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Chapter 13

What an amazing night, thought Ianto. Ten dates had definitely been worth the wait. His nervousness had dissolved as jack gently moved through the stages of foreplay. Though to call it foreplay wasn't quite correct. It was more an exploration of their bodies, working out where Ianto liked to be touched, and what movement made jack moan loudly.

Ianto had been surprised at the length of Jack's member. Though Ianto had felt jack in his hand previously, he hadn't imagined there would be so much...flesh. Jack on the other hand relished the sight of a naked Ianto. Jack pleasured Ianto, making him loose his train of thought.

The first blowjob was beyond anything Ianto had ever experienced in his life. Jack did things with his tongue most women didn't know existed. Jack's determination to make this encounter the most exquisite one Ianto had ever had, hence why he worked hard enough to squeeze three orgasms out of him in the first round.

Jack didn't let Ianto breath before he escalated their interactions. Jack positioned himself so Ianto did a limited amount of work.

As Jack mounted himself, Ianto felt his erection squeezed tightly by Jack's arse. Again, it was like nothing he'd ever experienced with any of his previous sexual partners. The end culminated in another two orgasms for Ianto and one huge orgasm for Jack.

It took several long minutes for both men to ground themselves back in their bedroom suite.

Throughout the course of the night they repeated the process, in one form or another, nearly a dozen times, thoroughly exhausting themselves. Which was why they'd only managed to get out of bed at midday, forcing them to delay their hotel checkout time and their flight back to Cardiff.

Their last day in Paris saw the weather turn out glorious as they moved out into the Parisian streets. Both men wanted to get some fresh air, so headed to a nearby cafe for nourishment, and caffeine. They took a table outside, exchanging smiles and light touches. Any onlookers watching the couple picked up on their closeness, maybe even their post coital dreaminess reflecting in their eyes. There was no embarrassment, no awkwardness, only comfort and ease.

"How are you feeling?" asked Jack as he sipped his coffee. His eyes watched over the brim of the porcelain mug.

"Tired, but surprisingly limber."

Jack laughed.

"Last night came pretty close to breaking a personal best for me."

"Really?" asked Ianto astonished, knowing that he shouldn't be, "what is your personal best?"

"Depends what we're talking about. If it's number of times in one night, I believe it was 22, but number of orgasms in one sitting, it's 8. That's me causing them."

"Well, maybe," Ianto responded thinking a little adventurously, "we could try to beat the record, but only when we've gotten some real, unbroken rest. Maybe we could set a few other records ourselves."

Jack raised an eyebrow, setting down his coffee cup, intrigued.

"I do have a stopwatch," Ianto reminded.


Their remaining time was spent wandering along the market filled streets of Montmartre, before being picked up and escorted to the airport.

The flight was relatively quiet. Ianto drifted asleep, resting his head on Jack's shoulder. The trust and easiness Ianto had now developed around Jack, still astonished him.

They'd been friends, but only at work. Now they knew each other well, and Jack had even shared some long forgotten secrets with the younger man. It seemed, in Jack's eyes, that with one big hurdle out of the way, they still had another one to climb; being an actual couple while at work.

Jack knew himself pretty well, and always tended to be overly touchy feely with new lovers, and he didn't think Ianto would be any exception. Having had so many intimate conversations with him, Jack knew 'coming out' especially at work, was going to cause a lot of heart ache for Ianto, and that was if Ianto wanted their relationship to be out in the open.


Jack and Ianto spent their second night together, at Ianto's flat, on their return to Cardiff. Jack finally managed to get through the front door without ravishing Ianto against his front door, but once inside, he did ravish him against the wall next to the front door. Given their tiredness they slept in each other's arms after only one round of sex. Jack knew they'd be time for lots more later, and they did have work the following day.

Going back to work after such a long romantic weekend was a bit strange for Ianto. He hadn't felt this happy and contented in a long time.

He smiled as he made coffee for himself and Jack; laughed when Jack pinned him to the sofa in his office for a quick make out session, before their colleagues arrived for the day.

The ridicule, which by now was something Ianto was very used to, started the minute Owen entered the building.

"Where the hell have you two been?" he demanded.

Ianto blanked his expression, raising an eyebrow in Jack's direction.

"Busy at a conference, Owen. Which you'd know if you every opened your emails," Ianto replied curtly.

"A jaunt in the countryside more like it. We had three Weevil attacks on cattle, and what looked like a UFO in the sky, but turned out to be a silver helium balloon some kid had let go of. And where were you? Un-contactable! I tried both your mobiles and the comms, the spare mobile, which Tosh answered. You can't go swanning off on a 'Conference' whenever you feel like it. We have the world to save."

Ianto rolled his eyes at the last statement.

"I believe we can, and did Owen. I can do anything, and take anyone I want to take, to anywhere. I'm the boss. Remember that!" Jack exited the room on that bomb shell, but not before winking at Ianto, who tried to suppress a grin.

Everything was just like normal, and eventually Owen cooled down; though possibly with some help from the decaff coffee Ianto gave him.

It wasn't until several days later that something happened to almost force their relationship out into the open. Gwen had called a meeting about a peculiar woman wandering around Cardiff back streets and alleys, scaring drunken patrons as they stumbled out of strip joints, or with hookers, entertaining themselves. The woman wore a mask, not seen by anyone on this earth.

Gwen briefed them on the mask's properties; taking a person's deepest desires, bringing them to the surface and forcing them to be acted out.

During the meeting, Ianto and Jack shared several meaningful comments over comments made, and due to the fact they were sat next to each other, shared some unconscious touching of hands. Most happened under the table, away from inquisitive eyes. However, as Tosh was seated on the same side of the table, she looked at the wrong time, catching them holding hands. This happened several times during the meeting. Gwen and Owen were oblivious that this was happening, but after her initial shock, Tosh settled to the idea that Ianto was romantically involved with Jack. She found it sweet, and had a feeling it had been going on for a while. She smiled to herself, happy that Ianto had found happiness, but she wanted Ianto to sweat a little. They'd been friends since Ianto had started at Torchwood 3, telling each other various details of each other's lives.

Tosh would've thought Ianto would have confided in her, as she'd asked once before, and he'd denied it. Not only that, but Jack had asked Tosh to cover on several occasions, possibly so they could go out.

A plan formed in her head. If the couple hadn't announced their relationship Tosh wasn't going to say anything, but she would like to see Ianto sweat a little when she questioned him.

"So what do you think we should do Jack?"

"You and Owen, go talk to premises owners, see if we can track down where this woman is staying. Tosh, see if you can access the CCTV to give us some more information. Ianto, search the internet for signs of where she may have acquired the mask." The group dispersed, but Tosh laid a hand on Ianto's arm, forestalling him.

"Yes Tosh, what is it?"

"Something you want to tell me?" she demanded in a cool voice.

A guilty look quickly moved over his features, before it went blank.

"Not that I can think of Tosh. Should there be something?"

"Nothing important, only...I saw the looks and touches between you and Jack."

Ianto turned a deep shade of crimson very quickly. Tosh laughed, causing Ianto the frown. She couldn't see him so uncomfortable, so she came right out with it.

"You should've told me. I'm so happy for you both."

"Thank you," Ianto mumbled, more embarrassed than he thought he'd be.

"How long have you known?"

"I have a clue a few weeks ago, but the meeting gave you away."

"Do the others know?"

Ianto suddenly became panicked that Owen would make life unbearable if he knew he was going out with Jack.

"Those two wouldn't have a clue if you had sex in the middle of the medical bay. Please don't tell me if you have, because I don't think I could keep a straight face in there again if you did. Don't worry, if it's a secret you want to keep, I won't say anything."

"Thanks Tosh. I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner, but I was waiting to see if we worked."

"I understand. I just wanted to see your face when I told you. I'm sorry."

After everyone had left for the day, Ianto stayed behind to spend more time with Jack.

"There's something you should know," Ianto said as he sat on Jack's office sofa, tie unknotted and waistcoat unbutton. Gone was the suit jacket.

"Hmm?" Jack was too busy kissing the side of Ianto's neck. A place he had found was most effective at keeping Ianto's attention on him, not on something else. Clearly Jack was going to have to find another spot on Ianto's body that would do the same trick, but more efficiently.

"Tosh confronted me earlier. She saw us holding hands during the meeting, and put two and two together. She knows about us."

Not surprised, but a little concerned for Ianto's sake, Jack stopped what he was doing, giving Ianto his full attention.

"How do you feel about that?"

"At first, I was embarrassed to have been caught, but I'm glad she knows."

"What about the others?"

"Can we keep it our secret for as long as we can?"

Jack pulled Ianto into a hug, his lips kissing his temple.

"For as long as you want."

Ianto kissed Jack's lips quickly, before saying, "Who would believe all this stated because of an alien and a crutch?"