Five new classmates

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It was a normal day in Misora First Elementary. And in Harukaze Doremi's class…

"This day could not get any boring." Doremi stated to her witch apprentice friends. "How could you say that? It just began, Doremi-chan." Senoo Aiko replied to the pink witch apprentice. "I don't know, it's just been so boring this past month. I just wish something exciting would happen." Doremi complained.

Asuka Momoko interrupted the conversation, "Ne, Doremi-chan?" Doremi looked towards her blonde friend, "Hai, Momo-chan?" Momoko whispered, "Did you do your homework?" Doremi nearly fell off her chair, "Homework?!" Fujiwara Hadzuki helped her childhood friend up, "Yes. Don't you remember, Doremi-chan?" Though Doremi hit her head, she began to remember as she rubbed it, "Oh yeah. Oh no. Seki-sensei's going to kill me." Aiko tried to reassure her friend,"Oh come on. Cheer up." Segawa Onpu agreed, "Yeah, it'll be alright." Doremi stopped them,"Thanks girls, but nothing can make me feel better."

Hadzuki put her finger to her chin, "Well, I'm not sure but I think we're going to have 4 or 5 was it? New classmates." Momoko agreed with her incredibly smart friend, "Oh yeah, I heard they just moved into town and either my memory isn't good or they're all guys." They couldn't go further into the topic because Seki-sensei walked in at that moment.

"Ohayou, everyone." She said to her class. "Ohayou, Seki-sensei." The class replied. Today, we have five new students." Hadzuki smiled. Yosha! I was right after all. Seki-sensei looked toward the door, "You can come in now."

As soon as four of them entered, Doremi, Hadzuki, Aiko and Onpu got up and slammed their hands on their desks simultaneously looking rather shocked. It was one of those awkward silent moments.

They all shouted simultaneously, "You're our new classmates?!!" One of the guys stated, "Well…this is awkward…ly…nice…I think." The other said, "This, this is a big surprise. Even for us."

Seki-sensei asked the four guys, "What? You know them?" "Yep." "Well, for those who don't know, why don't you introduce yourselves?" "Hai." They replied simultaneously.

"I'll go first." He put his name on the board, "My name's Kashikoi Fujio. I just moved here with-"he hesitated but shook his head,"but I've been to Misora before so I don't think I'll get lost. I also love to read and am very good at taking notes. I hope to get along with all of you." He then smiled.

The next boy walked on and wrote his name on the board next to Fujio's as he backed away, "Hey, I'm Sokuryoku Leon and my favorite thing is sports. I too have been here to Misora, actually, we all have. And..." He pointed at Ai-chan, "I WILL beat you someday, Ai-chan." Aiko sighed at his statement. "I also hope to get along with all of you." He then gave a thumbs-up to the whole class.

Doremi practically squealed with joy as the next boy wrote his name under Fujio's as Leon backed away. "Ohayou. I'm Shidousa Akatsuki and we just moved here into town though I've been here a couple of times before. I don't really have a favorite hobby other than being with my friends and I hope I get to be friends with all of you."

The last boy walked to the board and wrote his name under Akatsuki's name while Akatsuki backed away, "I, am, the great future-idol Kounna Tooru!" Onpu sweat dropped at this. Akatsuki mentally stated, At least he's convincing. And actually helpful for our mission. Maybe he's taking this seriously. Tooru continued, "I also just moved into town. As Leon said, we have been here before. And I hope you all get to have the honors of being my friend!" I think he's overdoing it a bit. Akatsuki mentally added.

Seki-sensei said, "Okay, now that we have that taken care of-" The door suddenly opened a boy ran in and said, "Sorry, I'm late sensei." Aiko gasped when the boy walked in. Seki-sensei looked confused, "Are you the fifth new student?" "Hai!" he replied. Seki-sensei remembered, "Oh. Then why don't you introduce yourself?" "Hai!" he replied again, rubbed off the other guys' names (which didn't make Tooru very happy) and wrote down his name as Aiko gasped louder this time. The boy turned around, "Yo. I'm Kenichi Arima but ya can call me Anrima. I moved here with my parents two weeks ago. Pleased to meet ya'll." He then bowed.

Aiko got up and pointed at him, "I knew it! It IS you!" Anrima's face turned into a big smile, "AIKO!!!" He ran over and hugged her. "Anrima! Let go, Anrima!" Aiko screamed at him. He obeyed.

Seki-sensei asked Anrima, "You know Senoo-san?" He nodded, "We knew each other when we were in Osaka." Seki-sensei nodded, "Now, about your seats, Shidousa-kun, you can sit in front of Harukaze-san. Kashikoi-kun, you can sit in front of Fujiwara-san. Sokuryoku-kun, you can sit in front of Shidousa-kun and Kounna-kun, you can sit in front of Kashikoi-kun." "Hai." and so the four boys went to their respective seats. Anrima pointed to himself, "Where do I sit, sensei?" Seki-sensei replied, "Hold on. I'm thinking about that. You can sit…."

Please not near me. Please not near me. Aiko begged Seki-sensei mentally. "You can sit in the front row where I can see you." Aiko cheered mentally. Arigatou gosaimas, Seki-sensei. Anrima however groaned. "But that's so far away from Aiko." Seki-sensei did not get any happier, "Go to your seat or stand in the hall. Which will it be, Kenichi-kun?" Anrima gulped and went to his seat.