Split Personality: Part Four

Misaki stood before Commander Hourai who was glaring at her displeasingly with his hands cupped together and his elbows resting on his desk. She had been called into his office a few minutes ago, sounding displeased. She didn't know what else to do to protect Li from BK201's wrath, especially since she didn't want to see him killed.

"This is no nursery, Section-Chief Kirihara," he began. "We are not an organization that baby sits a civilian. You should not have brought that boy here."

"Sir, if I may speak?" asked Misaki. "I fear BK201 might try to kill him since he had crossed paths with him at the wrong time."

"And what makes you say that?" Hourai threw out his hands in question. "Why would BK201 do such a troubling thing when the boy didn't even see his face, or see him use his power?" He brought his hands together. "No, release the boy and get back to your duty."

"But, sir, what if BK201 does go after Li Shengshun after I release him?"

Hourai's right eyebrow dropped.

"You really care for this boy?" he asked. Misaki stirred and gulped. "Very well." Hourai leaned back in his chair while resting his arms on his armrest. "You can protect him, but on your own time. As of now, you're on suspension without pay until you are sure your 'friend', is safe."

"On suspension? But, sir, where am I going to hide him?"

"Your place, for all I care, or maybe rent a hotel room for the night."

Misaki blushed while thinking of being alone with Li, as though it would have been some secret love affair.

"If you don't like it, then turn the boy away," added Hourai. "Now leave my office so I can do some real police work."

"Yes, sir," said Misaki, displeasure echoing from her voice.

She turned around and departed the office. Hourai frowned, leaned forward to pick up his phone, and speed dialed a number. It rang a couple of times before someone on the other end answered.

"It seems your little task at killing BK201 failed," said Hourai.

"So I've heard," said Eric. "Don't worry; we have a back-up plan."

"Save your back-up plan. It seems Officer Kirihara wants to protect BK201's other half. Follow her and the game will be a done deal, but remember, don't kill Kirihara. We need her talent."

"Don't worry. I'll take the necessary precautions."

Hourai hung up, settled back in his chair, and tapped his fingertips together. Things were cutting a little too close, as the black spot on the sun drew closer to its peak. If he were controlling things, he would have annihilated Hei the day he somehow obtained his sister's power.

It didn't matter anyways. BK201 would be dead before the night's end, and all the Contractors will be extinct from the world.

Misaki returned to her desk to see Li sitting there across from Saitou and Kouno, talking with them. She figured, if Ootsuka weren't at the Astronomy lab with Kanami, she too would have gathered around him. At least Matsumoto was hard at work.

"You're lying, Saitou," said Kouno.

Saitou laughed, and then said, "No way! Just ask the Chief!"

"Ask me what?" she said, as she walked up to them. "And what are you two doing?"

Saitou and Kouno jumped, not realizing she had snuck up on them, and turned in their chairs to look up at Misaki with a perplexed look.

"Eh, that Li's stomach can get as loud as an Earthquake," said Saitou.

Li scratched the back of his head, probably remembering the time at Alice's party where his stomach had shaken the whole floor.

"Is that what you two have been doing this whole time while I was having a private conversation with Commander Hourai?" barked Misaki, causing Saitou, Kouno, and Li to gulp in fright. She sighed. "It doesn't matter." Misaki straightened out her posture and stared at her colleagues. "As of now, I am on suspension, so that leaves Matsumoto in charge of things here."

"WHAT?" shouted her unit.

"But what about helping us protect Li?" Saitou asked.

"You guys aren't," she said, and repeated what she had been told.

"If that's the case, then I want to be put on suspension too," stated Saitou, as he stood from his chair. "You can't do it alone."

"Saitou's right. I'm with him," said Kouno.

"No you're not," said Misaki at Kouno. "This unit needs at least three members. However," she turned her attention back at Saitou, "I could use your help."

"You can count on me," smiled Saitou while pointing his thumb at his chest. "Say what you need, and I've got your back."

"Good, you can pay for a hotel room for us."


Yin kneeled in the smoke shop before the window with a perfect posture. Mao lay behind her resting while whipping his tail. She had her right index finger in a cup of water watching things at the Foreign Affairs.

Things weren't sitting well with her since the incident concerning Kirsi's memory. She had these emotions developing inside her, but she didn't know what they were. It confused her, especially when it involved Hei.

It felt as though he had wrapped his wire around her chest and tightened it to where she couldn't breathe, or the thing beneath her chest would occasionally pump faster than anything she could imagine. She didn't understand why she had these, "feelings," but she knew she didn't want Hei to die. She didn't want him to leave her.

The detective woman and the huge built man began to lead Hei's other self from the Foreign Affairs. She followed them down to the garage and into a blue stylish car. Yin planted her spectre in the engine block where there was water mixed in with some green liquid. She wished that they had either a soda drink or a bottle of water so that she could watch things easier.

Twenty minutes later, the blue stylish car stopped. Yin, finding another water source along the curb, noticed they were in the Ikebukuro district. The area was as crowded as Shinjuku, people roaming the streets as if they were sidewalks, and giving vehicles a difficult time making their commute through the town. The buildings were littered with signs, making the confined area seem more claustrophobic.

Yin watched weaker Hei, the cop woman and the huge man enter a hotel. She located a cup of tea on the counter of the hotel to see the huge man ask for a room. The clerk, a young female, took his Credit card, swiped it through her machine, and within minutes, she handed over two key cards. Yin sneaked a peek at the room number to see it was three-o-two.

"Mao," she said.

Mao's ears perked up, as he raised his head to look up at her, and said, "What is it?"

Misaki, Saitou, and Li entered room three-o-two to see a small table and television sitting before a window on the back wall hidden behind yellowish drapes. The walls were plain white, giving the decor a second-rate look, and two doors leading to different small sleeping rooms. To Misaki's displeasure, there wasn't a bathroom.

"Looks cozy to me," smiled Saitou.

Misaki looked back at him frowning, figuring he would say such a thing. They removed their shoes, and stepped onto the tatami mat to step before a small wooden table.

"Saitou, you take the first watch. I'm going to get some rest," said Misaki.

"Right, Chief."

She thought about taken the first watch, but knowing Saitou, he would fall asleep if he were given the night watch.

Misaki entered the room on the right to see a yellow futon before her, and the decor mirrored the main room. She lay down on a futon and tried to get some rest. However, her concern for Li's safety kept her up.

What if she fell into a deep sleep and didn't hear BK201 attacking? Maybe BK201 was waiting for her to fall asleep, and then kill her, Saitou, and Li.

It frightened her not knowing what was going to happen. For all she knew, she could be over exaggerating about BK201 wanting Li dead.

Eventually, as the minutes ticked away, she was able to doze off.

Before she knew it, she sat up to see the sun setting behind the buildings. Misaki glanced at a clock next to her to see it read eight-thirty. She stood from the futon and departed the room to see Saitou snoring on a futon pulled out from a cupboard while Li watched a little bit of television.

Li looked towards her and said, "Oh, Kirihara-san. How was your rest?"

Misaki walked over to Saitou to squat next to him, as she felt she was being a little arrogant for not replying to Li, and said, "Having pleasant dreams?"

"Ah... the best..." muttered Saitou in his sleep.

"Good! Then dream of me firing you for sleeping on the job!"

Saitou sat up straight, startled, and looked over at Misaki flabbergasted.

"Ah, Chief!" stuttered Saitou. "I was just..."

"Just what? Sleeping on the job! What if Li's attacker showed up?"

"Eh, sorry, Chief. It won't happen again."

Misaki frowned, and said, "Go get some rest. I got it from here."

"Yes, Chief."

Saitou stood and entered the room on the left, leaving Misaki and Li alone. She stood glancing back at the door, and then looked towards Li, noticing he had a concerned look on his face. She smiled, trying to settle the stressful atmosphere, and kneeled next to him.

"Ah, are you going to fire him?" Li asked.

"No," said Misaki. "Even though he's not the brightest detective, he is the most loyal of the bunch. What are you watching?"

"Oh, this anime called Durarara. It's about this woman who has no head who rides a motor bike that's actually a horse."

"Is it any good?"

"It's funny. I just turned it on since there was nothing else."

Li's stomach suddenly growled. Misaki glanced down at it, as Li wrapped his arms around his waist, and then gazed up into his eyes.

"Haven't eaten anything yet?" she asked.

"Eh, I did, but it was a small portion of food," said Li while pointing to the sink.

Misaki looked over at it to see a few stacks of bowls in it, making her chuckle. She pulled out her phone and called a few take out restaurants.

She thought she had an appetite. Li's was as bad as her stomach, which made her believe that that was what drew her towards him, and gave her deep feelings for him. His sky night blue eyes and handsome feature was another thing, and he didn't reek of tobacco.

Misaki spent a few minutes on the phone, telling the employees from different stores what kinds of meals she wanted. A couple of the workers couldn't hold back their shock at the amount of food they had to cook.

"Are you having some kind of party?" shouted a male employee at a ramen store.

Thirty minutes later, they were downing boxes of rice, chicken dipped in sweet and sour sauce, bowls of ramen noodles, and bags of McDoness burgers and fries. As they ate, Li mentioned the things he and Saitou had done while she slept.

"You two played shogi?" she questioned, munching on a fry. "Where'd you get it from?"

"We went out and got it," said Li, poking and stabbing at his noodles in the box.

"You two left the hotel?"

"Eh? Yes. I'm sorry if I did something wrong. Did I do something wrong? I was with him the whole entire time."

"Saitou knows better, or I should say, should know better, than to leave the hotel." Misaki grabbed a burger and devoured it. She placed her hand over her mouth as she chewed, and said, "At least you two are all right. So who won?"

"Eh, he did. I'm not good at games like that." Li scooped up a few noodles and slurped it down his throat. "Do you want to play a game?"

"No, it's quite all right," smiled Misaki, shaking her head and waving her hands in front of her. "I've had my fair shares at that game with my father when I was young." Misaki dipped a few fries in some ketchup to eat. "So how was your test?"

"My test?" questioned Li, his eyelids slanting.

"Yeah. When I found you... naked," blushed Misaki, "and I drove you home, you had said you had a test to take."

"Oh that." Li fiddled with his food again, and downed it in one gulp. He pointed his chopsticks at nothing particular, and said, "I didn't have to take it. In fact, my teacher kicked me out."

Misaki's eyes narrowed.

"Kicked out?" she questioned.

He nodded and told her about his school problems.

"And then I ran into that man who was killed by that masked man," he continued with. Li was about to mention what had happened to the deformed elf man, but he stopped and slanted his eyes peculiarly, as he noticed her mouth was hanging open in awe. "Eh, you all right, Kirihara-san?"

"Oh, ah, fine." She wasn't. Why would his teacher say he wasn't part of that class and then kick him out? "Did you say anything to him to upset him?"

"No, I don't think so?" said Li while staring upwards to ponder on it. He then looked back at Misaki. "Why?"

"It's nothing," she shrugged off, and ate a few more burgers.

It was something. She guessed it had something to do with MN798, but she wasn't sure how it all fit, and it drove her crazy. Misaki believed, if she didn't get a finger on it soon, it was going to kill her.

She went to grab some more food, but noticed they had finished all of it. Misaki let out a low sigh, upset that her moment with Li had vanished since it was time to call it a night.

"You should get some sleep, Li-kun," she said.

"All right. Good night, Kirihara-san," replied Li.

"Pleasant dreams."

Li lay on the futon that Saitou had used earlier, and fell asleep within minutes.

Misaki didn't understand how he could live such a carefree life. If it were her, she would be having a hard time sleeping, knowing that someone wanted her dead. Perhaps that was another reason why she liked him. She wondered if he had any feelings for her.

"Kirihara-san," whispered Li in his sleep. Misaki turned to stare down at him flabbergasted. "Thank you."

She huffed out a breath while smiling, and said, "You're welcome, Li-kun."

Hours ticked by with no incident, pleasing Misaki, and making her think she had been blowing everything out of proportion. Perhaps she was trying to find an excuse to be alone with him. She thought, as soon as she knew he'd be safe, she should gather the courage and ask Li out to dinner.

The television suddenly turned off.

Misaki thought she had accidentally hit the remote somehow, and began looking around her hips. She couldn't find it until she caught it lying on the table at the corner of her eye. She grabbed it to turn the television back on, but it wouldn't. She then went to click on a lamp, but that too didn't work.

She was right. BK201 was coming for Li.

Misaki kneeled next to Li to shake him, and said, "Li, wake up."

His eyes blinked for a second, and then opened to stare up at her.

"Is breakfast ready? I'm hungry," said Li, as his stomach growled.

"The masked man is here," replied Misaki.

"Eh? How do you know?" he asked while sitting up startled.

"He knocked out the power."

"Are you sure? It could be a power outage."

"No, it's not. It's his trade mark."

Li gulped. Misaki pulled out her gun, helped Li to his feet, and guided him over to Saitou's room. She entered it to hear Saitou snoring as loud as Li's stomach growling, and walked over to him to wake him. To her luck, and not surprised, he instead rolled over on his side.

"Don't, Kouno, that tickled," Saitou whined in his sleep.

She cursed and shouted, "Get up!"

Saitou jumped and whimpered, "Sorry, Chief, for falling asleep!"

"Tsk! Get your gun! The masked man is here!"

"What? Are you sure?"

"Yes! Now get up and get your gun!"

Saitou did as ordered and followed behind Li to protect their backs, as Misaki guided them out into the darkened hallway. They placed their backs against the wall and slowly moved down it with Misaki pointing her gun downwards, and Saitou having it by his right earlobe. Misaki came up to a corner, stopping at it, and peeked around it to see nobody present. She also noticed the emergency staircase in the distance.

Misaki looked back at Li and Saitou, motioning with her head for them to follow, and led them towards their escape route. However, as they drew near the emergency staircase, a man dressed in black with a haunting mask stepped out of a room before them.

Misaki halted them with her and Saitou taking aim at BK201 and Li staring on stunned.

Yin stood in a puddle in a dank alley watching the hotel. Garbage bags cluttered both sides of the alley, giving it a horrendous smell. She flinched as she noticed Hei standing before his preys.

Mao scuffled around the corner, his fur standing on edge with smoke pouring out of it and looking like a candle that had been blown out, and skidded to a stop before Yin.

"It's done. I knocked out the power like you had told me to," said Mao. "I wish I hadn't though. Hope you're right that that cop woman will think it was Hei knocking it out. Now what do we do?"

"Nothing," she said.

"Nothing? After getting electrocuted, you want me to do nothing! Why?"

"Hei's here."

"I know that. Isn't that why we came? To get Hei's other self and take him back to Hei to make Hei as one?"

"Wrong. Hei, Hei."

"Hei, Hei?" questioned Mao, his head tilting and eyes slanting. Suddenly, they jolted into shock, as though he was getting an aftershock of electrocution. "You mean, OUR HEI? The dark and BAD HEI?" Yin nodded. "What's he doing here? I thought he didn't care about merging with himself?"

"Don't know. He's before them now. Eh?"

Yin twitched from being surprised about something, and then it seemed as though she was focused on another situation.

"What is it, Yin?" Mao asked.

"Someone else is here," stated Yin.

Misaki, holding her gun steady, glanced over her should at the corner of her eyes, and said, "Saitou, get Li-kun out of here!"

"But, Chief!" yelled Saitou.

"That's an order!"

"Right, Chief!"

Saitou grabbed Li by the arms and headed in the other direction. BK201 watched them until they rounded the corner they had come from before, and then glared at Misaki.

"Stand aside," he demanded.

"No!" she stated.

"You don't know what you're dealing with."

BK201 charged at Misaki, causing her to fire a round, and having it ricochet off his coat. She gasped, and found herself being placed in a lock hold with BK201's mask beside her face. She also could feel his face was slightly scruffy from lack of shaving.

"Please, don't kill him," begged Misaki, as she struggled with him. "He's innocent. He didn't even see your face."

"I have no intention of killing him."

"Liar! If you aren't, then why are you here?"

"It's none of your concern."

"It is. I'm trying to protect him from the likes of you."

BK201 snorted, and said, "It's best that you don't. If you continue to protect him, you'll find out the truth about him."

Misaki stared on perplexed, wondering why BK201 would say such a thing about Li. Was there more to Li than he let on, was he some how connected to BK201 and his organization, or was BK201 deceiving her?

She pushed those issues aside and said, "I can't. I care too much for him. I... like him... whole-heartedly."

BK201 jolted from her words, causing him to loosen his grip, and allowing Misaki to elbow him so that she could roll away and aim her gun at him. He stared down the barrel, as if intimidating her to fire.

"You mustn't get involved with him, Kirihara Misaki. You'll only get hurt in the end."

BK201 charged at her again, making her tense for a battle, but to her disbelief, he was too fast for her to follow, and she found herself being knocked out with the butt of his knife. She began to fall forward, her eyes going out of focus, and then slammed on the ground.

"Li... kun," she muttered, as she passed out.

BK201 looked back at her, his heart pounding heavily, and said, "The one you call Li will soon no longer exist."

He turned away from her and ran after Saitou and his other self.

Saitou and Li exited the building and ran into an alley nearby. Their feet splashed on the murky surface as Saitou kept his gun at the ready, waiting for anything to happen. A mini-sized flying saucer came at them, forcing Saitou to throw Li and himself to the ground and have the unidentified flying object soar over their heads. It flung back like a boom-a-rang and landed in a glowing blue, tall man's right hand, who was standing in the only sorce of light provided by a lamppost.

His beady red eyes settled to show they looked hollow in color with a hint of gray pupils, and the blue radiation diminished to reveal he had long and curly dark-brown hair, a crooked long nose, and wore a tan swayed trench coat with a blue vest and blue khaki pants.

"Sorry about that," he said with a bad English accent. "Oh, yeah, that's right, mate. I'm not since I was trying to kill you blokes."

Saitou stood to point his gun at the Contractor.

"You all right, Li-kun?" he shouted while keeping his gaze at the crooked-nose man.

"Eh, yeah," said Li, as he stood. "Why didn't you try and catch his Frisbee?"

"Frisbee?" questioned Saitou, and looked closely at the unknown item. Sure enough, it was a Frisbee. He looked back at Li. "Run, Li, I'll hold him off."

"Why? Maybe he wants us to play with him."

"Play with us? Didn't you see he was glowing blue?"

"No. I've had my face planted in the ground."

"Not even a peek of it?"

"No, why?"

Saitou cursed, feeling sorry for Misaki for all the times he sounded stupid, and shouted, "Li-kun! This man is as bad as the masked man, and he too is trying to kill us!"

"EH? That's not true, is it?"

"Of course it is, Mister Li Shengshun," said the Contractor.

"Eh? How do you know my name? Do I have my work name tag on me still?"

Li looked along his chest, searching with his hands to see if he still wore it.

"How is it that MN798 wasn't able to kill an idiot like you?"

"MN798?" Li asked, looking back at the crooked nose man. "What's that? Is that someone's penname online?"

The crooked nose man smiled devilishly.

"Li, please, just trust me and run!" pleaded Saitou.

"Eh, all right."

Li charged off in the other direction. The new Contractor glowed blue and threw his Frisbee at Li. Saitou tried to shoot it out of the air, but his bullet merely bounced off as it whizzed by his ear. Saitou looked back startled, but to Li's luck, he tripped at the last second to have the thing fly harmlessly over him.

Saitou breathed out air he didn't realize he was holding, as Li stood to continue running for safety. The Frisbee rounded back with the Contractor snatching it with ease.

"He's a lucky one," said the Contractor, again speaking in a terrible English accent.

"I take it your price is speaking in an accent," said Saitou.

"It looks like the rumors about you being a git was wrong. Although, with your somewhat intelligence, it shouldn't be too hard to finish you off."

The crooked nose man drew back his arm to throw his Frisbee. Saitou readied to dodge the attack, as the Contractor brought his weapon forward, but as he was about to release it, a wire wrapped around his neck. He looked down at it, and then stared at nothing in particular.

"Bloody hell!"

The next thing he knew he was being electrocuted. Once it ended, the Contractor's eyes rolled into his socket and fell forward dead. BK201 jumped down from the shadows, landing with a horrendous kneeling pose that seemed to shake the ground, and then stood with his mask's hollow eyes piercing deeply into Saitou's. Intimidated by it, Saitou fired to have his bullet bounced off BK201's coat.

"What the...?"

BK201 charged at Saitou, making him gasp at his speed, and he found himself cringing in pain from being socked in the stomach. Saitou bent forward while coughing, and then he was chopped in the back of the neck.

BK201 threw his wire upwards onto a pole, and flew up onto a roof to chase after his other self. He hurried along the edge, staring down at the ground, and jumped or swung onto other rooftops.

Within seconds, he located Li Shengshun galloping like a little pursy girl nearly out of breath. He would occasionally glance over his shoulders to see if anybody was pursuing him.

Eventually Li ceased his redundant escape and leaned on his knees to catch his breath. Hei smirked, whipped out his wire to wrap it on a pole, and leaped down to land in front of his weakling self. His other self looked up, and then jumped back, startled.

"There's no where to go," said BK201. "Don't try to run anymore and come with me quietly."

"Why?" said Li between breaths.

"You'll find out soon enough."

"No! I refuse!"

"You have no say. And don't count on those two cops. They can't help you now."

"What? Why? You didn't hurt them, did you?"

"Only a little."

Li's face burned with fury, surprising BK201 and making it seem as though his slanted eyes on his mask had somehow became wide and oval shape. Li picked up a stick and charged at BK201 to swing the stick at BK201's head. BK201 dodged back, slanted to the right, and ducked left. Hei pulled out his knife, and as Li brought forth his fighting stick, Hei sliced it in half. Li kicked the knife out of Hei's hand, threw a right hook with Hei blocking it, which forced Li to follow up with a left that was knocked aside. Hei performed a roundhouse kick, connecting it against Li's jaw.

Li's head began to seem as though it was spinning, as ringing filled his ears, and then cleared it to duck a second roundhouse kick. Li brought back his right fist, as did Hei, and simultaneously the combatants struck each other's cheek, cracking BK201's mask slightly, and making them stumble backwards.

Once their visions returned, Li noticed Hei's knife lying by his foot. He snatched it up backhanded, and charged at BK201 to slice at his neck. BK201 pulled out his spare knife, blocked the attack, and jumped to the side to miss a jab. BK201 hopped back a few paces, connected his blade to his wire, and threw it at Li who knocked it aside. Li grabbed a rope resting in a trash pile, tied it to his stolen knife as BK201 recoiled in his line, and he flung it at his attacker to have it ricochet off BK201's blade.

Li brought back his weapon, and threw it as Hei launched his to have them strike each other's blades in mid air. They tugged on their lines, and repeated their actions. On their fourth attempt, the two lines entangled, placing Li and Hei in a tug-a-war battle.

Sweat poured down their faces, illustrating their exhaustion, and their equal measure in body strength and mass. Li's teeth were grinding together so hard, it felt as though they were going to crack, while Hei fought to keep his cool. It seemed to him even his weakest side was also strong when it came to protecting the ones he cared for.

Suddenly, Li's rope snapped. Hei whipped his line back to take a hold of his blade, as Li caught his, and then they charged at each other. They swung their blades at the same time to have them strike and lock in place.

"You're making a big mistake attacking me," said BK201. BK201 grabbed his mask and threw it aside to show his face. Li looked on in fright, as though he was looking in the mirror. "We are one in the same."

Misaki woke with a splitting headache, but she figured that should be a blessing since she was still alive. She then began to worry about Saitou and Li. She charged down the stairs and out the building to search the area. Unable to see anything, she ran into an alley with her gun at the ready. She found Saitou lying unconscious in front of a tall man, and ran over to Saitou to check for a pulse. To her luck, he was still alive. She then started slapping his face to wake him.

"Saitou! Saitou, wake up!"

His eyes blinked for a second, and then he sat up straight saying, "Sorry for falling asleep again, Chief!"

"Where's Li-kun?" she asked, ignoring his comment.

"I had him run off," he said, telling her what had happened.

"Which way did he run off?"

Saitou pointed, causing Misaki to run in the direction. She prayed he was all right.

After running a good distance down the alley, she saw a man with black hair wearing a black coat. She aimed her gun at his back, as Saitou came up behind her.

"Don't move!" demanded Misaki, causing the guy to jump slightly. "Turn around!" The guy did so slowly. As he finished his turn, Misaki found herself staring at Li who was wearing the Black Reaper's coat draped over his work clothes. "Li...Li-kun?"

"Ki—Kirihara-san? Saitou-san? What are you two doing here?" he asked.

"What are we doing here?" questioned Saitou. "We're here to save you from the masked man."

"What mask man?"

"The mask man who's trying to kill you."

"Kill me?" Li looked around startled. "Someone wearing a mask is trying to kill me?"

"Li-kun, did you hit your head?" Saitou asked.

Li's eyes rolled upwards and pushed his hair to examine his forehead for any bumps or bruise. "Don't think so?"

"What's the last thing you remember?" Misaki butted in.

"Eh, leaving work. That was about five minutes ago."

Misaki gasped, knowing now why BK201 was after Li. He was trying to erase his memory incase he had seen him use his power, and figured that that was what BK201 had meant by her getting hurt. However, it didn't add up in her mind.

"Leaving your work?" babbled Saitou. "Li-kun, the chief and I had been...!"

"Saitou, that's enough," said Misaki, looking at him with a stern eye. "M.E."

"M.E? BK201 wiped his... oof!"

Misaki elbowed him in the stomach to prevent him from saying anything else. Li stared at them perplexed.

"Eh, everything all right?" he asked.

"Yes. Where did you get that black coat from, Li-kun?" Misaki asked.

"I found it in the trash. It looked like it was still in good shape, so I decided to throw it on."

"Can I have it, please? It belongs to someone we were chasing earlier. It might help us capture him easier."

"Oh, sure. It's kind of heavy."

Li removed the coat to hand it over to Misaki, and have her nearly drop it from the shear weight. She wondered what type of material it was made of.

A loud growling sound came from the pit of Li's stomach, causing him to cradle it and bend over from hunger. Misaki blinked as a thought crossed her mind, and turned to hand the coat to Saitou who looked on dumbfounded.

"Saitou, take that back to HQ," she said.

"Me? Aren't we going back together?" he asked.

"I'll be there later."

"But how am I going to get...?"

"The subway."

"And what are you...?"

"It's none of your concern." She looked over her spectacles, giving him another stern eye.

"Eh, sure!" sweated Saitou, and ran off in the opposite direction.

Misaki turned around to gaze at Li, and said, "How about we get something to eat?"

"Sure!" chimed Li.

"And this time, I'm paying for the meal."

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" shouted Huang, his head redder than a ripe apple, and hotter than an oven.

He stood before Hei, who was lying on the bench in the park, grinding his teeth with eyes ready to pop out of his sockets. Mao lay on the slide, peeking over it, and trying to stay out of sight, while Yin sat quietly next to Hei.

The overcast was partly cloudy, which cooled the air at times, as the sun settled behind the clouds. However, it didn't help with the heat Huang was embedding.

"My contact contacted me this morning to tell me your star was active last night along with Messier code YU289!" continued Huang. "In the same vicinity! You three are, or WERE, up to something, and it best not mean my end."

"I happened to be walking in that area, and I got bored, so I knocked out a hotel's power," said Hei. "So what?"

"I don't believe you! That other Contractor who was active. Guess what! He's dead, but I guess you already knew that, Hei!"

"News to me."

"Why you!" Huang threw down his hat and stomped on it. "If you weren't a Contractor, I'd kick your sorry butt right here and now!"

"All right." Hei sat up and stood before Huang to glare at him, freaking him out. "Let's have a go, and I won't use my power."

Sweat poured down his face like a showerhead, as his heart pounded as hard as a Japanese drum. He gathered some of his composure, straightening up somewhat, and glared at Hei.

"Just, if you do… anything crazy from now on, let me know!"

Huang turned around and hurried out of the park, leaving his hat behind. Hei frowned at the plump man since he wanted to get some of his stress out, and Huang would have made the perfect punching bag.

Mao, who was pleased that Huang had left, leapt from the slide, and looked up at Hei.

"Never can keep him in a good mood, I see, Hei," he said.

"Fine by me," replied Hei, as he placed his hands in his pockets. "Hopefully he has a heart attack."

"You don't mean that, do you, Hei?"

Hei stared off into nothingness to ponder on Mao's comment, as the birds in the tree sang a melody.

"A part of me does," Hei said, a few seconds later, "but a part of me doesn't."

"Your two sides still fighting over each other?"

"Perhaps. Maybe I should stop the act with Li and just concentrate on being Hei."

"No, you mustn't," spoke up Yin. Hei looked back at her dumbstruck. "You must be both."

Hei frowned and began to walk out of the park.

"By the way, Hei," said Mao. Hei stopped and turned to face Mao, as he slanted his eyes. "So exactly how did you emerge with your other self?"

"I don't know," replied Hei. "It's all a blank until Kirihara Misaki pointed her gun at my back. We probably merged when both of us realized we couldn't exist without the other.

"Lucky for me I had Li's outfit under my coat, or matters with Kirihara Misaki would have been worse."

"You think she would have arrested you since she's probably in love with your alias."

"I don't know, and I hope I don't find that out."

"Oh, so you have a little crush on her as well," snickered Mao.

Hei glared at Mao, making him cringe.

"I'm still thinking about that cat gourmet," said Hei. "You interested at all?"

"Not on your life!" shouted Mao, and charged out of the park.

Hei smiled, pleased he never seemed bored picking on him occasionally, and turned to leave.

Misaki sat at her desk thinking of what BK201 had said yesterday. Something didn't seem right with Li, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She hoped Li wasn't into anything that would land him behind bars. She didn't know if she could arrest him if he was.

"You'll give yourself wrinkles, Misaki," said November Eleven.

Misaki snapped out of her daze, looked up at him startled, and said, "I thought you were leaving?"

"No, I said I had some things to take care of."


"Still working on it. I came by to tell you something interesting about MN798. I was able to get someone in MI-6 to give me more details about him."

"And how did you do that?"

"I'd like to keep that to myself, if you don't mind. Anyways, it seemed MN798 could split a person into two parts. A strong part and a weak part."

"What? Are you saying, there'd be two of the same person? Like twins?"

"Yes. And to MN798's credit, and to pay his price, he would go after the weakest link." Suddenly a dismal feeling overwhelmed her, as her heart pounded heavily. She didn't want to believe what she was thinking. "Be very careful around that boy, Misaki."

The End