One day, Paul was taking a walk. It was a very nice day – Shinx were playing games which involved shooting Thunderbolts at each other, while Starly were cheerfully tweeting a song. All of made Paul want to puke.

"Get out of my way," he growled, kicking a Bidoof off the path. It didn't seem to care much, as it merely bounced off the ground like a rubber ball. In fact, Pokémon seemed to be made out of rubber, which was how they never took extreme damage. Either that, or they had invisible energy exoskeleton shields thingies, but that's not as funny.

After kicking his way down the path, sending dozens of Bidoof, Shinx, and Starly flying, Paul came across a different Pokémon. It was a tiny, red Pokémon with six tails and a cute little curl on the top of its head. Alas, Paul was not affected by the Vulpix's adorableness. "Get out of my way," he told it, the Pokémon being too weak for him to care about. It twitched its nose adorably. Paul glared at it.

Then he kicked it into the bushes.

Now, this Pokémon, despite bouncing like a rubber ball, still didn't look very happy as it bounced along the ground. This probably had something to do with the fact that it landed in a huge mud puddle. "Pix!" it cried sadly as goopy brown mud dripped from its tails. Paul didn't really care about the Vulpix's predicament, and therefore continued walking along the path.

He had gone around ten feet farther when he ran into another Pokémon. This Pokémon posed a bit of a problem, you see. It was far too big for Paul to kick out of the way. It was a large cream-hued fox with nine tails waving behind it. "Get out of my way," Paul said a third time. The Ninetales did not budge.

"Pix! Vulpix!"



The two fox Pokémon chattered away, occasionally glancing at the prune-haired youth in front of them. Eventually, Ninetales nodded. Paul felt himself being frozen in place as the Fire-type's tails began to glow. It seemed as though a terrible force was being summoned to the Pokémon. Ninetales walked over to Paul.

Then it sat on him.