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Part 14

~Refuge From the Wreckage~

Matt shoved the next game console into the box, it being wrapped hastily in a shirt instead of bubble wrap, and stood up. He had been packing things up nearly religiously ever since he'd gotten back to his apartment.

He just didn't want to stay there any longer; there were too many memories now attached to the place, memories that already ate at him, tore at him like a rabid animal. But he didn't want to dwell on them, to dwell on them was to accept them, and to accept them was to accept that... that he had really left.

And he couldn't do that at the moment.

He sighed softly and had just reached for another t-shirt wrapped game when his front door was kicked in. He froze, staring at Mello as the blond stood there in the doorway like some awkward demon from hell. His eyes blazed and his hair was out of sorts but he seemed.. hesitant, despite the determination his expression showed.

Matt's legs twitched at his odd position but he found he couldn't move, being utterly pinned under that gaze like some sort of insect. Hadn't Mello... left him again?

He was more than surprised as Mello strode up to him, door left wide open, and pulled him up from his crouched position to kiss him. He was almost too shocked to do anything. Almost.

Matt felt that familiar desire coil up inside of him, the one he usually tried to burry, and before he could help himself, he kissed back. It was sloppy and rushed, teeth gnashing and tongues sliding against each other uncaringly, but Matt doubted he could have dreamed up anything better.

If this was a goodbye, if Mello walked back out the door afterwards...

The hand in his hair yanked at his scalp and the other one around his waist seemed to burn at his flesh but he couldn't move, breath, until Mello released their mouths however long it was later.

"I want you to quit." Mello muttered against him. His breath hitched in surprise; Mello wanted him to... was Mello really saying...?

"But I can't... I can't give up the Kira case... not yet... just give me a month and I swear in everything I believe that no matter where I am in the case in a month, I'll end it."

Matt hopes dropped slightly, it wasn't the answer he wanted, but he couldn't expect anything more of Mello. He shouldn't have even let that demand slip from his lips in the first place, but if Mello was truthful, than in a month, no matter what, even if Kira hadn't been arrested and Near defeated...

"Mello... you'll really...?" it almost didn't seem believable. Mello had said it, and Matt had seen nothing short of the truth in those eyes but...

"I really do want you to quit... I don't want you working or going anywhere near there anymore..." Mello trailed off and pressed their foreheads together, seemingly uncomfortable with speaking.

"I care for you a lot more than I ever thought possible..." Mello mumbled softly, voice thick with emotion.

Matt blinked. He hadn't expected that, not even after the kiss. He was surprised, but damn if it wasn't a good feeling that caused him to let loose a shaky laugh. He hesitantly kissed the blonds' scarred cheek and allowed himself to be pulled closer, to simply be held.

Nothing was really fixed between them, in fact a whole new can of worms had been opened, and nothing resolved. But Mello wanted him, wanted him so badly he was willing to give up Kira, give up a potential victory over Near, in a month even if the case hadn't ended in that time frame.

And to Matt, that counted for so much more than he could ever hope to express.


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