Sam Winchester woke with a start, and a very cold feeling washed over him. He looked around him. The motel room was still dark, and if he listened close enough, he could just make out the soft sounds of Dean sleeping. Sam frowned to himself, and rolled out of his hard, cold bed. He crossed the room to the bathroom, and switched on the light. He splashed some cold water on his face, trying to wash the feeling of dread that was still in his head. He didn't know why, but he just felt very, very cold. Like someone had just splashed him with iced water. He looked at himself in the mirror. No change there, albeit a little bit of stubble showing, but who cares about that? He shook his head a little, then turned the light off and went back into the bedroom. He sat on the end of his bed, and looked around. He spotted a clock; the time was twelve minutes past two. Damn. He had slept for two and a half hours then. Oh well, it wasn't like he had to uphold the record for most time being asleep.

He was just about to lay back down when the feeling washed over him again. Now he was fully awake, he recognised it immediately. The familiar nausea washing from his stomach to his chest, and then the headache crept in. In a matter of seconds Sam was on the floor, shaking in pain, trying to desperately not make any noise so he wouldn't wake Dean. Flashes of something appeared in his minds eye and he kept hearing screams of pain, frantically trying to shake the pain away from his head, it took him a while to realise what he was seeing.

It was Dean.....

The room was dark, lit only with red, glowing candles planted in the corners of the room. Beside the man, there was a table, and a single red candle stood upon it, casting a flickering light onto the shaking, whimpering man's taut face.....

'Dean, Dean, Dean, this would be over much quickly if you would just agree....' a slick, sly voice punctured the silence of the room like a whip. Dean's face froze as he heard Alastair coming closer, his demonic footsteps echoing in the stone tomb that he was currently entombed in. He knew what the demon wanted, and he also new, that deep down, Alastair new what the answer to his question was going to be to.

'you know what I can do to you, Dean' said Alastair, bringing his face close enough for Dean to smell his putrid breath, and look into his cold, black eyes.

'Don't you? Dean?' Alastair said quietly, relishing the torture.

Dean nodded weakly. 'Y-yes I d-o Alastair, but yo-you can stick your off-offer up your –ar-arse!' Dean smiled as much as he could with his cut lip.

Alastair smirked, the winked at him.

'Fair enough'.....................

The vision faded as Dean began to scream. His yells echoing and ricocheting off the walls, Dean's voice cracking and wavering as each new wave of agony brought on a new meaning to the word pain. Sam wasn't aware that he was yelling too until Dean Shook his shoulder roughly, shouting his name over and over again. Suddenly, the vision ended, and Sam was back in the crappy motel room, lying on the floor between his and Dean's crappy beds.

'Sammy! Are you alright?' said Dean, his eyes brimming with concern. He had never seen his brother so animated whilst having a nightmare. Sure he fell out of his bed a few times, but he never yelled like he was being tortured.....

'What? Oh, yeah I'm fine, yeah.....just another nightmare that's all' said Sam hurriedly, he got back onto his bed, and breathed in deeply, trying to get the rest of the pain out of his head.

'You've never had them that bad, even with Jess' said Dean, unfolding himself from his sheets and coming to sit next to his little brother. He hated seeing Sam like this, because his dreams were something that Dean couldn't control, so he couldn't make sure that Sam was safe. Everything else he could deal with.

'no, I know, I- I don't even remember what it was about!' said Sam with a small chuckle, the visions of Dean being tortured in hell still fresh in his mind, Dean's screams still resounding in his head......

'Okay Sammy, well...I guess you don't feel like sleeping anymore, so why don't we pack off and head to Bobby's? We haven't been there in a while, and our work has kinda dried up so....?' Dean offered.

Sam nodded. 'yeah ok, let me just wash my face and I'll help pack the car up'

Dean nodded, smiling. 'okey dokey, take as long as you want!' Sam smiled weakly at him, then went to the bathroom.