Love Comes in Funny Packages 2: Battle for the Human World

Episode 1


Hello? Hello? Serena calling the Digital World... come in! Are our cords connected properly? Looks like my world is rotating properly. All systems green. Communication: Failed.
We're all connected to one another by countless cords, like patients in the I.C.U. We try hard not to let our cords get severed, but the truth is, no matter how hard you try, they get cut... and its very hard to reconnect them the way they were. I still can't do it, try as I might.


The Digital World, 6 Months Later

The two Digimon bolted through the dark forest, jumping over turned trees and stepping through puddles. The two dragon type Digimon followed them with ease, weaving through the thick trees easily as they travelled at a speed faster than any human made bullet. The blue Digimon in bright gold armour turned to face the enemy, his companion continued to run. With a fist of bright gold electricity running up his arms and gathering in his fist, Magnamon jumped into the air and slammed his sparking fist into Goldramon's gut.

The dragon Digimon let out a cry as he fell to the ground, landing awkwardly into a deep crater. Strikedramon threw a glance at her ally, he was injured, but would be fine. Goldramon was a mega after all, Magnamon was no match for a Digimon as powerful as him. Goldramon quickly got up and lifted his left hand, a red creature with yellow eyes made from electricty ran off his fist and chased after Dorumon.

Dorumon saw Kouen no Amon on her tail, she took a hard left and crashed to the ground, smashing her head against a rock and Amon vanished into the air when it realized it wasn't needed to defeat a rookie. Strikedramon came at Magnamon, swinging her right foot. Magnamon grabbed her leg and threw her to Goldramon, he swore silently and they fell to the floor in an uncomfortable pile. Magnamon dived down and quickly swooped Dorumon up into his arms, quickly running away on foot.

"Stay awake, Dorumon," he ordered. "We're almost to the Assembly, we're not far now."

"Magnamon," she swallowed hard as pain ran across her forehead. "The Six Dragons... what do we do about them?"

"I don't know," Magnamon answered honestly. "What can we do but try to defeat them?"

The two Digimon dissapeared into the darkness and soon on the safe grounds of the Royal Knights Assembly, passing the wreckage of Serena and Beelzemon's old home. Strikedramon and Goldramon had managed to get out of the uncomfortable pile and were now on they're feat, the eager Goldramon wanted to follow them, but Strikedramon grabbed him roughly by the forearm and pulled him back.

"What are you doing?" he scowled.

"They got away," Strikedramon pointed out. "Our orders were to either kill them or chase them out of the area, and we've done that. All we have to do is carry on with our next orders."

"Right, of course," Goldramon agreed. "Your right, forgive me."

"You go and inform Reptiledramon that he may carry out his order," Strikedramon ordered. "I will keep an eye on the Royal Knights."

Goldramon nodded and took off into the air, flying westwards and leaving a stream of steam-like energy across the sky. Strikedramon jumped into a tree, across branches and over trees, following the scent left by Magnamon and Dorumon. With a smirk on her face she realized how well things were going. Things were actually going extremely well, things were going according to plan and soon Serena Usagi will be dead.


The Human World

Serena stared at the blue computer screen, watching as the bright red word 'FAILED' flashed across her screen. Again she had failed to communicate with the Digital World, and another part of her died on the inside. It had been six months since she returned to the Human World; she been staying with Yamaki that whole time and he didn't want her to miss out on her education and he made sure she enjoyed what time she had left with her human family and friends.

They had almost came close with sending Fanglongmon a message and going him; the signal was extremely strong and at the last possibly second the message failed. It was, as Yamaki said, "A right ol' kick in the teeth." Yamaki couldn't wait to be home either, he just wanted to return to the Digital World and carry out living his life as he had before. For the first month Serena was back in the Human World Yamaki had taught Serena everything she had missed in the past two years.

It was annoying and frustrating for Serena to have to learn so much in such a little time, but she somehow managed it and was back in school for the autumn term. Her uniform had changed a lot, to her surprise she had to wear a grey skirt with a white blouse and jumper that was an ugly yellow colour. She found the skirt too revealing so wore knee long white socks and grey trainers, it covered most of her legs.

The first week of school was annoying, all of her old classmates asked where she had been, how she had coped, etc. The wounds she had recieved from Yumiko had been gone by the time she had returned to school, but the scars remained. As much as her friends found the scars incredibly ugly, Serena loved them. The wounds on her face may have been from Beelzemon and he may not have been aware that he was hurting her, but it reminded Serena everyday of how protective he is... was... over her.

The scar on her stomach that resembled a burn more than an actual scar, the one off Magnamon, reminded Serena of how she was always willing to protect her friends. It also reminded her how poweful Magnamon and the rest of her friends were and how they often used those powers to protect her, needless to say, changing for P.E was often awkward when the others girls leered at her scars.

"Serena," Yamaki called from the kitchen. "Hurry up, or you'll be late for school."

"Okay," Serena sighed.

Since Yamaki had broken out of prison all those years ago and was wanted for the crimes he had commited, Trisha and Ryu had agreed to not inform the authorities of his whereabouts and told all those who were concerned about Serena that she was staying with a good friend of Trisha's in town and would be the one caring for her. If they wanted to contact Serena then they would have to contact Trisha first.

Serena left the computer and got to her feet, leaving the room and running into the kitchen, grabbing a piece of toast off the table. Yamaki's leg had healed along with the rest of his wounds, though he still had plenty of horrible jagged scars to add to the collection, the one on his chest was especially horrific.

"Your in a rush," Yamaki commented as Serena wolfed down her breakfast. "Your usually wasting your time and eating your breakfast as slowly as possible."

"I know," Serena swallowed the last bit of toast. "But today we're doing a project on city life, so we'll be taking a bus to the city to see what life there is like and if its better than living in a town."

"So..." Yamaki gulped down some of his tea. "Why the rush?"

"I was wondering if maybe there could be any Digi-Portals there," Serena explained. "I've never left the town since coming here, I was wondering if there could be any portals there, if there are then that's probably a hotspot."

"Hmm," Yamaki hummed. "Good idea, I never considered checking the surroudning areas for hotspots."

Serena kissed his cheek, "I promise to find something," she ran out of the kitchen. "I promise."

Serena pulled her shoes on and pulled her side bag off the hook, she heard the floor boards creek behind her and Yamaki limped forwards. Yamaki walked with a limp nowadays, the wound to his leg was so bad that the muscles and tendons didn't work as well as they should.

"Don't get your hopes up, okay, Serena?" he said. "I don't want you to think that there is a chance of finding a Digi-Portal, its hard to find hotspots. You just go and enjoy yourself today and bring me back a souvenir."

"Fine," she kissed his forehead. "Keep an eye on that computer of yours!"

Yamaki watched her run out of the room, a smile on his face. Serena kept her self sane with the hope of returning to the Digital World and be back in the arms of her friends and lover Beelzemon, yet Yamaki feared that it would take even longer to finally return to the Digital World, and an even worse feeling was rising in his gut; would they ever actually return home?


The Digital World, the Demon Lord's Manor

Lilithmon pushed open the doors to Beelzemon's chamber, the double doors opened with a loud groan and Lilithmon entered the dusty room. There were several Gothic pillars circulated in every corner of the room, a large king sized bed in one corner of the room and paintings covering a few select walls. Beelzemon was stood on his balcony, piles of old books surrounding him and a book in his one hand.

Beelzemon hardly ever used his chamber at the Demon Lord's manor, instead he prefered to spend his time awake or in the old wreckage of his and Serena's home near the grounds of the Royal Knight's Assembly. While Magnamon and the others spent they're time trying to defeat the Six Dragons and figure out what exactly they were planning with Yumiko gone, Beelzemon researched ways to get to the Human World without the help of the Digi-Gnomes or anyone else.

Beelzemon didn't want help from the Sovereigns, the Demon Lord's, Royal Knight's or anyone else. It was his fault for loosing Serena, if only he had arrived sooner and maybe he could have defeated Yumiko himself and prevented that explosion. No one knew if Serena was in the Human World or if Yumiko was, no one knew if Yumiko had survived and absorbed Serena's data or vice versa. But everyone knew one thing; if Serena really was gone, then Beelzemon was going to end his life and have one of his friends absorb his data.

"Beelzemon," Lilithmon said cautiously.

Beelzemon turned to face Lilithmon, placing the book he was reading onto one of the piles. "Afternoon, Lilithmon," he greeted. "Any news on the Six Dragons?"

"Magnamon and Dorumon clashed with two of them last night, Goldramon and Strikedramon followed them until they came to the Assembly," Lilithmon pulled a silver tray of food from underneath her cloak. "But enough of that, you need to eat something. When was the last time you ate?"

Beelzemon looked upwards as he tried to remember the last thing he ate and when, "I think I ate somethin' seven days ago," he looked at her. "But there's no time fer eatin', I think I'm close..."

Lilithmon walked back into chamber and set the tray down onto a table, on the table she found the mask Serena had worn laid out, the scratches and blood still clearly visible. She swallowed an uncomfortable lump in her throat.

"Well," she sighed. "Its here if you want it."

"Alright," Beelzemon picked up another book and began to read.

Lilithmon watched him for a few minutes, watching the intense look in his eyes. The only thing that kept Beelzemon alive and sane was the thought of having Serena back in his arms, but what if Serena really was gone forever? Lilithmon didn't want to see Beelzemon die and she didn't like the thought of having one of the others in the group aborb his data, she just prayed Serena was alive, not only for Beelzemon's sake, but for everyone else's too.


Royal Knights Assembly

Dorumon followed Duftmon and Magnamon down one of the polished corridors of the Assembly. Alphamon had recieved orders from Yggdrasil to use BlackDuftmon, Duftmon and Magnamon as key weapons against the Six Dragons. The Six Dragons intensions were unclear, they knew that Yumiko had only shared one half of her plan with them and they knew the Six Dragons were receiving orders from someone other than Yumiko, maybe the groups second-in-command.

It was strange how the Six Dragons continued to confront them without any reason, it was almost as if they were trying to distract them from something, but from what exactly?

"What do we do now?" Dorumon asked. "Do we decide to track them down or something?"

"I don't know," Duftmon answered honestly. "Maybe we should arrange for a Digi-Portal to see if Yumiko survived and is continuing her plan by sending them messages?"

"Maybe," Magnamon agreed. "But I say we should open a Digi-Portal anyway, we've been so busy for these past six months that we haven't considered the possibility of Serena surving the explosion. If she has survived then maybe we can bring her back."

"I wonder were Yamaki went..." Dorumon mused silently, oblivious to what Magnamon and Duftmon were discussing.

"But what if Yumiko is in the Human World and she passes over?" Duftmon argued. "We'll have to deal with the Six Dragons and Yumiko, the woman who organized them so well."

"Good point," Magnamon sighed heavily. "So what do we do?"

Duftmon fell silent, Magnamon and Dorumon shared a glance, despair clearly visible in one another's eyes. And try as hard as Duftmon might to hide it, the despair was perfectly clear in his eyes.


The Human World

Serena and her class mates all arrived in the city around noon, they were split into small groups and then sent around the city with a camera to document what they saw and record what the locals thought of living in a city. Serena was in a group with Pen, Shazz, Max and Tom. Serena's general behaviour had improved over the six months, she acted like a normal teenager when it was necessary and then acted like she normally would around Yamaki.

The group was to return to the bus in the centre of town at around 2:45pm, and since they had documented enough information about the city they decided to spend some time in a park not far from where they were to meet the teacher's later. The group waited outside a small café while Serena got each of them hot chocolate, she emerged from the shop and handed them the drinks and then set off for the park.

"I can't wait for the end of term," Shazz smiled. "We can finally relax and enjoy life as happy and nutty kids, hell bent on getting drunk and finding that special person. Have you got a special someone, Serena?" she nudged her friends in the ribs.

"Yeah," Serena smiled. "I have a special someone..."

Shazz squealed, "Who? Tell me!" she practically begged.

'OOHHH! You lovely creature, someone has stolen your heart! Who?'

"She's like Crusadermon," Serena whispered to herself.

"What?" Shazz frowned.

"Oh, nothing," Serena chuckled.

They walked past a small duck pond, watching as a young child playfully threw some pieces of bread into the pond and giggling as the ducks ate them happily. Serena took a sip of her hot chocolate and felt a strong wave of energy ripple through out the area, she gagged on her drink and turned to face the city skyline, dropping her drink. That energy felt like something a Digimon could create, but Serena saw nothing. She saw no portal, no Digimon, was she imaging things?

Or was her feeling of homesickness beginning to eat away at her brain and sanity?

"Something wrong, Serana?" Max asked, noticing her expression.

"Huh?" she turned to face him. "N-no, I guess I was just.. imaging things."

Max rolled his eyes, "C'mon," he smiled. "Let's go see if there's a decent hotdog stand around here."

They group chuckled lightly and followed him, Serena walked slower than them, looking upwards at the city. What exactly was that she felt?


Atop one of the citites buildings, seconds before Serena felt the energy ripple, a dark grey energy field suddenly appeared on the building's roof. Sparks ran across the ground as the energy field caused the air to become hot and static, making breathing difficult for any ordinary human. From within the field two glowing red eyes were seen and a large Digimon stepped into the sun light, blood lust burning behind's Reptiledramon's eyes.

To Be Continued...