Alliance of the Light Keeperoliver Chapter 11

A/N: Please don't flame or hate me, but this is going to be my attempt to end this tale of Harry Potter's Saved series. It started out with a dream I had, and it is ending with a tear in my eye. I have enjoyed bringing this tale to you all, and it saddens me to have to put my baby to rest, but I am running out of ideas and plot line. I have no idea how this is going to go, as I have not yet written it. So if it seems choppy, and not well said, blame it on the tears. I appreciate all who have followed Harry, Ginny, and Hermione through this magical trip. I have brought you, Life, death, friendship, love, laughter, tears and above all, hope.

And with this, I bring you, (I hope), the final chapter of Alliance of the Light.


Eleven people sat around a fireplace, enjoying each others company. A lot of grey hair, a few wrinkles, and a million memories. Harry Potter, Hermione Potter, Ginny Potter, Dobby Potter, Luna Potter, nee Lovegood. James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Amelia Black, nee Bones, Remus Lupin, Nymphdora Lupin were reminising about the chain of events that brought about them all being here together.

Dobby, still looking like a 25 year old, was telling the tale of Harry during his second year at Hogwarts. Although every one knew the story, having heard it a thousand times, laughed as he tried to explain his house-elf logic. 56 years, and it seemed like it had just happened recently, to the wedded trio. Ginny still shuttered when it was brought up, but it was soon remedied by the loving hugs received by her husband and sister.

Next it was Remus' turn to relate his part of the story, beginning with the trip on the train. His first class, and Neville's thought of Severus in his grandmother's clothes and hat. Harry learning the Patronus charm and his eventual Patronus form. Hermione and Harry's saving of Sirius of the Dementor's kiss, on the back of the, also recently saved, Buckbeak. Buckbeak was released by Hagrid, soon after Sirius' demise at the Ministry of Magic battle. He did return during the Battle of Hogwarts, but returned to the wild right after, but was frequently seen at Hogwarts, to be used by Hagrid for his Lessons in the Care and handling of Magical Creatures class.

Hermione was next up, as she told of Harry's unwilling entry into the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Of his first event with the Hungarian Horntail Dragon, and how he summoned the Firebolt to his self, in order to defeat the Dragon, and claim his prize. She also told them of how she knew at that time of her true feelings about Harry. She told of how her hopes were crushed when Harry was afraid to ask her to the Yule Ball, because he knew of Ron's feeling for her. She only went to the Ball with Viktor, because she was afraid no one else would ask her. She went on to how, with the help of Gillyweed, Harry was able to get through the second task, and was able to save both Ron, and Gabriel Delacour. The third task was the hardest for her to go through, as it brought back the memory of Cedric. She still had feelings for him, though now it was more as a close friend than a person she had loved for a brief span of time.

Luna asked if she could present her thoughts of Harry's fifth year, and the married trio agreed. First she started out by acknowledging the fact that, up until then, she had no real friends. That is until the beginning of the fifth year, Harry had approached the Ravenclaw students to stop the tormenting of the young fourth year, and hiding her clothing and equipment, or he would make them pay. Then when Hermione and Harry started up the D.A., she was ready to jump on the Harry potter band wagon. She didn't realize that by doing this, she would find out that she was far stronger than she thought she was. Harry had shown her that she had more than one friend, and her fellow student began to look at her in a different light. It was because of the D.A., that she first met Dobby, and though it was brief, she felt something in the little house-elf, that she couldn't quite place. She would later find out it was a bond, being set in place, that would revive a dynasty.

She then went on to tell of the Battle in the Ministry, and the start of Ron's problem. When he was attacked by the brains in the tank, he had major doubts about himself implanted in his memories by the attack. He carried these with him, for a few years, and no one ever knew about them, until it was too late for him and Hermione. Hermione was tearing up at this, as she knew that Ron still loved her, but it was a love that was, or could not be, returned.

Luna then ended it with Sirius going through the Vail, as she did not witness the battle between Harry/Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Harry did his sixth year, and his concern for what Draco was attempting to do. He knew he was up to something, but he could not get any one to believe him, not even Hermione. Hermione balked at this, saying that she believed him, it was just that without any proof, he could not go around an accuse him of anything. Harry agreed now, but it was different back then. He also talked of the monster that was growing in his chest, when ever he saw Ginny and Dean together, and especially when they were snogging. Ginny huffed at this, saying they were not snogging, just kissing, and if he had a problem with it he should have said something, rather than let her prat of a brother handle it. Harry snickered at this, and continued on with his story. He told of the Potions book he got from Professor Slughorn. The parties, with the Slytherin Head of House. The duel with Draco in the Loo. His detention. His first kiss with Ginny, and their dating for the rest of the term. His meetings with the Headmaster, and their trip to the cave. Their return trip, Madam Rosemerta's Imperious, and the battle on the Astronomy Tower. His breaking up with Ginny, to which she cried at the memory, at Dumbledore's funeral.

Two different stories needed to be told for the seventh year. One by Ginny, and one by Dobby, Harry, and Hermione.

Ginny started with the horrible treatment of all students that were either muggle born, half-bloods or traitors. She told of the Carrows and their tortures, how her and Neville did their best to protect Harry, by pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Of how Malfoy had helped her after a particularly bad torture session, after she had stolen what she thought was the Sword of Gryffindor. About not returning after the Christmas Holidays, and her returning with her brothers when Neville called them in for the final battle. Her tale was gruesome, and not told without tears by most in the room.

The next part was told in shift, first by Harry, with the attempt to get him safely out of the Dursleys house on his seventeenth birthday, and the catastrophic events that took place during it. He then moved on to his arrival at the Burrow, His Birthday kiss from Ginny, to which she smiled. The wedding, and the escape after Kingsley's Patronus warned them of the Ministry falling and of Scrimgeour's death. He was another who wished to stay behind when Harry used the Resurrection stone, for what ever reason. How he Ron and Hermione had fled into the waiting trap of the death eaters at the small diner. Their stay at 12 Grimmauld Place, and their conversation with Kreacher. Harry and Remus' arguement about him going with them.. Every one agreed with Harry, and Tonks stuck her tongue out at Remus and said Told Ya. Yes, he would hear about it again, and again, and again.

Hermione took over from there, as she was the one who put it together. The trip to the Ministry, the Polyjuice potion, and the saving of the muggle born, from Umbridge, and the recovery of the Slytherin Necklace. Then their escape from the Ministry. Ron's departure, which always riled Ginny. She knew he wasn't himself, but no one abandons their friends. Then Hermione went on about Godric's Hollow and on to the incident with Harry finding the true sword, and being saved by the returning Ron. And then about being captured and Hermione being tortured and Dobby's sacrifice.

Dobby took over from there. He decided to give a little history lesson with his part.

"Before I start with my part of the tale, I would like to tell you about the incident in second year first. When I heard the plans by Lucius, I knew that I had to warn Harry about what was going to be a bad second year. I knew that Harry was destined to be savior of the elven nation, and the reassembly of the Alliance of the light, but I could not tell him this, because it had to be of his own choosing. I did not know I was to be the one to be the chosen elf, but that is beside the point. Harry had to live to fulfill this destiny."

Harry looked at Dobby, because this was the first time he had heard this. "You knew back then, that I was to be the Herald? The one to be starting to lay the cornerstones for the Calling? And this is the first time you mentioned it? Fifty years later? Some brother you are. You could have said something to me."

"Better late than never. Any ways, as I was saying, I had to make sure that Harry lived . That was another reason for me taking that knife thrown by Bellatrix. I hated not telling Harry that I would survive the stabbing, but I knew he had to continue on with his quest. When Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived at Gringotts, I was taken to another room, to be unable to help them. I panicked when I heard that Harry was to be executed. The guards keeping me captive had their hands full, but with the restrictions that were put up, I was unable to perform magic, and unable to help. I cried. Not because We had lost the Herald, but because I lost a friend. Do you know what it means for a house-elf to considered a friend to a wizard. It is the greatest honor a house-elf can have bestowed upon him. When they came in to bring me to Harry, I thought it was to bury him."

Dobby stopped for a minute to catch his breath, and a kiss from his beloved. "When I entered the room, and saw Harry and Hermione standing there, I was so filled with emotions, I almost passed out. And when he made me his blood brother, I knew what was going to happen. Never before had a wizard shared blood with a house-elf. From there on, it was like a snow ball rolling down a hill, becoming bigger and bigger, as it went along. The Horcruxes, the Resurrection Stone, the Battle. Harry's death and returning. The use of the Resurrection Stone to bring you all back, Moony's fight and his breaking the curse on his own, and on down the line. I don't think you could write a book about everything that has happened because of Harry and his capacity for love. I mean who would believe that because by someone betraying you, it sets in motion the the biggest events that have ever taken place in both the muggle and wizarding worlds, bringing them both together."

Sirius laughed and said, "I believe it would be found in the fantasy section in a bookstore or library. If I hadn't lived it, I would never have believed it."

The discussions then centered around the families that have formed.

James and Lily had the twins Zach and Ashley, who are both married have have children of their own. Zach married a Healer from St. Mungo's who he met while visiting a friend and his wife, while she was delivering a baby. They had two children named Eugene Remus Potter, and Lillian Amanda Potter. They were now both maried, and Lillian had a girl they name Meesha LeAnn Malfoy, as Lillian had married Scopius' son Perseus.

Remus and Tonks had Teddy and a daughter they named Lindsey Michelle Lupin. They are both married. Teddy with Victoria, have one child, a boy they named Robert William Lupin. Lindsey married Aaron Longbottom, and had one child, a girl, they name Alicia Renee Longbottom.

Sirius and Amelia, were never able to conceive, but there was never a time that they did not have children around them to love and cuddle.

Dobby and Luna had three children, two girls and one boy, named Emily Devine Potter, Rheall Beautiful Potter and Romeo Adonous Potter. It seemed Dobby was only able to give the middle names of each child, however his son went by his middle name, as it was more manly. They were all single, at the moment but all were in a serious relationship, but probably never destined to marry, because of their long life expectancy.

Timothy and Petunia were married, but had no children. Dudley and Lisa Married and had three sons, named Edward Vernon Evans, Anthony Robert Evans and Tyler Heath Evans. All were married and each had one child, Edward had a girl they named, Regina Tonya Evans, Anthony had a boy they named Mitchell Timothy Evans, and Tyler had a son they named Edward John Evans.

Harry, Ginny, and Hermione had the three children, two daughters and one son, Lily Luna Potter who married Lysander Scamander, and had two girls named Antoinette Janine Scamander, and Gina Elizabeth Scamander. Molly LeAnn Potter married Antoine Beaudreaux and had a son named Louis Gaston Beaudreaux. James Albus Potter married Julia Barton, and had two children, a boy and a girl named Dora Ann Potter and Michael Zane Potter.

Arthur and Molly watched as Kevin, Warren, Naomi, and Leo grew up. Once again they were seeing the large family dwindle down to just the two of them. All four were now married. Kevin, Warren, and Leo had all married muggle women, and each had two children with each having a boy and a girl.

Naomi married Luiz and had two girls. Lucinda Belize Alonzo, and Ginevra Hermione Alonzo.

Ginevra is the oldest and named after her two favorite witches.. Ten years after she left school, at the age of twenty eight years she became the second youngest Minister of Magic, when Hagrid decided after fifteen years, he had enough, of politics. Besides, it was time for some new blood. Since Naomi had been the Deputy Minister for seven of those years, the Wizengamot thought she was best suited for the job. Naomi was the Minister for twenty of the most profitable years the wizarding world had ever known. She financed companies, for no interest, but asked for 15% of the net profit, not to exceed 25000 pounds annually. She had a health care put into effect that covered all children, families, elderly and handicapped. She had put in place laws that protected all life forms, the environment, habitats and historical sites. she was considered one of the greatest Ministers of all time. Even after she retired from the Ministry, she was often called in for certain negotiation purposes due to her Fairness in these situations. She was even called in by the British Prime Minister for this exact same thing.

Yes, there was no doubt about it, the Potter, Weasley and Granger families had accomplished the impossible. They had united the Muggle and Wizarding World into one big happy family. Each accepting the other as equals. The Phoenix Inc. had become the world's largest manufacturer of both Magical and Muggle merchandise in the world. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes was the largest chain store joke shop anywhere. Miracles and Magic was the most popular amusement park in the world, especially when it opened a park in Florida.


Harry, Ginny and Hermione were lying in bed thinking of the talk they had enjoyed this evening with their family. Life was moving fast for them now, and they didn't know how much longer they were meant for this world, but they knew they would enjoy to the fullest, starting tonight. And boy did they enjoy it. Harry thought to himself, These girls are going to be the death of me, but I can't think of a better way to go.


End notes: Well people, that's it, the end of my story. I know it wasn't the best of endings, and I know I didn't cover all the characters. But i tried to cover the Characters that were most talked about in the story, Except for Brian and Roger, but they are writing their own story as a am typing this story. I do hope you enjoyed my swan song for my greatest creation, other than my kids, and my cooking. Oh, and my military career. Now, what else, oh yeah, Luiz, if you ask me about What about Him or Her, I am going to scream at you. You will get a howler from Molly, delivered by Hedwig. BE DE BE DE BE DE, THAT'S ALL FOLKS!