Not Falling, Not Fading

Disclaimer:I do not own Angel,or any of the characters in this story.

Warnings: Some language, maybe fluff in later chapters.

Summary: Mwahaha ...ha! You do not get a summary because it gives away the story. Read the title instead. So there! :)

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Angel glanced over at Spike, rain splattering his face, obscuring his vision.

"Me, I kinda wanna slay the dragon."

As he raced forwards, sword raised, a battle cry erupting in his throat, he was knocked flat by an invisible hand.

Angel glared up at a grinning, all- too familiar black haired girl, covered in rain.

"Hey there big guy. What ya up to?" She asked casually.

Angel blinked the rain out of his face and groaned "Faith."

The others lowered their swords in shock.

"Look, I'm all for the final stand, go out with a bang, but this is retarded, man!" Faith, chided, pointing her sword at him. "So, here's what we're going to do. We're gonna regroup and actually win. Kay?"

Angel shook his head slowly. "We can't. The army would go after the whole city. It's the only way."

Faith rolled her eyes. "Oh and when you get eaten by the friendly neighborhood dragon, they're just gonna fly back to the heavens?" She raised an eyebrow at Spike.

Spike looked at his shoes intently.

"The annoying creature talks much. The army of demons is coming. Are we to just wait for our deaths or do damage?" Illyria asked, impatiently.

Faith glanced at Gunn. He was holding his stomach; crimson blood staining his fingers.

"Aww, man. You look like shit. We better get you to Willow fast." Faith said, looking concerned.

Angel stood and then asked "She can save him?"

Faith inspected him. "I think so. But he's fading real fast."

Angel gave a quick nod. "Go. We'll hold them off."

Faith scoffed. "Yeah, I'll just let the rest of you get butchered too. Let's go, they're coming." She grabbed Gunn's arm and helped support him. Then she turned and looked at them expectantly.

"You guys are really gonna do this?!" Angel asked his crew.

Spike shrugged. "If she says we have a chance . . ."

Illyria nodded slowly. "I do not wish for Wesley's death to be in vain."

Angel growled and then said "Go, I'll hold them off."

He was about to charge when the butt of a sword crashed into his head and he crumpled, unconscious.

Spike grinned and twirled his sword. "Been wanting to do that for a while now."

He pulled Angel onto his shoulders. "Shall we?"