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"Hello? Anyone home?" Buffy yelled into the quiet Summer's home. After a minute of silence she assumed everyone was asleep. "Yay, more time for Buffy to be alone," She said sarcastically.

She pulled opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and took it upstairs. As she walked by Willow, and formerly Tara's room she peaked in and noticed the bed was made. It instantly worried her and she ran to Dawn's room; empty with the bed made. It looked as if no one was home.

"Dawn! Willow! Hello!" She yelled into the silence. She ran downstairs to the phone to call Xander.

"Hello?" A sleepy Xander answered.

"Is Dawn or Willow with you? I had a late night patrolling and when I got home no one was here, it looks like no one came home last night," Buffy asked, panicked.

"Haven't seen either of them, I know Willow was at the Bronze last night, but the Dawnster left The Magic Box around eight. I'll call Anya and then I'll head over to your place, you should call Tara, she might know." Xander suggested, trying to sound as rational as possible.

Buffy hung up the phone and dialled Tara's number.

"Tara?" Buffy asked.

"Buffy? You're up early, is everything okay?" Tara asked sweetly.

"Is Dawn with you? I just got home and no one was here,"

"Oh, Buffy I thought Dawn told you, or left a note. She spent the night at Janice's last night. I tried calling last night to tell you but you were out. I'm sorry, I thought Dawn would have told you." Tara apologized.

"Oh thank God. I am going to kill that girl. Thanks a lot Tara, um, you wouldn't happen to know where Willow is? Because Xander hasn't seen Willow since last night," Buffy asked, trying to dodge around talking about Willow with Tara.

"Uh, n-no, I haven't. I'm sure she's okay though, Willow can take care of herself," Tara said dejectedly.

"Yeah, I'm sure she's fine, and thanks for telling me about Dawn, I should call Xander and call off the search party, and Tara, if you need anything, feel free to call, okay?"

'Of course, th-thanks Buffy, good luck with Dawn, don't go to hard on her," Tara giggled before hanging up.

Buffy called Xander and let him know that Dawn was okay and then decided to take a quick nap.

Willow carefully opened the door to the Summer's home and looked around. Dishes were in the sink and Buffy's jacket was hanging on the chair. Obviously Willow had stayed out later than expected, but Amy had insisted.

"Will, is that you?" Buffy called from upstairs.

"Yeah, hey," Willow replied nervously. She didn't want Buffy to think she was out all night up to no good.

"Have fun last night?" Buffy asked, coming down the stairs.

"Yeah, time seemed to fly away. How was patrolling, any baddies we should worry about?"

"Nah, it was a pretty dead night," Buffy said uncomfortably. "It's good you had fun, you've been kind of bummed since Tara left so it's nice to see you back out there. Any plans for tonight?"

"I'm all for sleeping tonight. I'm not meant to be a party animal," Willow giggled.

"Your leather doppelganger would have disagreed. Anyways everyone seems to be busy tonight, Dawn is staying the night at Janice's again, Xander and Anya are making with the, well you know, and that exhausts all my options. I think I'll just do a quick patrol and come home and sleep,"

"Okay, I mean, unless you want to have a little girl's night. We could rent movies and cry, just like the good ol' days," Willow suggested gleefully.

"That sounds great, are you sure though? You said you were tired." Buffy asked, trying to weasel out of the plans. She wasn't ready to be snugly with everyone yet, but she didn't want them to know that.

"Hey, a quick nap and some ice cream will fix that up. You go patrol and then we can get in our pj's and gossip. Maybe, if you're lucky I'll even gush about boys, but don't hold your breath," Willow smiled. She didn't want Buffy to think she was pushing her away. Buffy seemed so distant lately.

"Sounds good Will, I'll even pick up a movie on my way home, how's Sleepless in Seattle sound?"

"That sounds great! You know, I don't know if said this enough, but I'm so glad you're back," Willow beamed. She looked so happy, Buffy didn't have the heart to tell her what she'd done.

"Well, I should go; those vampires aren't going to slay themselves. Which is too bad, my job would be much easier, I'll see you in a couple hours."

"Be careful," she said, handing Buffy her jacket.

"I'll try," Buffy sighed, knowing exactly where she was heading. There was only one vampire she was interesting in seeing.