Breathe Anew


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Breathe Anew


10 Years Later


Many things changed over the last ten years. Many, many different things happened. Things slowly, but surely took a turn for the better, for everyone. Francis and Arthur still had a relationship that was unique to them and Alfred eventually settled down with someone. Arthur had the family over every Sunday evening for supper and life continued on much like it always did.

On the day of Matthew's and Gilbert's wedding, they had a small private ceremony, where they exchanged their vows with the witness of their close friends and family. Arthur and Alfred finally met Mr. and Mrs. Beilschmidt, along with Gilbert's younger brother; Ludwig.

After the ceremony, they went to a nice restaurant to celebrate the happy occasion and the following day, they left for a week long honeymoon to Aruba.

When they returned, they fell into their easy routine from way back when and it seemed that things would be just fine and they were.

As for Matthew's memories, they never really came back. Occasionally, Matthew would remember something from the first five years they were an item, but everything else was quite scarce. As much as it pained Gilbert all those happy times were lost to Matthew, he had to admit all things considered, he didn't mind so much anymore, since they now had new memories they could both talk about.

There were still days however, where Gilbert missed being able to talk about them and Matthew berated himself for not being able to remember. Even though Gilbert told him it wasn't his fault, Matthew still felt as though it was.

It wasn't as big an issue as it once was and it didn't come up as often as before, but it was still a small pebble in their relationship.

What really helped them move away from the issue was a little girl named Sofie. Four years after they tied the knot, both Matthew and Gilbert started talking about the possibility of adoption. They entertained the idea of having children for a while and they filled out the necessary paperwork.

They got a lot of support from their families and whether or not Arthur was so helpful, because he still felt bad over what happened in the past or not, his help was God sent.

They also moved. Before they were able to get custody of Sofie, Matthew suggested they move. He mentioned reasons such as their jobs being far, living in a better neighbourhood, (even though they lived in a good one), getting something bigger, seeing what was out there, and about ten other reasons, but it was painfully obvious the real reason was this place was the place of "before". Gilbert didn't say anything and agreed.

In the end, it was all for the best. The move did them both wonders and the coming of their little bundle of joy helped them heal the last of their wounds.

Sofie was eight months old when they got her and they decided not to change her birth name. She had light brown hair and blue eyes and even though she was not their biological child in any way, her personality and way of acting was entirely of her adoptive parents.

As it was now, Sofie was almost four years old and a very strong willed little girl. She was never afraid to speak her mind and to proclaim she was awesome like her daddy, but she was also very sweet and kind to other people like her papa.

It was the end of the month of May now and the weather was quite decent, these past few days. It was warm and sunny and it actually looked like they would have a nice summer, this year.

Matthew was busy, bent down in front of a large cooler, putting various different things in it. Everything was quiet at home and he was enjoying the silence, when he heard a pair of feet walk up to him. He looked away from the cooler and found a still sleepy Sofie, clutching a stuffed rabbit Arthur gave her, rubbing her eyes, standing in front of him.

"Morning pumpkin, did you sleep well?" Sofie nodded and went to plop herself on her papa's leg, cuddling it. Apparently, she wasn't much of a fan of the morning either; just like her daddy.

"'S it time t'go uncle Artie 'nd oncle Francis' house?" She asked, hiding a yawn. Matthew chuckled and picked her up in his arms, before sitting her down on the counter.

"Soon, when the small hand on the clock will be on ten and the big hand will be on six; that's when." Sofie nodded her head and observed the clock, as if by looking at it, time would speed up. Matthew chuckled again and started making breakfast.

For the past two weeks, Matthew was looking forward to this day and was hoping it would be a nice day, outside. So far, the weather was holding up and Matthew was glad. He was going out with Gilbert and Sofie would be staying with his brother, since Matthew felt it would be best if their daughter wouldn't be there, for this particular outing.

By the time Matthew finished making breakfast, Sofie was sitting on Gilbert's shoulders and the older man was playing "tchoo-tchoo train" in the kitchen. They stopped at "Central Station" and had to "pay" one kiss to the "gate keeper", who in turn served them food. Matthew liked mornings like these and the three of them ate in an amicable atmosphere.

Once they finished eating, Gilbert went to change Sofie and help her get ready for the day, while Matthew finished off the breakfast dishes. When the three of them were ready, Matthew drove to Arthur's place and Sofie was very excited to spend the day with her two uncles.

While Gilbert watched Matthew and Sofie greet Arthur and Francis, he found himself wondering what exactly it was Matthew planned for them. Gilbert tried asking, or even trying to figure it out, but Matthew hadn't said a word and as far as he was concerned, it wasn't an anniversary date, or a birthday, or anything else of the sort.

Gilbert watched Matthew walk back to the car and then drive them to wherever it was they were going.

"So, what are my chances of you telling me where you're bringing me?" Gilbert looked at Matthew from the corner of his eyes and even though the younger man's face had a few more wrinkles than when they first met, Matthew's violet eyes still shone with as much joviality and mischief as they had when they were both younger.

"Slim and none; and slim left the building."

"No fair, Matt, we're in a car." Matthew tsked him and kept on driving. Gilbert was more amused than annoyed, but he was still intrigued.

"We'll be there shortly, so hush."

About fifteen minutes or so later, Gilbert thought they arrived to the mystery location, when Matthew slowed down the vehicle, and he was about to comment with a snide remark regarding the fact they were in the middle of nowhere, when Matthew gave him a blind fold and told him to put it on and shut up.

Gilbert did as he was told and Matthew drove for another ten minutes. Gilbert was really curious as to where it was they were going and he was quite glad when Matthew finally parked the car. He was however, told to keep the blindfold on.

The younger man took something out from the trunk of the car, before helping him out and leading him to wherever they were going. After another two minutes, Matthew put down the thing he took out of the car and removed the blindfold from Gilbert's eyes.

Gilbert blinked once and twice and when his eyes adjusted to their location, he gasped.

It couldn't be. It simply was impossible that they were here when they hadn't been in more years he cared to admit. He quickly turned to look at Matthew, in the hopes of getting an explanation and Matthew just smiled softly at him.

It was the lake. Their lake. The lake Gilbert brought Matthew to those many years ago. The lake where he wanted to propose. That lake.

He was perplexed, so much so he couldn't understand how it was Matthew brought him here. Was it a coincidence? Had someone told him of the place?

"Matt?" He didn't trust himself to say more than that and he hoped his lover understood the myriad of questions that were in that single word.

Gilbert watched as Matthew continued to smile softly and sat on the picnic blanket he brought with him. He sat next to Matthew, when he motioned for him to do so.

"Many years ago, you brought me here, on a sunny day, much like this one. You didn't straight out tell me, but I could tell you wanted to tell me something, or do something that was very important to you. I've brought you here so you can do that." Gilbert felt his throat clench at those words. He couldn't find the right thing to say to express his feelings, at this very moment.

He waited so long, so very long for this day, for the day when Matthew would remember or would show a sign he remembered more than little trivialities.

"Why… why here though?" He asked, just to be sure.

"You brought me here often." Matthew paused. "It's been a while, but I felt as though everything started here; our first dates, the accident, now…"

"You… you remember?"

"Yes… yes, I do and I'm back." Gilbert simply pulled Matthew to him and hugged him tightly.

"It's good… that's good and there's no need for me to finish what I started back then… you did that for me." Matthew looked up at him, surprised.

"Oh? And what was that?"

"I wanted to promise to love you forever, but you've been doing that for a while now." Matthew smiled at him and hugged him just as Gilbert kissed the top of his head.



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