Darker than Black:

A/N: I intended to make this a one-shot, but it got too long, so I decided to split this into four parts. I hope you enjoy.

Split Personalities: Part One

Hei lay on the bench in the afternoon sun, wearing his white shirt and blue jeans. He stayed still so not to sweat while Mao lay underneath him hiding from the blazing heat. Yin sat on the slide, her hands positioned in her lap, holding a perfect posture and giving the image the heat wasn't affecting her. Huang stood before them smoking a cigarette, wearing his vest and pants doused in sweat, and holding an envelop in his right hand.

In the tree above them, a bird chirped ecstatically, as though stating its pleasure of the warm air.

"There is a Contractor in town working for MI-6," said Huang. "Intel has it that he is here to kill you, Hei."

"Who is it? That one English Contractor who had killed Havoc?" Mao asked.

"No. We don't have much on him. Only a picture and his Messier code." Huang opened the folder and showed Hei a picture. On it was an English man with black hair that looked to be a reverse mullet, and he had a pierced lip. He wore a brown suede coat, greenish blue vest over a white shirt, and blue kaki pants. "He's known as MN798."

"Do we have a location on him?"

"He's staying at a local hotel a few districts over. We are to move in on him tonight before he gathers Intel on Hei, finds him here, and kills him. Yin, you are to observe the hotel, make sure he doesn't spot you, and watch his moves." Yin nodded. "Mao, create some kind of diversion to distract the occupant in the hotel so that Hei can get the opportunity to sneak in."

"Or I could just bust in through a window," said Hei.

"No good, Hei." Huang took a puff from his cigarette. "He picked a room where there's no window and away from emergency exits. He's really cautious when it comes to his safety."

"For someone we have little intel on, it seems we have more than we should know. How is it the Syndicate knows he's after me?"

"I wasn't told, and if I wasn't given that particular information, then we don't need it."

Huang threw down his cigarette butt, pulled out a box of cigarettes from his coat's pocket, and slid out another one to place in his mouth. He tucked his box away, took out a lighter, and lit his second cigarette.

"Sounds like to me they're hiding something," replied Hei.

"Don't get cocky," barked Huang, as he blew out smoke, and pointed his cigarette at Hei. "Just get the job done so we can be rid of this nuisance."

Huang turned on his heels and left the park, leaving a trail of puff smokes behind. Hei watched him until he rounded a building, and let out a slight breath from feeling a little squeamish.

"Scared, Hei?" Mao asked, looking up and around the bench.

"No," replied Hei.

"Then what's with the sigh?"

Hei's stomach growled.

"I'm hungry, and Homerun House doesn't open for another hour."


Misaki sat at her desk typing out a case she had solved yesterday night. It concerned a Contractor who could bring Novel characters to life. He had spent his time bringing the whole Harry Potter and Star Wars characters to the real world and had them duel throughout the city of Tokyo. It was a total disaster. There had been so many innocent people walking around with Hexes, one she remembered someone calling the Bat-Bogey Hex, and other commuters running as Darth Maul came after them.

In the end, the Star Wars characters won, as Darth Vader choked Harry Potter to death. After that, all the fictional characters and the havoc they caused disappeared, allowing the Foreign Affairs to arrest the Contractor. They also spent hours erasing everybody's memories.

"Had a splendid day, yesterday?" asked someone behind her.

Misaki turned around in her chair and stared up at November Eleven.

"What brings you back to Japan?" she asked.

"A job concerning a rouge agent. MN798, code name, March Eighty-one."

"An MI-6 rouge agent, here? Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am, Misaki," he nodded. "He had left MI-6 just a few weeks ago. From what we have gathered on him, he had gotten on a plane two days ago bound for here."

"Here? If he was trying to hide, the rational thing would be to avoid an Asian society since he would stick out like a sore thumb."

"We think he's here for Mr. 201BK."

Misaki slanted her eyes and said, "BK201? Why him? Is he here to give him Intel or something?"

"We think he's here to kill him."

"Kill him? What for?"

"We don't know, but I was ordered to have you and your department help me figure that out. We know where March Eighty-one is hiding, and we believe so does Mr. 201BK."

"You're joking."

"Not this time, Misaki, and we believe he plans on hitting him tonight sometime."

Misaki's pupils dilated as she gasped. November Eleven and MI-6 may have given her unit a lead on capturing the most notorious Contractor that was haunting Tokyo.


Misaki sat in her car with Saitou next to her late at night, watching the building where MN798 supposedly was staying. The air had cooled slightly, having Misaki roll up her windows to keep warm. A few people were still out, mostly teenagers talking with friends, and late workers heading to or from work, as cars drove by.

The building she and Saitou were watching stood taller than two other buildings beside it, and leaving enough space to put ones hands between them. It was doused in greenish paint that had weather damage and broken signs that blinked and flickered out.

"You think he's right, Chief?" asked Saitou. "You think BK201 is going to show up?"

"I hope so, Saitou," said Misaki.

"Out of all the Contractors we faced, he scares me the most. His white mask, black coat, it's just so haunting. Kouno thinks he wears the mask to hide his scarred face."

Misaki sighed, looked over at her colleague, and said, "He wears it so we can't identify his face."

"Eh, but why? No other Contractors do that?"

"Because he might be someone we know, or we might see roaming around the streets, and he doesn't want his appearance to be plastered on every building or wall like a billboard. For all we know, he could have been a cheapskate who ran out on his fiancée and had stolen all her money when he became a Contractor."

"He is? Where'd you here that, Chief?"

Misaki smacked her head on her steering wheel, wondering how such an idiot like Saitou came to work for the Foreign Affairs. It was as if he was picked because of his ignorance. At least he was loyal and wouldn't run from danger, betray her, or any of his other colleagues.

Inside the hotel, Huang sat on a couch in the lobby reading a magazine with Koda Kumi on the front cover. The lobby was cramped, like any other building, but brightly lit to make it seem more spacious. A western style rug lay under the couch with a stand next to it, and a coffee table before him that had other magazines to read.

Huang scanned the room. A young woman standing behind a laminate counter was talking with a middle-aged couple that had a son and daughter next to them. There was a maid vacuuming the floor around Huang, and a man with U-shaped sunglasses and brown hair that looked like a wig staring at a cigarette machine near the elevators.

"Yin, is the target still in his room?" asked Huang.

"Yes," said Yin, who was hiding in the shadows of an alley. "Watching T.V. Soul Eater."

"Tsk! I didn't need to know that much info, Yin! Hei, are you ready?"

"Waiting on Mao." replied Hei, standing next to Yin.

"Mao, where are you?"

"Outside waiting for someone to open the front door!" meowedMao.

"What, you're not inside yet?"

"No. I'm standing at the front door hoping someone will enter. And before you ask, no, I couldn't find an open window, or something I could crawl in."

"Crap! All right, I'll let you in. Get ready."

Huang began to stand.

"No good," spoke up Yin, halting Huang. "Someone's watching. A blue car parked in front."

"Who? Cops?"

"It's her, Hei. The woman from the Shrine."

"Kirihara Misaki?" chimed Hei, flabbergasted. "What's she doing here?"


"Well, the front door is out of the question," spoke up Mao.

"No," interrupted Huang. "Change of plans. Mao, distract the cop woman."

"What? How?"

"Be creative."


Misaki, patients no longer her friend, stirred in her seat and wondered where November Eleven was. He had said he didn't need a ride here, and that he would be on time to assist her with capturing MN798 and BK201.

She looked down at her watch to see it was half past nine, informing her she had been waiting for an hour. She frowned and wished she had stopped off at a McDoness first.

Suddenly, a black cat jumped on top of her hood and looked at them while showing its teeth, as if smiling. It then lay down and started waging its tail. Misaki frowned, wanting to honk her horn at it, but she didn't want to break hers and Saitou's cover.

She turned on her windshield wipers and fluid, hoping the blades motion and them spraying the liquid around would scare the cat, but it watched the blades go back and forth, and then started pawing at it.

Misaki turned off the wipers upset since that hadn't chased off the cat. The cat also seemed displeased the blades stopped, as it meowed awkwardly. It stood, and then began to stretch out its nails and scratch them in Misaki's hood.

Misaki, her eyes widening in displeasure, exited her car, and started shooing the cat away with her hands. The cat hissed at her, as Saitou stepped from the car, and then grabbed it by its tail. The cat, not pleased hanging upside down, growled and swung its paws at him. Its claws caught onto his sleeves, pulled itself up, and started scratching Saitou's face.

"Oi, stop it!" he shouted, trying to get the cat off him. "Chief, help me!"

Misaki rounded her car and tried to free her partner from the cat's lethal claws.

As she did, Hei moved out from the shadows, and stormed into the hotel, freaking out everybody that was present. The young woman at the counter ducked under it, the couple grabbed their kids to run off into a corner, and the maid screamed while bending over with her hands in the air.

Huang, pretending he was scared, kneeled with his hands up, and said, "Oh god, please don't kill me! I have a wife and six adorable kids!"

Hei began to run up the stairs, but stopped and jumped out of the path of an icicle. He looked back to see November Eleven standing near the tobacco machine smoking a cigarette and wearing a brown wig and U-shaped sunglasses.

"Hello, Mr. 201BK," he said, removing the sunglasses. "Looks like our intel was correct. I have to make sure I thank them when I return to London with your body."

Suddenly, November Eleven was struck in the back of the head with a book by Huang, and said, "What the hell are you things!"

Hei, frowning behind his mask, ran up the stairs, and onto the floor where MN798 was. He reached the door and busted through it. To his luck, it was empty. A figure running down the back stairs caught his attention, and recognized him as his target.

He followed him down the stairs and out the back of the building. Garbage lay around the place, as steam seeped out of manholes. To Hei's luck, he didn't see MN798 anywhere.

Unexpectedly, a glob-like bubble came towards Hei, making him jump out of its path. Hei, dumbfounded at the power, stared at where it had come from, and saw MN798 standing before him.

He was tall, had red hair with freckles spattered across his nose, green eyes, and dressed in a purple suit. His face was sharp and skeleton-ish, pointy ears, and his nose was slightly curled at the tip, giving him the feature of an over grown elf.

Hei pulled out a knife and charged at him, figuring he would dispose of him in seconds, but his opponent blocked his attack easily. Anger built inside of him and he called on his power to electrocute MN798, but the elf man stepped back at the last second.


After twenty minutes, and fifteen scratches, Misaki and Saitou pulled the black cat off him, and threw the cat onto the ground. It looked back at them hissing, and trotted off into an alley with its tail sticking up.

Saitou ran over to the car's side mirror to glance at it, and saw a mangled face. He stood straight, looked over at Misaki, and cried, "I still look handsome, right, Chief?"

"Sure," lied Misaki.

"Attention! BK201's star is active!" shouted Kanami from Misaki's CB. "In the location of where you're at, Misaki."


An electric sound came from behind them, causing Misaki to whip her head around, and see blue light embedding from the alley the cat had entered.


"Right behind you, Chief!"

They charged into the alley with their guns drawn, and pointed them at the two Contractors they were after.

BK201 ducked under a punch, swung his knife to cut MN798, missing him, and then somersaulted backwards to gather some room. He whipped out his cable to wrap it around MN798's neck, but MN798 dodged right and threw a knife to have BK201 knock it aside with his cable.

"Freeze!" shouted Misaki.

MN798 looked towards her and Saitou, highlighted in blue to form a glob-like figure of his body, and sent it at her.

"Look out!" shouted BK201, and jumped at her to knock her out of its path, as it struck him to pass through.

Misaki, flabbergasted he had saved her, looked over at him to see he was kneeling and watching MN798 run off into the distance smiling.

"I caught you in my web, BK201!" he yelled. "You will be dead before you know it."

BK201 stood to charge after him, but Misaki stepped before him while pointing her gun, and said, "Surrender, BK201. It's over!"

BK201 glared at her, making it hard to read him with his mask on.

A hiss sounded behind Saitou, causing him to look over at it, and watch as the same black cat from earlier jumped on his face to give him more scratches. Misaki cursed, wondering what to do, as she looked back and forth at Saitou and BK201.

Without any warning, she was struck in the back of the head with something, and fell forward unconscious. BK201 took the opportune moment to run over to Saitou, and chopped him on the back of the neck to knock him out. Hei looked past Misaki to see Huang standing behind her holding a two-by-four.

"Time to run, Hei," he said. He threw down the two-by-four to put his finger to his earpiece. "You to, Yin. Get out of here."

"Understood," she said.

Huang ran out of the alley with Mao. Hei followed, but stopped and looked back at Misaki and wondered why he had saved her life. He thought nothing more of it, and ran out of the alley.


Misaki was being slapped, forcing her to open her eyes, and see November Eleven wearing a brown wig standing over her. She sat up and noticed Saitou lying on the ground, making her fear the worse for him.

"Don't worry about him, he's just knocked out like you were," said November Eleven.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Mr. 201BK and March Eighty-one had escaped. It seems Mr. 201BK had friends with him, and I expect my old colleague knew we were coming."


"I don't know."

A noise around a pile of trash caught Misaki's attention. She stood, grabbing her gun in the process, and walked over at it cautiously. She stopped before it, seeing a bag popping up slightly, and then it and other bags went flying, as a man stood from underneath the pile.

Misaki looked on dumbstruck, as her eyes drifted down and her nose started to bleed while she stared at a naked Li Shengshun. November Eleven's eyes widened slightly from his appearance.

"L—Li... k—kun?" muttered Misaki, lowering her gun, and continuing to stare at the wrong spot.

Li, looking baffled, stared at her while blinking his eyes, and said, "Ki—Kirihara-san?" He then noticed her appearance, and glanced down. He blushed, as he cupped himself, and then at Misaki who hadn't peeled her eyes from his private parts.

Misaki snapped out of her daze, and then fought her eyes to look up at his.

"What are you... why are you....?"

"Where are your clothes?" asked November Eleven.

"I... ah, don't know? I don't even know how I got here. Where is here?"

"A local hotel. I would appreciate it if you would put on some clothes."

"Eh?" muttered Li, and looked around the trash. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any clothes he might have worn. "Eh?"

"Just take Saitou's pants. He should have knickers on."

"Saitou-san?" Li turned around, exposing his rear-end to Misaki and November Eleven, and stared at Saitou. Misaki's nose bled some more, as November Eleven covered his eyes. "Why is Saitou-san lying on the ground?"

"He... he was... knocked out," muttered Misaki.

Li turned around; making Misaki look up quickly so he wouldn't realize that she was staring at his rear end.

"Who is he?" Li gestured to November Eleven with his head. "Your boyfriend?"

"Hardly," said November Eleven. "My name is Jack Simon. And you are?"

"Li Shengshun. I'm a transfer student."

"Eh, ouch," muttered Saitou, and sat up to look over at Misaki, November Eleven, and then blinked at Li baffled. "Eh, I'm seeing a naked Li-kun for some reason, Chief."

"Because he's really here...n—naked," stuttered Misaki.

"Eh? Really? What happened to your clothes?"

"That's what we are trying to figure out, Saitou," replied November Eleven. "Now, would you be kind and give him your pants."

"My pants? Why?"

"So I don't have to stare at a displeasing sight. Although, seeing his makes me feel more manly."

Misaki turned around to give him a displeased look, as she blushed more and thought Li was manly enough.

"But I can't do that, I'm... going... commando. I always go commando. Why, why don't you Nov... eh, Jack."

"Because this is an expensive suite."

"Oh, enough, you two," said Misaki.

She pulled off her coat, and handed it to Li so he could wrap it around his waist. Misaki, feeling sheepish, couldn't believe Li was wearing one of her clothes.

"Now, why are you here?" asked November Eleven.

"I—I don't know."

"Come now, you must know."

"Jack!" said Misaki, rounding on November Eleven. "Li-kun probably was walking by, and got caught up in the fight that was going on here."

"Eh, there was a fight?" questioned Li.

"And how did he end up naked?"

"Does... does that even matter?" questioned Misaki.

"I guess it doesn't, but even if he was involved, then you know what we have to do with him," stated November Eleven.

"Eh? Like what?" Li questioned.

"Relax, Jack," said Misaki. "Obviously he doesn't remember anything."

"Very well, but the people inside need to be dealt with. You might want to take care of this young man and see him home safely."

November Eleven entered the hotel, and walked into the lobby to gather the people who had saw his power. However, he noticed one man missing from the pile.


Misaki drove Li back to Shinjuku with Saitou in the back seat. Misaki still felt sheepish having Li next to her in her car half-naked.

"I appreciate the ride home, Kirihara-san," said Li.

"It's no problem, Li-kun," said Misaki.

"Are you sure you don't remember anything, Li-kun?" Saitou asked. "Anything weird, perhaps?"

"Weird? Like what?"

"Nothing, Li-kun. Just ignore him," replied Misaki. "So how've you been? Still in school?'

"Ah. I got a test to take in the morning."

"What are you studying?" Saitou asked.

"Foreign languages mostly. It's tough stuff."

"I bet. I had a hard time learning English in school. I always had a hard time with my 'L's'."

Li smiled.

"You still working?" Misaki asked, trying to keep a conversation going, and wished Saitou wasn't with them.

"Yes, as a cook nearby my place," nodded Li.

"That's good to hear. We're here."

She pulled up in front of Misuzu's apartment. Li exited with Saitou following to take over the passenger seat. He looked at Misaki while blushing, and said, "Eh, I suppose you want your coat back, Kirihara-san."

"Eh, no, you... you can keep it, for now," replied Misaki, bashfully.

"Eh, thank you."

He bowed to them in which they returned, and headed up to his room, as Saitou closed the door so they could depart.

Li entered his room and lay on his futon, not realizing someone else was lying in the dark on another futon. He fell asleep as the other person turned to show he had the same face as him.

He was Li's other personality, Hei.