Hey everyone! This is my second dab at writing fanfic, and my first Shopaholic fic. I'm writing it to pass the sleepless hoursb away and to finally write an idea that's been bugging my fingers ever since I thought of it.

This chapter is written in Becky's POV. I plan to write the next chapters in Luke's. The story should be about him for once, lol.

I hope you like it!

OK. Don't panic. It's only a little run in your stocking. He won't notice.

I lean down and run my hand over the run a few times. It doesn't disappear. Stupid M&S stockings, I only grabbed them from the sales rack that time the store was about to close. I will never buy from sales again.

I glance down at my outfit. Teal French Connection top, DKNY pencil skirt, the damn tights, D&G boots, and my favourite, trademark Denny and George scarf.

Oh, right, that was bought on sale.

"He's in the building!" I hear someone say. It was André Triton, my fellow personal shopper and archnemisis. André and I both work for The Look, the newest, trendiest department store in London.

Okay well, it's a little over a year old. That's fairly new! And, well, it isn't exactly Harrods or Harvey Nichols. Still, a little confidence never hurts.

I actually detest André. She looks like Alicia Bitch-Longlegs; she has the hair, the legs and the annoying scowl on her perfectly made-up face. She's such a bitch, too. She comes in designer outfits everyday and looks down on everyone.

Everyone, that is, well, me. No one else seems to hate her as much.

By "he", André was referring to Collin Vanderbilt, our new boss. He's an up and coming entrepreneur from New York, and he bought humongous shares off the company to invest. The Look's gaining some favorable attention right now, unlike earlier this year. Thanks to my idea to ship in my friend, Danny Kovitz (yes, the Danny Kovitz) from New York for a partnership, the store sizzled and enticed customers. Still, that was quite some time ago, and Collin Vanderbilt is what's news now.

This Mr. Vanderbilt has garnered a mysterious reputation around the whole store. None of us have seen him and no news of him was ever available. Due to his high-profile last name, everyone thinks he's some super monarch. No one knows if he's young, old, married or single. Some people even think he's some old, wheezing guy who manages boutiques just to throw his money away. I do too, sometimes. Right now, the whole room was buzzing excitedly. Finally, we get to meet Mr. Rich Pants Vanderbilt.

Actually, I happen to think that he's some mindless, money-and-business-minded bloke on a trust fund. "Collin" sounds dorky, too. He probably dresses like Tarquin, my best friend Suze's husband (and cousin). I know it's really mean of me, but sometimes I am completely appalled at why Tarquin could get away with such horrible fashion choices under Suze's fashionable nose. I mean, orange and pink cable-knit sweaters? Well I guess that's love for you.

Why couldn't he be like my husband, Luke Brandon (yes, the Luke Brandon). Luke's a high-flying entrepreneur, and he has impeccable taste. In fact, Luke is the best-dressed, most handsome, most amazing man I've ever-

"Bloody hell! He's here!"

The sound of the elevator opening startles me and I straighten up immediately.

I see a head of gelled dark blonde hair making its way through my co-workers' heads. He's accompanied by Percy, the manager. Quietly, I giggle to myself. I suddenly had a vision of a nerdy-looking, notoriously slick-haired, thickly bespectacled, suspender-clad and polka-dot-bow-tied Mr. Vanderbilt.

"Hello, everyone," I hear him say. "As you all know, I'm Collin Vanderbilt. Oh but everyone, please, call me Collin. Mr. Vanderbilt sounds like some old, wheezing guy trying to manage boutiques just to throw his money away. " Everyone in the room laughed. Oh, so he's not old and wheezy? But my, he's bloody cheeky. "Please carry on with what you're doing, the store does open in half an hour. I refused the welcoming party as to not stop operations. I'm sure Percy here will get me settled."

Ha. He's a workaholic, I knew it. I bet he does look all serious and badly dressed. I tiptoe slightly for a better look, but I can't see.

"Okay, back to your places everyone, let's do as Collin says," Percy declares. People scuttle about, but I stay in my place. I want to get a good look at this serious-type Collin-

The crowd parts and I see him.

I gulp. He's not badly dressed at all. He's not the thickly bespectacled, suspender-clad and polka-dot-bow-tied Mr. Vanderbilt I was expecting.

He's wearing a pinstripe double-breasted suit, most likely designer, a white shirt underneath and a white tie with gray stripes. His shoes are perfect-looking black leather. He looks perfectly expensive.

And he's not some nerdy-looking Collin either. He looks like a better, smarter version of Leonardo Dicaprio.

I jump a little as I see him looking back at me. I've gotten his eye, oh no. I didn't mean to stare.

He starts to say something. "Are you alright, Miss...?"

Suddenly my tongue turns to sandpaper and I can't speak.

"Brandon, that's Rebecca Brandon," Percy quickly steps in. "Are you alright, Becky?"

"You're the Becky Brandon?" Collin Vanderbilt says, as if I'm some celebrity. I flush.

I manage to nod.

He moves forward to shake my hand. "I've heard so much about you." His hands are warm and firm. I shake it helplessly.

"Well, ah, um," I splutter. "I do try."

He smiles at me. His teeth look perfect. "I heard about all your contributions for this store. I also happened to catch you on TV before, Morning Coffee, was it?"

I flush even more. He'd seen that, oh God.

"You had a different name back then..."

"Oh yes, well I'm married." I manage to speak a whole sentence at last. "My husband's name is Luke," I say proudly, "Maybe you know him?"

"Luke Brandon?" A look of recognition has dawns on his face. "Oh... wow. I didn't know he was married..."

"We were married in your hometown, actually," I laugh. Inside I am fuming. Not married, Luke? "Oh, I just came back from six months of maternity leave." I beam proudly.

"I wasn't able to tell," he says with a smile.

Hmph. I guess that little compliment lets him off the hook. For now.

What do you guys think? Is it worth continuing, in Luke's POV?