Alliance of the Light Keeperoliver Chapter 1

When the trio arrived back to Kings Cross station, Hermione saw Her parents standing there waiting for her with her brother Thomas. She wanted to run of the train before it stopped, to hold her little brother. She never thought she would ever be saying that. Her little brother.

Harry helped the girls with their luggage, then went back and retrieved his own. This would be the last time doing this. He knew he would be going back to Hogwarts, but not as a student. They would be receiving their marks in a week, but Harry wasn't worried about them, as he felt he passed them with ease. The trio, though having fun this last year, did study hard due to Hermione's scheduling of work and play.

Harry saw his mom and dad waiting for him with Zach and AJ, as that is what he called his little sister. They were three months old now, and were the most beautiful babies he had ever seen. Nothing prejudice right. He had Hedwig fly home in advance to their leaving, so that their was less to carry. He loaded all of their luggage onto a cart, and approached his parents, giving his father a hug and his mother a hug and a kiss, then knelt down and greeted his brother and sister with a kiss. "Hi Zach, hi AJ, have you been behaving yourself for mom and dad, or has Uncle Sirius been teaching you how to get on their nerves?"

The twins looked at Harry grinning and reaching for his hair. Fred made his presence known, "Harry, the twins are are amazing. However, you might reconsider calling Ashley, AJ, as she is way too cute for her name to shortened. And besides Ashley is a beautiful name."

'Thanks Fred, I'll consider you're suggestion, in the future, but right now, she is AJ.' Harry told Fred in his mind. No one knew yet of Freddie being in Harry's body, but for the ladies of his life, Brian and Roger. He would tell his parents later this evening.

Ginny went over to Harry after she greeted her parents, and knelt down to also play with the twins. They were soon joined by Hermione, who told Harry and Ginny that her parents would like her to stay with them for a week, to get caught up on each others lives and to shop for a wedding gown, so that Harry couldn't see it. Ginny gave Hermione a hug, and a peck on the cheek, and Harry gave her more. Their kiss lasted for what seemed like hours well in fact lasted for three minutes. This brought cat calls and whistles from the students still in the area. Harry told Hermione that he loved her and would see her in a week. Hermione got up and hugged James and Lily and said, "I think I am going to have to get used to calling you mom and dad, if you don't mind it being a little early?"

"That will be fine Hermione, as we already consider you our daughter. You and Ginny have given Harry something he has always wanted, Love and family. Because of this, he has expanded it to include over twenty five people. You go have fun, and we will see you when you come back to Harry and Ginny. I believe that they will miss you, but will be busy enough that time will go by fast, and you will all be together again." Lily hugged Hermione again after saying this.

Lily and James helped the pair with their luggage, and brought it to a limo that was being used for the Minister, for her protection, as it was spell proof, bullet proof and air tight against gas attack. James thought it was a little over the top for protection, but was glad that they wanted to ensure her the best security they could provide. They being the Ministry and the Alliance.

The Alliance of the Light, had become such a large symbol of peace and hope, that they had been approached by by Ministries from around the world asking to join both for the protection that they provided, and to help provide assistance when needed. It had become a global structure of unity and trust, between wizards and magical races such as the Elves, Goblins, Centaurs, Giants and the newest members, the Merpeople. The symbol for the Alliance has become Fawkes, as the brightest light in the Alliance to shine for peace. The leaders of the Light were, the three Shock Elders, Ragnok and his son Griphook, Magorian and Bane for the Centaurs, Grawp for the Giants, and of course Albus Dumbledore as Mediator. Each country would also have a delegation of representatives. In all there were over five hundred representatives for the Alliance of the light that could at any given time bring to force 100,000 trained fighting members, in both Magical and muggle combat methods. A force that size put down quite a few thoughts about world domination by any wizard who thought himself to powerful. Since forming the Light, there have been three such attempts that were stopped before they could gain any strength. One in Australia, one in Africa, and one Turkey. The Intelligence network for the Light so quick to respond to situations that, once a threat was recognised, it contacted the council and reacted immediately to put a stop to situation. World leaders were aware of the Alliance, and would, if asked, assist in controlling a possible threat to any third world country that asked for aid, It also provided for fund relief for a disaster plagued area. The UN was still the protection for the muggle world, but was not above asking for help from the Alliance, if they thought it was needed. The muggle world was slowly becoming aware of the magical world, and how much they were able to help when necessary.

Peace would reign for as long as the Light was a force to be reckoned with.

Freddie was becoming a constant companion to Harry, and Harry was more then pleased to allow this companionship to develop. Fred would retreat when asked for privacy, but Harry would allow Fred to be there at times when he and Ginny had intimate moments. Nothing serious, just Passionate kissing and minor fondling. Freddie was also becoming aware of Harry's different abilities, such as Harry's special eye. "Harry, I have noticed that one of your eyes is different then the other. It sees things in special way. Why is that?"

"Freddie, I lost the sight of one of my eyes when I had an accident at school. The Healers tried to save my sight, but were not able to. They replaced the eye with a magical eye. I have yet to figure out all the properties of the eye, but I know that Ginny and Hermione can see what I see. when I use it. That is why I seldom use it, as it tends to distract them. I do know that I can see through walls, clothing and light metal, such as aluminum and tin. Heavier metals such as lead, steel and iron I can't penetrate. I also see magical auras which shows the strengths of a witch or a wizard, and also his or hers can enlarge a vision to find minute details that may not be seen by the normal eye. I can find things that give off heat, or are extremely cold with my temperature reading. There are supposedly other abilities, but as yet, I haven't found a way to access them. I asked a friend who had an eye that worked in the same manner, but did not have the capabilities of mine, so he was not able to help me."

"Well, I wasn't expecting such a detailed answer, but I thank you for the explanation. Maybe I can find some of these hidden abilities while you are busy with other matters, such as Ginny. Speaking of the beautiful witch, I believe she is approaching. Do you want me to retreat?"

"If you don't mind Fred, I would like a private moment with my love. And thank you Fred, for being understanding and compliant."

Ginny placed herself in Harry's arms and kissed him tenderly, "Hello love, been doing anything special for the last hour. I'm sorry I was away, but Mom wanted to measure me for my gown, and went over the details her and Jean and Lily had suggested for the wedding and reception. They figured the only places big enough to hold the number of people attending would be either Hogwarts, or Potter Manor. I prefer Potter Manor myself, but will go with whatever you and Hermione decide on." She said this while snuggling into Harry's arms, listening to his heart beat. She could not believe how much she loved this man.

Ginny thought back on the other boys she had been involved with. Neville was her first date, at the Yule Ball. He had been a perfect gentleman, and treated her with respect. But there was no love between them at the time, only friendship. Then there was Micheal Corner. She had gone with him for about two months, when she finally realised he was after only one thing, and she was not about to give that to him. She also found out that he resented Harry, and would put him down whenever he got the chance, such as the quidditch match in her second year. She would never forgive him for this, and broke off their relationship right there on the spot. Then in her fourth year she started dating Dean Thomas. He was caring, attentive and loving. Their relationship carried over to her fifth year. That was when she realised that he was overprotective and too easy to give in to her wishes. If Ginny wanted something, he was quick to respond to her request and do, or get it for her, similar to a slave reaction. Ginny was not into this. She wanted someone with a back bone. Some one who could say no if he thought it was too demanding or silly. She broke off with Dean when she felt him try to help her through the entry to the common room, as if she were unable to do this on her own. She knew he was just being a gentleman, but she was an independent witch, that could do things on her own, without help. That was when she took over for Harry as seeker, as he had detention with Professor Snape for the rest of the term because of the incident with Draco in the bathroom. She had caught the snitch which secured the cup for Gryffindor. As Harry came into the common room, she saw him and went running into his arms, for a hug. What she didn't expect, was the kiss he planted on her lips. It had seemed like the twins had set of there fireworks display inside her head. It was the most wonderful feeling she ever had.

This relationship was her best to date, and lasted not near long enough. She tried her best to continue it, but Harry, being who he was, broke it off. It was the first time she was the one that was being rejected. It was a new feeling, and not one she relished. She tried one more time to get back together with Harry, before Bill's wedding, but Ron interrupted them before she could try her persuasive charm on Harry, and the moment was lost.

For the next eight months, she and Neville pretended to be a couple, trying to convince the Carrows, Professor Snape, and the Slytherins that they were a couple, and not Her and harry, This time, she had felt real feelings for Neville, and started showing signs of this to him. Neville noticed this, and told her that, as much as he liked her, there were two reasons a real relationship would not work, First, he was in love with someone else, Hannah Abbott, and would do nothing to hurt her. The second was that he would never do that to Harry. Neville knew that both Harry and Ginny still had feelings for each other, and he said this to Ginny. He had been right of course, but Harry was off somewhere doing something that she knew nothing about, and she was here in hell. with no one but Neville to console her. Luna had been missing since the Christmas Holidays, and there was no one else she wished to confide in. Things got so bad, she had to leave Hogwarts at Easter break.

"Harry, you said you followed me the whole time you were on the hunt by watching me on the map. Did you ever wish that you were there with me? That you could hold me in your arms and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. To be able to protect me from the horror that were the Carrows. There were times that I felt you thinking about me, but I just felt it was my wanting you there with me to love me. I must tell you, and please don't hate me for it, but, because he was there and you weren't I thought I was falling for Neville. He saw this and set me straight, but I faltered, when I needed to be strong. I'm sorry."

"Ginny, my love, there is nothing to be sorry about. I knew I was taking an awful risk, letting you go. You are a beautiful, caring, and faithful woman, that any wizard in his right mind would fall head over heals in love with you. Am I saying Neville wasn't in his right mind. Yes, I suppose so, but considering the circumstances, I suppose it's understandable, that and the fact that he was already in love. I'm just lucky it was Neville you fell for. Anyone else, and I would have lost you, as they would never have let you go."

The two then fell into some heavy snogging and petting. If they didn't get married soon, they were both going to go insane..

Dobby and Luna were catching up on their lunacy. Dobby had held back his natural feelings about his insane desire for fun and frolicking. He would prank whoever was near, and would take it with a smile. He knew who he could and could not prank. His best was on the twins. He had gone to the shop in Diagon Alley, and cast a spell on all the items there, to make it appear that they were missing. When the twins replaced the items, they would return, and those would also disappear. Finally when they had depleted their entire stock, and the shelves were still empty, they started to suspect either Dobby, Sirius, or James. They left to confront Sirius and James first.

Fred and George walked up to the door, and knocked. Penny, their Elf answered the door, "Yes George and Fred Weasley, can Penny help you?"

"Yes Penny, are Mr. Potter, and Mr Black in, and if they are, could we speak to them please."

"If you please come in, I will bring to their attention your wishing to speak to them." and Penny left to speak to her charges. They were not her master, as she cared for them as if they were her own.

James and Sirius were soon entering the sitting room where Fred and George were waiting for them.

James said first, "Hey Fred, George, what can we do for you today? And good morning, by the way,"

George answered, "It would be if some pranksters hadn't stolen our entire inventory from our shelves. We have come to retrieve them."

Sirius replied, "Well, why come to us? we didn't do it, although it is a brilliant stroke. Wish I had thought of it. It must have been a person with a wicked sense of humor."

Then all at once they said in unison, "Dobby!"

As if he knew he was being paged, Dobby appeared. "You rang?"

Fred was immediate with his thoughts, "What have you done with our inventory? We can't open, if we have nothing to sell. Please return everything you have taken so we can open for business."

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I haven't taken anything from your shop. Are you trying to say I stole from you. You better think about your answer, before you reply. You had best be sure that I am the one responsible for your things being gone before you accuse me."

Fred and George were worried that they had offended Dobby, and with him being Harry's brother, also offending Harry. "Well someone took them. When we arrived at our shop, all the shelves were empty, and as we restocked they they also disappeared. We figured it was either the Marauders or the mischievous Elf, who was behind it."

James continued the discussion, "Jumping to conclusions can land you into a heap of trouble. I suggest we return to your shop, and search for clues to see who is behind this." and with that, they all left for Diagon Alley.

When they got to the shop, Fred unlocked the door, and opened it, looked in and promptly shut it.

He looked at George and said, "I believe we have pranked by a professional. The store is a disaster area. Everything is back, and I mean everything. It is going to take hours to sort everything out."

Dobby said, "Why don't we go in, and see what we can do. If we work together, we should be able to get it done quicker."

Fred opened the door for the group to enter, and his jaw dropped as everything was in perfect order.

Sirius looked in and asked, "Who is pulling who's leg now? This does not look any disaster I have ever seen before. Was this your way of getting James Dobby and I out of the house?"

Only Dobby saw the light that was clinging to the ceiling of the shop. His grin had a sneaky look to it. The prank had worked perfectly, with a little help from his friend, or should he say, wife.

As the five wizards walked around looking for what might have happened, they heard a gentle laughter coming from somewhere. They looked around for the source. That is everyone but Dobby. All of a sudden, Dobby just lost it. "You should have seen the look on your face Fred, when you opened the door and saw the shop was like it was this morning. It was hysterical. Luna my love, can you join us please?"

And then, like a rain of falling colored droplets Luna started taking shape, and once again, Fred's jaw dropped. He had never seen an apparition like that before, and the thought of Luna pulling a prank was the farthest from his mind.

James. Sirius and George were not much better. Luna's appearing like she did was amazing. It was like she flowed into her self, forming her feet and worked her way up. It was a little disconcerting for the males to witness a beautiful woman forming in that manner. Like she was teasing them. The fact that she had actually was part of a prank was lost on them, as they watched her take shape.

Luna was in all sense of the word, a goddess. She was radiant, graceful and gorgeous. Fleur, being a Veela, was able to bring more then her share of attention to herself from the male population, before she married Bill, but that was the Veela charm that was responsible. With Luna, it was everything about her, to include her wings, which reflected light in a rainbow of colors on the walls when hit by light. Though no longer a Queen, she had a regalness about her, that could not be denied.

Sirius looked over to Dobby, almost in pain from taking his eyes away from Luna. "You are one lucky Son of a Bitch, you know that don't you?"

"Who are you talking to, me or Luna?"

"You, you ass hole. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I can't believe she settled on you. What kind of a charm have you got her under, to keep her with you, and to get her to help you with your pranks?"

Luna answered this, "You have it wrong, Sirius. It is I who have Dobby under the spell. It is called love. It is the strongest spell in existence as there is no known spell to resist it. He is compelled to obey my desires, I just do not require a lot. That and the fact that I love Dobby more than you could imagine. There is only one other I could have loved as much, and he was already committed to love another. Am I sorry for this? No. Do I still love this other individual? Yes, with all my heart. Would I give my love for Dobby to be with this other individual? Definitely not. Who is this other man? Only he and his chosen know, as well as Dobby, as I could not keep this from him. Is he jealous of this other man? Not in the least. Am I talking to much? I am sorry if I bored you all with my carrying on so."

This time George said it, "Luna, I don't believe there is any chance in the world you could bore us. But I must admit what you said intrigues us. What you have admitted to us is nothing of what we expected from you. You were so open with your feelings, that it was like it was second nature to you. To admit that you still love another while married to Dobby is strange, but sensual at the same time. Dobby, do you feel like you caught Luna on the rebound?"

"Rebound from what George, Luna said she was in love, she never said her love was reciprocated. She knew her other love cared for her, but did not love her in the same way as she felt for him. Luna was alright with this, because he was still close, like a brother. I loved Luna completely, undeniably and wholeheartedly. From the moment I saw her after Harry had made me what I am, I have been in love with her. Luna did not mention her first loves name, Do you wish to know who it was?"

James answered with concern, "You do not have to tell, if you don't want to Dobby. There are somethings we do not need to know."

"No, I think you need to know, especially you James as it was Harry. Luna never had anybody stand up for her before, and she never expected anyone to actually do it. She never asked for it, Yet, Harry stood up to her dorm mates when they were hiding her things from her. He protected her from tormentors and DeathEaters, and saved her life. And he trained her, along with the other DA members, to protect herself. She never felt wanted before, and it was a new sensation to her. Here was Harry, that didn't know her at all, and he wormed his way into her heart, without realising it. When Luna approached Harry about it, he told her that, although she was a beautiful woman, and would be loved by any man she was with, he didn't feel that way towards her. Yes he loved her, but as a sister. He had said this to Hermione at on time, but something happened to change that. Ron. Yes Fred and George, your brother was the reason that Harry fell in love with Hermione. Am I jealous of Harry, because of the way Luna feels about Harry. No way, because I feel the same way about Harry. He is the reason for everything being the way things are right now. He is so amazing, yet does not realize it. He takes no credit for the things he has done. This has been bottled up inside me, and I am glad that I am able to relate to you my feelings. Harry, when he exchanged blood with me to make him his brother, started an avalanche of events that have shaken the very foundation of both the wizarding and muggle world. One little act of kindness and it set the world on it's ass."

Luna embraced Dobby in her arms, tears leaking from her eyes. And hers were not the only tears in play. James and Sirius also had tears forming and making a trail down their faces. Fred and George were just stunned. They had heard things about Harry, that they didn't think anyone should know.

Fred and George had always idolized the Marauders, doing their best to emulate their accomplishments. Upon hearing what Harry has done, they now knew why they had this fixation. Anyone who could bring a child such as Harry into the world, would always hold a special place in their heart. Even without the influence of James and Lily in his life, Harry had turned out to be the savior of the wizarding world, and the creator of the peace of the world was now enjoying. He was more than just Harry, yet he would never accept this proclamation. To him, he just did what he felt was right and not what was easy. He could have given up at any point in his school years, hell, any one else would have, but not Harry. His strength was his commitment to his friends and family. If he even knew the twins were thinking this, he would discredit their thoughts in a laughing manner,and say he had done what anyone else would have done, not realising that what he had done was not possible to be done by anyone else. Harry Potter was the doer of impossible things. And then it hit them. Harry Potter, Mr. Impossible. Fred and George beamed at each other. How did they do that, Come up with the same idea at the same time.

The twins explained their idea to the four who were with them, and received the same answer from all of them.


Petunia was feeling lonely. It has been a year since Vernon died, and Petunia had not even thought about seeking any other mate. It was not out of respect for Vernon, it was her low self esteem. She did not feel pretty enough to start thinking about going through the mating ritual again, especially at her age. She was nearing forty, and she felt well past her prime. She did not want to admit that she would or could ever be happy with another man, it was just that she was not a strong woman, with very little confidence in her personal appearance.

Tonks took upon herself to help this woman to find her spot in life with a man that could love her and care for her. The first step was to get her to admit that she was more attractive then she knew. This required a new makeover, and a new wardrobe. She went to Petunia, and told her of wish to help her, as she could see that she was lonely and required assistance.

They went shopping, and bought clothes that accentuated Petunia's attributes, which were more than she realised. Then they purchased some make-up to liven up her appearance. They had her hair done in a more modern fashion. When they were done, Petunia could not recognise herself. For that matter, no one else could either, including Dudley, who was floored when he was told who it was that the older men were admiring.

Petunia was approached by several gentlemen while they were out shopping. Tonks had her share of admirers as well. But this day was for Petunia.

There was man who asked Petunia if she would agree to have dinner with him. His name was

Emmryc Myrddyn, and Tonks passed out upon hearing his name. When she was revived, she asked if he was the Emmryc of legend. He looked at Tonks and nodded in the affirmative, and Tonks passed out one more time.

Petunia's life was about to make a dramatic turn for the much, much better. She just didn't realise why.