A/N-This has been in my head for awhile and I wanted to give it a shot...so hopefully you enjoy... I guess what you need to know is that Tara was never killed and Willow never went evil. The First did happen and Sunnydale never became a crater. Also, there are no potentials either. The Scooby-gang was able to defeat the First by themselves.

4 white walls, a bunch of teenagers and a bed is all that Amanda Elizabeth Lehane had at the moment. She used to have her parents and her girlfriend. She also had a best friend, but all of that changed because of a bad mistake, a mistake that happened over a year ago.

Thinking back, Amanda began to realize that her life was anything, but normal considering her parents were Slayers and that vampires and demons actually existed.

Amanda was told from a young age that these things existed. She was told that at some point she too would have Slayer abilities like her moms. It hasn't happened yet.


Amanda lay in her bed and stared at the bottom of the top buck where two pictures were taped. The one on the left was of two girls, one with blonde hair and green eyes and the other with brown hair and brown eyes which was her. The blonde haired girl was her girlfriend, Grace Rosenberg. The picture on the right was of her and her parents. Amanda was in the middle while Faith and Buffy were on either side of her. All three of them were making funny faces.

Those pictures to her are a reminder of the past, a past that she can't get back no matter how hard she tries.

"Mandy, what are you doing?"

Amanda looks up at her bunk mate Jenna and points to the photos. Jenna gets off of her bunk and lies down next to Amanda.

"Your parents are hot," Jenna says with a smirk, "total MILF's."

"Eww," Amanda whispers.

"Is that your girl right there?" Jenna asks as she points to the blonde haired beauty in the picture.

"Not anymore," Amanda mumbles as she closes her eyes as she thinks of her ex.

"Word around here is that you're getting out."

"The words right, don't know if I like it though."

Jenna turns her head and looks at Amanda.

"Why not?"

"It's easy in here…out there is just hard."

Jenna nodded her head in agreement.

"Look at it this way…you'll be out before me considering I still have a few months, but you get to go home to your family," seeing the look in Amanda's eyes made her change her statement, "you do want to see your family don't you?"

Amanda rolls her eyes.

"My family is a little more complicated than you think."


Sitting in Willow's office was a little weird for Faith. She couldn't believe that the same shy Willow Rosenburg was now the owner of the Magic Box. Hell Faith never thought that she would be where she was now, a mentor, a mother and a friend. Faith never saw herself as the maternal type. She had decided long ago that she wouldn't become a mother mostly because she never learned how to be not like Buffy did. The only mother figure that Faith had for a long time was Joyce. She had always liked Joyce and even when she tried to terrorize her and her daughter Joyce still found a way to forgive her.

The moment that Faith held her baby girl in her arms was the time when she knew that maybe she could do it after all.

Thinking back on all that happened she realized that having Amanda was the best thing in her life maybe even better than Buffy tolerating her.

16 Years Ago:

Buffy and Faith were on their way home after taking out a couple of vamps in the Sunnydale area. It was only a year after the battle with the First.

"So, can you believe that Grace is one now?" Faith asks Buffy.

"Not really, I mean I never understand how time can move so fast, but yet so slow at the same time."

"Seeing T and Red with her kind of makes me feel sort of jealous," Faith mumbles.

Buffy nods her head in agreement.

"I know what you mean Faith. I have Dawn, but it's not the same because she isn't mine. I never gave birth to her or fed her when she was younger. I guess its part of a normal life that us Slayers will never have."

Faith turns to Buffy and grabs her hands. Something she seemed to do every time Buffy was feeling down.

"I refuse to believe that B. You of all people were born to be a mom. I'd never be, but you would."

Buffy looks at the sadness in Faith's eyes as she realizes that for the first time in a long time Faith has let her walls down and it is something she has wanted for a long time even before when they were teens and her crush got the best of her.

Buffy takes her thumb and caresses Faith's cheek. Something daring for Buffy, but Faith seems to enjoy it.

"You deserve everything that I have Faith. You deserve to be loved."

Faith shakes her head.

"No I don't," Faith mumbles.

"Yes, you do," Buffy whispers back before her lips attach to Faith's.


Making their way to Buffy's bedroom with lips still attached to each other Faith stops the kiss.

"B, are you sure about this cos once we do this there ain't no going back?"

Buffy smiles as she tugs her shirt over her head.

"I'm definitely sure. Now kiss me Faith."

Faith smiles and does as she is told.

Present Time:

Faith shakes away her memories when she hears mention of her daughter come up.

"What was that?" Faith asks Willow.

"I said when is Amanda getting released?"

Faith looks over at Buffy who is in the arms of Laura a new Magic Box worker. Faith sighs at the picture. It should really be her with her arms around Buffy, but whatever.


Willow nods her head and looks at her wife and daughter.

"If at all possible I would like Amanda to stay away from Grace."



Willow looks over at her family.

"What? You two don't look at me like that. It's what is best."

Grace stands up from her chair in anger.

"I think I should get to make my own damn decisions about my girlfriend."

"Ex girlfriend," Willow reminds.

"Not the point…god you are so infuriating," Grace says before storming out of the store.

Tara walks over to her wife with a not so pleased look.

"That was uncalled for. I'll go see if I can find her."

Buffy looks over at Tara.

"Try the park…it's their spot."

Tara nods her head and walks out of the store.

Faith glares at Willow and walks into the back to spare.

"That didn't go very well," Laura states as she sees Willow walk away.

Buffy turns in Laura's arms.

"It's hard to explain, but a lot of it as to do with Amanda being in a Juvenile Detention Center."

Buffy sees Laura nod her head.

"I should talk to Faith about our plans with Amanda."

"Okay, I'm going to head home, but call me okay Buffy?"

Buffy nods her head and kisses Laura softly on the lips.


Once Faith entered the back she immediately wrapped up her hands and started punching the bag.

Buffy stood and watched as Faith continued to slam into the bag. Her thoughts led her to the moment when she had told Faith she was pregnant.


Faith was doing her daily workout when Buffy stepped into the back room. Her hands instantly went to her stomach because she was feeling quite nervous. She had gone to the doctor to confirm her suspicions and when he did Buffy freaked…mostly because she hadn't been with anyone besides Faith.

"Faith I have to tell you something."

"What is it B?" Faith asks as she continues to punch the bag.

"I'm pregnant."

Faith stops punching the bag and turns to face Buffy.

"Wow…so who's the daddy?" Faith says in a hurtful tone not noticed by Buffy.

"I haven't been with anyone since…"

"Since when B?"

Buffy looks up at Faith.

"Since you."


"What do you want B?"

Buffy snaps out of her memories and walks closer to Faith.

"Um just wondering what are plans are…for Amanda."

Faith raises an eyebrow and pulls the tape off of her hands.

"I'll pick her up and I guess it's up to her who she wants to stay with."

Buffy nods her head.

"Do you think Amanda will like Laura?"

"Buffy, that isn't a question you are supposed to ask your ex. Mandy has a mind of her own."

Buffy sighs and sits down on the mat and puts her head on her knees.

"She doesn't like me as much as you," Buffy whispers.

Faith sighs and looks at Buffy. Finally after much debate she sits down next to the blonde.

"She pretty much hates me too B. She's a teenager it's what they do."

"I don't know if she'll ever forgive us," Buffy says as she leans her head on Faith's shoulder.

"Me either B, but we'll find out soon."

Both women sat in the empty work-out room thinking about their daughter and how things were going to be now that she was going to be home. Both not knowing that somewhere in Sunnydale, Amanda Elizabeth Lehane was thinking the same exact thing.