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Inuyasha, for all that he said and did, did not in fact, hate his brother. He may hate how he acted, or the pain he caused, or the fact that he was a pompous ass that was indefinitely stronger than him, but he was family, even half. Inuyasha could not bring himself to hate family. His mother had taught him better than that, and he just didn't have it in himself.

And Sesshoumaru, for all the he did and said, hated the hanyou far less than he let on, though to some extent he DID hate him.

Once again, looking at the crescent moon in the unneeded shade of a large tree, Inuyasha sighed. For some reason, Sesshoumaru had been on his mind a lot lately. Too much for his liking. His brother just confused him, to no end. Though he hated Inuyasha, he took in the human girl Rin(a human, not even half demon! Maybe it was because she was "pure" according to Sesshoumaru anyway, because she was not of both bloodlines), and that hurt Inuyasha, though he never failed to hide it and would deny it vehemently, should anyone bring the particular subject up.

Staring at the same moon, Sesshoumaru pondered quietly the welfare of his hanyou brother. Not that he cared, he was merely wanting to know is his half brother had managed to disgrace the family name even more since their last encounter. He made a point to tell himself that every time the little half demon crossed his thought process.

Two pairs of golden eyes closed slowly and twin sighs escaped two mouths though neither were heard by anyone other than those sighing themselves. Inuyasha snorted quietly. Sesshoumaru, in all his attempts at being levelheaded was, in a way, more daring and reckless than them all. If one were to be describing Sesshoumaru with facts and opinions, the young half demon mused, they would see that. It was an opinion to say that Sesshoumaru was cold and cruel. However, if one were to define the two terms, Sesshoumaru would certainly be the answer, to the fullest extent.(So which was it? Fact or opinion?)

And there lies his recklessness. In his haste and state of mind to be calm, cool, collected, calculating, cunning, and deadly, he was only growing more and more sloppy. Pushing every feeling and emotion down into concentrated hits and insults. He was the extreme of any negative word, though he strove to appear controlled. There was no limit. In his way of trying to have boundaries, set laws, make rules- it seemed he had none at all. No one realized that, or so Inuyasha thought, anyway.

A cloud drifted across the pale surface of the moon contrasting so sharply with the blackish dark blue of the sky, breaking Inuyasha's train of thought. He shivered as a cold wind blew suddenly, even though it was summer. He thought, rather randomly, that the moon in the sky described him and Sesshoumaru well. One was dark and encompassing while the other strove to hang where it did, constantly changing and moving. Sesshoumaru was large and powerful and stoic- never was he unreliable. He could be counted on if you had his trust or loyalty. Never was he doubted. There was nothing about Sesshoumaru that anyone could say was changed frequently. Once he made a decision, it was final- everything about Sesshoumaru seemed final. Inuyasha however, changed often. Temper and moods sporadic, expressions flitting across his face, sometimes there, sometimes not- physically, mentally, and emotionally. But…

"But…they go together, don't they?" He said, his voice childish and confused, blowing a heavy gust of air from his lips after. "They belong, no matter how different. The moon and the sky. Sesshoumaru and I." He said with much more conviction. Another sigh escaped Inuyasha's lips as he closed his eyes, letting his senses scan the area around him for the rest of night.

Sesshoumaru sat watching the stars, not sleeping, barely breathing, wondering. What was all of this for? He fought and killed, massacred, and as everything does, it was beginning to take it's toll. He was growing weary of all of it, and only longed for a place to rest his head and his heart, no matter how cold, even just for a while. A minute, just a second of respite, was all he needed. Just a moment of peace…

Sesshoumaru's eyes slipped closed. And a dream played behind those hauntingly golden orbs, of a time, a place, where a hanyou and a youkai could love and live and rest in peace and comfort, for more than a minute. More than a moment. Seemingly, maybe…for the rest of time.