AN: I really shouldn't be allowed to have any more WIPs, but here we go. As you can probably guess, I saw How To Train Your Dragon last week, and, well, this is what came of it. One of my girlfriends helped me with the idea, and I love her for it.

This is entirely based on the film; I've not read the books. So it's probably not canon complacent with them. It's also set a couple of generations after How To Train Your Dragon.

I hope you enjoy!

- Gil.

"And Hiccup and Toothless lived happily ever after." Tino finished proudly, snuggling into Berwald's warm hold and looking down at Peter.

The boy just folded his arms across his chest, huffing. "That was shit."

"You l've this st'ry." Berwald said, surprised.

"And what have I told you about copying what Arthur says?" Tino added, frowning at Peter.

Peter was unrepentant. "Well it is! The ending, I mean. 'And they all lived happily ever after'? Who cares about that! I want to know more about his adventures!"

Tino looked at Berwald. "I… don't think he had any more." He said, softly.

"W's en'gh adv'nture for a l'fetime." Berwald agreed.

Pouting, Peter shook his head. "No way! That's boring. When I'm big, I'm gonna have adventures every day!" He looked up at Tino and Berwald, and grinned at them. "Just you wait and see."

Berwald let out a rumbling laugh, and freed one hand from around Tino's waist to ruffle his son's blonde hair. "If you s'y so." He agreed.

"Now. Bed." Tino said, getting up from Berwald's lap, and gently pushing Peter back into bed. Peter let himself be lay down and Tino fussed over the blankets, before leaning forward to kiss his forehead. "Sweet dreams."

Wrapping his arms around Tino's shoulders, Peter drew him into a hug. "Good night."

Tino drew the blankets back up around Peter as he drew away, Berwald taking his place. "Sl'p well." He said, as he hugged his son.

"Love you." Tino added, as he held the door for Berwald, who blew out the candle before slipping out.

"Love you too." Peter called from the darkness as Tino closed the door.

Tino smiled, and moved quickly to take Berwald's offered hand, walking close to him as he was led down the stairs. As they passed, Berwald's dragon, Mumble, stuck his head in, and growled as he butted against Berwald. "Alr'ght, alr'ght." Berwald muttered, scratching the Nightmare behind his ear. "We'll be out in a m'ment." Mumble let out a noise of approval, and let them pass, before flying down to meet them at the front door. Tino's own dragon, a Nadder called Fishsticks, was perched on one of the roof beams downstairs, and he jumped down, pushing open the door with his nose, and then joining Mumble outside.

"What dragon do you think Peter will have?" Tino asked Berwald thoughtfully, as they slipped into their saddles.

Berwald shrugged. "Pr'bly a Nadder, l'ke you."

Tino shook his head. "No, he said Nadders are girl's dragons." He said with a wry smile. Berwald grinned at him – or at least, came as close to as he ever did. "I think a Nightmare would suit him."

"Jus' as long as he d'sn't get a Gronckle." They both chuckled. Peter's older brother, Arthur, had a Gronckle, and Peter delighted in teasing him about it.

"I suppose we'll find out in a couple of years, anyway." Tino said, sighing. "He's growing up so fast. It seems only yesterday that Arthur asked us to take him in."

"Was 'nly a year ago."

"Exactly!" Tino said, enthusiastically. "And it's gone so fast!" Berwald smiled, shook his head, and prodded Mumble to take off. "H-hey, wait for me!" Tino yelled after him, accidentally kicking Fishsticks a little hard in his enthusiasm. The dragon jumped, and glared over his shoulder at his rider, before taking off after Mumble.

Berwald looked back over his shoulder at Tino. "C'me on!"