- Epilogue -

Tony DiNozzo watched his son come into the world with a wondrous sense of awe and was instantly speechless. The baby had a shock of black hair, the same dark hair that he had so come to love on the woman who watched his face intently despite being exhausted after her six hour labour.

"Ziva, I don't know what to say."

But he hadn't realised what he'd said until he looked up from the baby cradled in his arms and saw her eyes glisten and her lip tremble. He did a double take when he realised that she thought that he was disappointed with their son.

"Oh, no. Oh, my god, Ziva. I didn't mean...You have just given me the best gift any woman could give to a man."

He gently cradled the boy closer still and the look of tenderness tugged at Ziva's heart. She leaned across and put her little finger on the hand that wasn't much bigger than her thumb and was gratified when even tinier fingers flexed and wrapped themselves around hers.

She smiled up into Tony's face and was surprised to see his eyes shimmering with tears. "I think we had better give our son a name, don't you, Tony?"

He coughed nervously, trying to rein in his rampaging emotions. "Well, I wondered...how do feel about the name Eli Anthony, in honour of our fathers? Without them we would never have met, and without you, I would have never had met this little guy."

This time it was Ziva's turn for the tears to spring to her eyes and she nodded with a sad smile,

"No, I think it should be Antony Eli, after all, he'll be the third in a row to be named Antony."

Tony didn't know what to say, so instead he bent low and swept a tender kiss upon her dry lips.

The door knocked and Tony looked at Ziva and grinned knowingly at her. "I bet I know who that is. Come on in, boss."

Gibbs' grinning face peaked around the door."Hey, how did you know it was me?"

Tony laughed. "Because you're already half way in. Come and meet Antony Eli."

Gibbs' eyebrows rose as he came and stood beside his friend, "Antony. I like it."

The door knocked again and Tony responded with fond sarcasm. "Come on in, Abby."

Her head bobbed around the door frame. "Hi, can I...?"

She spotted her husband standing now beside Ziva. "Gibbs, you were supposed to wait for me."

He nervously cleared his throat at being caught out. "Sorry, Abby, couldn't resist."

She grumped good naturedly at him. "Couldn't stand the diaper I just had to change, more like."

They all looked at him and he blushed scarlet. "Yes...Well...I'll get the next one, I promise?"

Tony laughed outright at his squeamish boss and Gibbs looked at him indignantly. "You just wait and see what your son's first diaper looks like. I guarantee you'll be hitting the head to throw up."

It was then Tony frowned as he passed a look between both Gibbs and Abby. "I thought you two were supposed to be leaving on your honeymoon to Mexico straight after the ceremony?"

Gibbs and Abby looked across at each other and smiled and Gibbs decided to tell them the news.

"Well, we decided to delay it until after YOUR wedding so that we could all go away together. Y'see, I figured we can then take turns with the babysitting."

He grinned at the shocked looks on all their faces very clearly pleased with himself. "Well, isn't that what best friends are supposed to do?"

The End.