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Aziraphale frowned at the thing Crowley had just slammed on the counter.

„What is that?"

„My best work so far in this century, Angel" said the demon with a grin spread on his face as smug as Aziraphale had not seen in years. "Read it!", Crowley said and pulled his hand back.

As the angel could see now it was – hardly surprising after his counterpart's demand – a book, albeit none that looked like something he would even consider reading. He picked it up curiously and studied the title.

"Twilight", he read aloud. "Never heard of it."

"Believe me, you will."

"Did you write it?", Aziraphale asked and turned the book in his hands to read the description on the back. Crowley snickered.

"Nah. I just persuaded the author to publish it. Couldn't come up with a crap like that if I tried a 100 years." The angel's brow furrowed.

"It's about vampires."

"Yeah I know. They sparkle."

"They what?!" Crowley's mouth twitched. He could barely restrain himself from starting to laugh diabolically. Aziraphale raised his eyebrows.

"Just give it a try, angel, 'n tell me what you think about it." He grinned even more. "I'll be off now. Gotta go and do some more evil deeds, y'know." And thus he sniggered again and left the bookshop.

Aziraphale opened the book and started to read.