Breathe Anew



This is the story I mentioned in the last COLT chapter. This is what it spawned. I apologize for taking so long to update my things this week. I have a lot for you guys, I just need to type them ahaha.

So yes, I have about five stories going on at the same time. I'm going to update them at different paces.

That said, I do hope you like this MULTI CHAPTERED story. It's ironic, but when I first started writing for APH, I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't do multi chaptered stories. I have about 6 of those now…

It's an AU and that's all I'm revealing for now.

Breathe Anew


Gilbert Beilschmidt could say that he was perfectly happy with his life. He had a good job that provided him with a steady income, he had a car that worked well, he had two of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, he lived in a condo that didn't look half bad and most of all, he had someone he loved very much and who loved him back just as much.

He met Matthew Williams when was twenty-three and struggling between part time jobs to pay for rent, gas and tuition. He was working as a waiter at a local bistro when the younger man walked in with a few other people. Gilbert pleaded with his co-worker to take their table and that day was the only day his boss didn't yell at him for slacking off.

Matthew returned to the restaurant a few more times and eventually, the two became good friends. Gilbert would say that it was thanks to his colleague, who took over some of his tables so that he could chat with the younger man, that they became an item, while Matthew would say that it was thanks to Gilbert's failed attempts at casual small talk.

It took him a year and a half to realize that he was in love with Matthew Williams and it took him another six months to confess to it. Gilbert was expecting many different reactions from the younger man, but all Matthew did was give him a small smile and pecked his lips.

When he finished school and got his degree, he moved to Germany for one summer to visit the land of his father. (He called it Prussia no matter what, because Prussia was way more awesome than simple little Germany.) One summer turned into two years and it was during his time abroad that he realized that he loved Matthew. When he returned home, the first thing he did was confess his feelings.

And then, two years ago, Matthew moved in with him. The two of them lived happily together in Gilbert's condo. It was now five years that they had been going out together and he finally decided that he was going to propose to his lover. It took all of his willpower to keep it a secret from Matthew, but somehow or other, he managed.

The day of the event started quite well. Gilbert made sure that he had the rather expensive ring with him, packed a nice picnic for them and then he drove them to a nice secluded spot by the lake they discovered one summer.

The weather was beautiful and it was just warm enough that it wasn't overbearing. Matthew was oblivious to what was going on, but he was tremendously enjoying himself. Gilbert suggested they go for a swim before lunch, since it was still early and Matthew agreed.

They swam about the lake, squirting water at each other and stealing kisses here and there when Gilbert challenged Matthew. He told the Canadian man that he wouldn't be able to catch him and Matthew immediately started swimming in his direction. When he got to a place where he could walk on the rocky bottom, he started running after the taller man, but Matthew then slipped on the unstable surface and Gilbert watched him fall in slow motion.

At first, it was funny, then it got annoying when the younger man didn't resurface right away, but then he knew that this was not a prank Matthew was pulling on him; this was serious. It got worse when he saw a trail of blood float to the surface. Gilbert thanked his lucky stars that he knew CPR as he dove under the water to get his lover before it was too late.

Once he had a firm hold on him, he ran out and put the unconscious body on a towel that had been put out earlier. He then noticed that Matthew was not breathing and before he did anything, he rummaged for his phone and called the paramedics. When he was off the phone, he did not waste another second before performing CPR on Matthew. He just hoped that everything would turn out well.

After ten seconds passed, Matthew coughed out some water. After forty-five seconds, he started breathing again, but it was strained and laboured. After ten minutes, the ambulance arrived. This was not how he imagined he would be spending his day.



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