Episode 19

Heaven is a Place in the Digital World

A Month Later

Serena set aside the bucket of paint, staring proudly at the new layer of paint she had applied to her home. It had taken some fixing, after being destroyed and suffering months of neglect, it had taken the help of everyone to fix up the Japanese house in the woods.

Finally it was as good as new, a new layer of paint, a new interior of wood and rice paper doors, new beds and cupboards. It was almost as if she had never been dragged from all of this. She pulled off the paint-stained overalls, removing her the bobble from her hair.

"Bee," she called. "You finished in there?"

"Just... 'bout done!" he replied from the living room.

He emerged a moment later, wheezing, "Teh TV's heavy," he said.

Serena smiled at him.

Darknessmon had been put in an unmarked grave, just below the tree where the old tree house stood, and Serena and her family returned to the Digital World. It had been difficult for Yamaki and the two she-Digimon to stand on the side-lines, but they had never doubted Serena's ability.

Serena wanted to wish her family and friends farewell, but the portal was weak, and they wasted enough time burying the bastard. They emerged on a battlefield, where Magnamon, Crusadermon and Duftmon stood triumphant amongst the bodies of fallen Digimon.

From there things became a little complicated.

Though Alphamon and Lucemon were alive and safe, there was no escaping the fact that on several battlefields Demon Lords and Royal Knights had united to fight the enemy, because of Serena they had again been joined together, but not even she could make the bonds permanent.

They returned to their bitter feud, and Serena was welcomed back openly. Crusadermon hugged her until she turned purple, commenting on her new appearance, saying how much he had missed his little sister. BlackDuftmon was just as pleased to see Magnamon, she jumped on him and wouldn't release him until he stopped breathing.

Alphamon began repairs on the Assembly and after hearing of Strikedramon's switching of sides, offered her immunity of her crimes as long as she confessed to everything. With Serena's true form revealed, Lucemon had denied her a place in the Demon Lords, but that hardly stopped Beelzemon and Lilithmon from visiting her.

Magnamon returned to work; Serena had barely seen him in the last month, besides the time he and the others came to help. She knew they were all coming over that night for a celebratory meal, it was why she wanted everything looking nice, and with the wiring worked in they had a bit of television to enjoy too.

She entered the living room, admiring the work that had been done.

"It looks good, Bee," she said.

"Thanks," he fell down besides the table. "Man, I'm beat."

She sat down beside him, "You can have extra sak tonight," she offered.

"For all my hard work?" he smiled.

"For being a great guy," she teased.

The door slid open and Yamaki and Strikedramon entered, Serena had noticed they had been spending an awful lot of time together, she tried not to think about it. Instead, she noticed the bags they were carrying, heavy duffel bags, made for travel.

"Hey there," she greeted. "You ready for tonight?"

"Actually, honey, that's what we need to talk about," Yamaki said.

"... What's wrong?" she asked.

Yamaki and Strikedramon took a seat, and Yamaki took his daughter's hands.

"This thing with Darknessmon isn't over yet," he said. "We still have to find out how he was communicating with his human forces and order them to stand down."

"So we're going to find his base and finally sever his connection," Strikedramon added. "He lived in the Ice Realm, so its going to take some time before we reach it, and even then I doubt we'll find his technology."

Serena was silent for a moment, staring down at the table with a blank expression, a moment passed and she smiled. "Do what you have to," she said. "And when you come back I'll have a meal waiting."

Yamaki and Strikedramon stayed for an hour, and then left before it got dark. Serena began preparing drinks and snacks and her friends came over just as day switched to night. It took her a moment to adjust to having all her friends around, to being back with those she loved, but soon she forgot all about Darknessmon.

Magnamon got to his feet and tapped his glass, silence fell over the group. "I thought I'd make a toast," he said. "A lot has happened over these past few years, more so in these months, it's a good time to reflect on what's happened."

Beelzemon smirked and finished off his drink, then poured himself another.

"We've been in fights," Magnamon chuckled. "A lot of fights, but we've made a lot of interesting friends too -" he nodded towards Lilithmon, she smiled. "- and none of this would have happened if not for you, Seren. You came into our lives and nothing's been the same, and it s all been for the better. Now, with Darknessmon gone, we can look to the future!"

He raised his glass and they followed suit, cheering as the soft tink of glasses was met with the cry of 'To the future!'

The End


This was a really short conclusion and I apologize if it wasn't a very satisfying ending, but I felt there was nothing left to say. Serena is happy, she has returned to the life she so enjoyed and can look to the future. And now, thank you to all of you who've read and reviewed. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.