Dean Winchester had fallen in love before. There had been Robin at the boy's home when he was a teenager. His first real kiss. He wasn't sure if it was love, but it had felt like it at the time. Then there was Cassie. Dean still thought about her every now and then. If she had believed him and accepted him when he first had told her the truth, would they still be together? She would probably be dead. There were others too, of course, like Lisa. What if Ben had really been his kid?

Dean didn't like to dwell on the past, it just had a way of catching up with him and biting him in the ass. So Dean had fallen in love, but he had never stayed in love the way he had with Sam.

Dean loved Sam fully, truly and unconditionally. He had fallen in love with Sam, and stayed in love. It had been years now and he could still wake up every morning and be grateful for the snoring Sasquatch next to him.

Dean knew that a relationship with Sam would be difficult to say the least, given the circumstances. Now that was to expected, because Dean had been through a lot of shit in his life, but he never could have imagined the hell that he and Sam would have to go through to be together. How almost every day had been a struggle in it's own.

It was a lot like a plotline of a movie, where it had started out explaining the story, and then everything would seem so good before it turned awful. Afterwards the happy ending was supposed to come. It hadn't for them though. It was like they were in one of those depressing 'based on a true story' movies that ended with the girl dead and the guy grieving.

They just hadn't known that their story hadn't ended yet. It was only in the climax of the story.

Their climax was hundreds of demons, ghouls, vampires and rouge angels trying to kill them and their toddler son though. Which would seem like they were doomed, but there was always a loophole. The loophole in this case was that in this story, for the first time in a long time, thanks to Sam, Dean had realized that he was the hero.

The hero didn't lose to the god damn demons. Especially when you have a hyped-up, superbaby with god-like powers that Dean could channel.

"I'm sorry, but you make it sound like I'm not even there." Sam said, clearly annoyed a he lifted his head from Dean's shoulder to look at him.

"Shut up, we both know Micah and I did all the hard work." Dean argued, there wasn't any heat behind his words though as he gently put a hand on top of Sam's head and soothingly started stroking his hair. "Besides, this entire story is basically dedicated to how much I love you."

"I liked the beginning." Sam said "But I hope you told it differently to Micah."

"Basically you were the princess." Dean said.

"What, and you were the prince?" Sam asked "I hope it was in a non-related kind of way."

"I was the handsome knight, Micah was the prince."

"That's kind of sweet." Sam agreed. "I can't believe it's all over."

"You're spoiling the story!" Dean said and Sam held up a hand in defense.

"Sorry, keep going."

"No, you've ruined it." Dean said, pretending to put on an attitude, but both of them knew that it was all just bullshit.

Sam laughed and rolled over to straddle Dean's thighs "Please tell me how the combined magic of the warlock knight and the prince sent all the ogres and shadowcrawlers back to their hole, and how they saved the princess."

"Both the princess and her perfect hair." Dean corrected him as he reached out and brushed Sam's bangs out of his forehead. "And now you really have spoiled it."

Sam took a hold of the hand that was now on his cheek, and the other one that was on his hip and brought both of them up to his lips where he took his time to kiss every one of Dean's knuckles.

"You are such a sap." Dean commented, "I don't mind though."

"You're the sap, sap." Sam said, and it looked like he was actually proud of that lame comeback. Dean would have said something if he wasn't so aware of his track-record with awful comebacks.

"I just can't believe they're all gone." Dean said on a breath, he felt like he had to say 'they', because he was afraid that if he used the word, then he would jinx it somehow.

Sam was more than happy to say it though "No more demons."

"Doors to hell closed forever." Dean said "It's been a year, and I still can't believe it."

Sam grinned hugely "Me neither." He replied "But I am so, so happy that Micah doesn't remember that."

"Remember we agreed though." Dena said "Tell him when he's old enough, we are not going to raise him like dad raised us, but…"

"We're not going to lie to him either." Sam agreed "You know I agree, I'm just worried."

"As is your right as a parent." Dean said as he took a hold of both of Sam's hips and flipped them over again, Sam on his back and a grinning Dean on top of him.

"I love you, baby." Dean said.

"You too." Sam said, and just as he was about to lean up to kiss Dean, a little boy came running into the room, giggling.

"Daddy!" He said "Dada!" He bounced on top of the bed, and Sam almost tackled him into the mattress.

"Sam, for god's sake." Dean groaned "You're gonna squish him."

Micah only laughed and kicked though as Sam tickled him. With a final kiss to the boy's cheek he let him go. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"When are we going home?" Micah asked and Sam smiled and ruffled his hair.

"A couple of days." Dean answered, "You're the only kid I know that complains about being able to play on the beach all day."

"He misses Bobby." Sam told his brother, took a hold of Micah, and placed the boy in between himself and Dean.

"Grandpa!" Micah said happily as he clapped his hands together. Dean had to laugh, like he always did whenever Micah called Bobby that. He didn't know when he had picked it up, because they had always referred to Bobby as 'uncle Bobby', but somewhere along the line Micah had thought of him more as a grandfather.

Dean and Sam never corrected him though; it wasn't like Bobby hadn't been like a father to them so Micah wasn't exactly wrong.

"It's our first vacation, like ever." Sam told Micah "Your dada and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest."

"Ever?" Micah asked with a surprised gasp. For him it was kind of unimaginable for someone as old as his parents to never have gone on a vacation. It wasn't as if they had never been to Florida, but it had always been on a case, never to relax.

"Ever." Sam answered dramatically.

So this was the story about how Dean Winchester fell in love and stayed in love. Some people who heard the story might think it was only once, but Dean fell in love with Sam over, and over again; Whenever he did a little dance around the kitchen whenever he burnt his fingers, the look he gave Dean when he almost cursed in front of Micah, and each time he listened to Dean talk when he had gone to therapy.

Dean Winchester had gotten his happy ending.

"Dada?" Micah asked "When is the baby coming?"

Sam smiled and put a hand on top of Dean's on his brother's stomach "A few more months, kid."

Even if it wasn't over yet.