Listen to Why by Secondhand Serenade while you read this. And I got the idea for this by reading the oneshot Songs of the Heart by perishedlove. It's great, go read it! Mine is nowhere near as good, but review anyway please! This is my second Inuyasha fic, so go easy. Enjoy! Could be seen as anything, brotherly or otherwise. Go for it, whichever you like. Enjoy.

"What is love?" Such a simple question, uttered to his mother by such a simple little boy. But that wouldn't last, because it never does.

"My young one, love is many things. Why do you ask this?" The mother smoothed away her sons hair, marveling at how perfect he really was. Wide gold eyes, and magenta stripes. A blue crescent moon completed his face, staring back balefully on his forehead. His small fangs poked his upper lip as he smiled up at her from her lap. He was magnificent, beautiful, and she only wished she would be here to be able to watch the women swarm around him when he came of age.

"I heard Father talk about it one day. I wanted to know." He shrugged as she looked heavenward.

"Well, love is something special. It warms your insides and makes you forget where you are. Stealing your breath and letting you sway to a song only you and the one you love understand. You'll want to protect them and keep them safe, smile and laugh when they are with you. Your heart will pound with a strange emotion that will spread through your whole body. There are different kinds for different people, but there is love for everyone. Just as I love you," She said to her son while tapping him on his delicate little nose. Somewhere inside the ornate castle they sat outside of, a clock ticked and a man paced, watching his young son and wife from a window. Tears glistened in her eyes, and the same threatened to break out of his own eyes.

"And you love Father right? And he loves you!" Sesshoumaru stated, hugging his mother tightly, hanging onto her and listening to her heartbeat. While she rubbed his back and smoothed his hair, carding her fingers through the soft strands, she cried.

"Yes, little one. Your Father loves me, as I love him. He has a big heart, big enough to love all kinds of people, human, demon, hanyou. He loves his people and his family and many other things as well. But know, young Sesshoumaru, that your Father and I love each other. Very much, and we always will." Her voice trembled, and she kept her sons head down as he tried to peer up at her. She would not let him see her crying. The pup should have a happy childhood while he can. Sesshoumaru fell asleep on his mother's lap that day, in her arms, lulled by her breathing and scent and heartbeat. She smelled of fire and vanilla. Sweet and dangerous. Unsure. Undecided.

"Sleep, my loved one," She murmured, kissing his crescent moon. That night, he woke up from sleep to see his mother. He looked and looked, searched, but she was no where to be found.

"Didn't she love me?" He whispered to himself forlornly, as he went back to bed, knowing she was gone. And she wasn't coming back.

It took Sesshoumaru years to understand that she left not because she didn't love him, but because she loved him and his father too much. Her heart couldn't take the fact that Inutaisho's was split in two, so she did her best to mend it for him. Now, Sesshoumaru could recall every moment of that day, young as he was. A scent reached his nose, in the dark of the night. Vanilla and fire, sweet and dangerous. Unsure. Undecided. But mixed with the scent of human. Inuyasha. The half demon smelled exactly as his mother had, and Sesshoumaru tried to hate him for that fact, as he'd found meaningless ways to hate him otherwise, but he couldn't do it. Not this time. Inuyasha was asleep for the night, high up in a tree. Sesshoumaru landed lightly on his branch, taking care not to wake the hanyou. His heartbeat, his breathing, his smell enveloped Sesshoumaru like a warm blanket of his childhood. For a moment, a small moment, he closed his eyes and pretended it really was his mother there in front of him. As his eyes opened, a bemused smile played around his mouth and golden eyes met pale skin over closed eyes. A clawed hand lightly brushed across Inuyasha's eyes. He almost expected them to open, but they remained still. Sesshoumaru looked up to the moon, that reminded him of his brother and Father and Mother, so easy to look up and see, but impossible to get to. It eclipses the sky, takes over your sight until all you see is that. And eventually, you see it all the time, even when it's not there, and it keeps you going because one day you'll be where it is too, and then you'll be happy. But until then…

"Little brother," And then he was gone. Inuyasha opened a golden eye.

"Maybe one day, he'll come to me and tell me what he does this for. And maybe one day…I'll ask him." With a sigh, Inuyasha really goes to sleep, still feeling the touch of his brother's clawed hand over his eyes, weighing them down. One last glance up at the moon that reminded him so much of his brother, beautiful and untouchable, and he was asleep with thoughts of his own mother running rampant in his dreams.