The Winchesters pulled up in Bobby's drive. Dean looked across to Sam, and gave a small grin when he saw that his little brother was asleep. What was all that about this morning? Dean thought. It was like Sam had seen a ghost, and the way he had looked at him. He had never seen his brother like that, it was a kind of confused, scared, fearful look, but he had no idea why.

Dean waggled Sam's shoulder, and Sam woke up slowly, rubbing his eyes and yawning. 'Rise and shine Sammy!' Dean said cheerfully. 'Come on, we're here!' he jumped out the car, slamming the door and making Sam jump.

Sam groaned as he got out of the car, and stumbled a little as he made his way to Bobby's house. He just felt completely exhausted, like he had no life in him. He kept remembering the nightmare he had had the previous night, kept seeing Dean with blood running down his face, kept hearing his brother yelling out in pure agony as Alastair tortured him. But surely it was just a dream? He didn't expect hell to be a complete walk in the park for Dean, but to actually see it? Surely it wasn't possible...

'Hey Sam? You with me here?' Dean's voice splintered into Sam's head, cutting his thoughts like a knife.

'Huh? What?' said Sam, looking at his brother, trying not to imagine the cuts and scars that he had seen peppering his face like bloody stains.

Dean saw the worry in his face, and frowned. 'Sam, that nightmare you had last night- you wanna talk about it?'

'What? NO! No, I don't think so Dean; it was just a stupid dream, that's all. I'm fine' said Sam quickly, trying to find an excuse not to talk about it.

He didn't want to tell Dean what he had seen, just in case he was wrong, and it was just a stupid dream that had come from his imagination.

Or in case he was right, that the dream was real. That would mean that everything he had seen had actually happened, and that would be horrifying, and completely shocking.

He hoped to god it was the first option.

Dean looked at his brother, gave him a small sad smile, then bounded up to bobby's front door, and rapped on it three times. Bobby answered the door, beaming.

'Hey boys, good of you to come so quick, I gotta hunt for you! Come on in' he said, he then looked at Sam, and he frowned.

'You ok kid? You look as pale as snow' Sam's eyes widened in panic, he didn't want bobby to know either.

'Yeah, no bobby I'm fine, I just had a dream last night...but I'm good' he said, smiling.

Bobby still didn't seem to be convinced, but he smiled back.

'Alrighty then- come on in!'

He opened the door fully and the two Winchesters walked through into bobby's living room.

'What's the hunt you want us to go on?' asked Dean, settling down into a chair.

'It's down in Michigan, couple of demons that are getting outta hand. I would go, but I got Rufus coming to stay for a couple of days, he wants to talk to me about a nest of vampires' explained bobby as he went to his fridge and got out three bottles of beer. He handed one to Dean and Sam, then sat down and drank some.

It was quite in the house for a while, when suddenly there was a sharp intake of breath. Dean and bobby turned and saw Sam with his head in his hands, his eyes screwed shut.

'Sammy? Sammy are you okay?' dean asked, getting up and kneeling by his brother's side. He tried to move Sam's hands away from his face, but Sam held them firm.

'Yeah, I'll be fine in a sec, damn migraine' he panted through the pain, terrified about what he might be about to see next.

A couple of seconds later, and all Sam could see was darkness...

'oh Dean, what am I going to do with you?' a sneering voice came out of the dark, a faint hiss above the screams and yells that was a result of torture from the other inmates of hell.

'Just...Please stop'

Above it all, one single voice pierced the darkness like a needle into skin. Dean was begging.

'Oh no, I can't do, that isn't part of the game'

Dean looked through his one good eye and fixed Alastair with his determined look.

'well-game over!' he said, bubbles of blood rising and popping in the corners of his mouth.

Alastair laughed nasally and Dean had to shut his eyes against the sound. Seconds later, he let out an agonized yell as the demon slit a line into his shoulder, the blood spreading down his back like rain.

'Sam...Sam' it was the only thing he could manage.

'Oh yeah, a little news flash for yer kiddo...Sam's dead!' Alastair said, bringing his face close to Dean's, close enough for him to smell his stagnant breath.

'No...No you're lying!' dean yelled, anger and hurt bubbling up inside him. 'Sam can't be dead, he can't be!'

'Au contraire, he can be, he didn't have his big brother to help save him!' Alastair breathed into his ear.

'No! No no...'

As the vision lifted from Sam's brain, he could still hear dean screaming over and over again.

'Sam! Sam are you with me?' dean's voiced became painfully loud for him, and he shook his head to try and clear it.

'Huh? What' he looked up at dean. Up at dean? He looked around. He was lying on his back in bobby's living room; he shakily got up and resumed his seat. Dean was still kneeling down beside him, and he had a hand on his leg, with a horrified expression on his face.

'Jesus man you're shaking like a leaf!' he said quietly 'what was that about?'

Sam couldn't deny it any more. He had to tell dean. He had to know if it was true.

He looked across at bobby. 'D'you mind if me and Dean go for a drive?'

Bobby smiled, 'nah, you two boys go ahead. I'll still be here when you get back!' he said with a small chuckle.

Dean smiled gratefully at him, but his face turned serious when he turned to Sam. 'Want some help getting up?' he asked.

'No, I'll be fine, just; I need to speak to you'

'Okay ...okay lets go then' dean said.

They made their way back outside, got back in the Impala, and drove off.

As dean was driving, all Sam could think of was 'how do I tell him?'