good things about them. Do you know Agent Gibbs?"

"Pretty well."

Spencer focused in on how Tony played with his ring, his grin widening just a bit. "Agent Gibbs is your partner, in both senses."

"How'd you guess?"


"Right. And he's late, again."

"So is mine."


Tony whistled. "He's the other parent? Man, your girl is going to be hot."

"Don't let him hear you!" Spencer pushed himself up, adjusting his center of gravity. Derek Morgan wrapped an arm around Spencer's waist and kissed his cheek. "Sorry, I'm sorry. Hotch was being an ass."

"How is that new?"

"It's worse now that you're gone?"


"I think he's mad at me. Like I stole you or something."

Spencer laughed and leaned against his partner. "Derek, this is Tony. He works for NCIS, with the infamous Gibbs."

"Man, Fornell doesn't shut up about him."

"What about Tobias?"

Tony's face lit up as he turned to the newcomer, wrapping himself around the older man. "Your son is playing soccer with my kidneys."

A calloused hand rubbed over Tony's swollen stomach. "Hey, LJ, give Papa a break."

"You are going to be such a sucker when this kid pops out." Tony kissed the man's cheek. "Jethro, I made a new friend."

"Of course you did."

Derek held out his hand. "Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan."

"FBI." Gibbs shook the dark agent's hand. "Gibbs."

"And to refresh everyone's memory, I'm Tony DiNozzo, he's Dr. Spencer Reid and now we all know each other." He rubbed up against Gibbs. "They're having a girl and Spencer is seven months along."

"He's all belly too," Gibbs chuckled.

Tony punched Gibbs' shoulder. "I hate you. I hate that I've gained weight everywhere, that you limited my exercise beyond what the doctors recommended and-"

Gibbs pressed a kiss to Tony's neck. "You love me."

"Yeah, I do."

Gibbs turned to the FBI agents. "Nice to meet you both."

"Here." Tony handed Spencer his card. "When the babies are born, we can hang out and complain how we're still fat and Derek and Jethro don't care and our hormones are still all over the place and aren't the babies cute and maybe someday they'll get married and…"

"Come on, Tony, before you plan the grandchildren."

Tony waved as they went to their class.

Derek raised an eyebrow and put a protective hand over Spencer's stomach. "If his kid gets anywhere near her..."

"Please, I think Agent Gibbs has a handle on it." Spencer rested his head on Derek's shoulder. "It'll be nice to have someone else to hang with, another guy."

"Spencer, our entire class is pregnant males."

"He's a fed, like us."

"Come on, the classes end at the same time. You can call your new friend and make a dinner date for tonight."

Spencer grinned. "I made a friend."

Chuckled, Derek lifted his and Spencer's bag and led him into the other room.