That simple word caught the young lover's attention; just a single word caused Ianto to turn his rested head away from Jack's warm military coat, away from the softness touch the coat could offer, Jack's coat never disappointed him or Ianto, not now not ever. Ianto glanced across the badge attached to Jack's right shoulder giving him access towards Jack's perfect face, shining in the moonlight's beam.

"Hhmp?" Ianto asked, he couldn't help but notice a pool of sweat on Jack's forehead, was he boiling hot or nervous? Ianto took the second one as his answer, he couldn't find a perfect explanation why Jack was boiling hot in this freezing cold weather, but he is still hot in the sexy standards. So he was left with the thought of Jack being nervous, but why would Jack be nervous, what is there to be nervous about? "You okay Jack?" he was worried, rubbing his thumb along Jack's forehead, using his thumb to collect moisture, leaving a trail behind. He retrieved his thumb, finding it completely covered in Jack's sweat; only some of the moisture soaked into Ianto's hand, the rest went straight onto Ianto's sleeve.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little bit nervous that's all" Jack's voice replied, Ianto turned his gaze back to Jack, the first thing he noticed was the trail Ianto made with his thumb was now covered in more sweat, just how nervous was he?

"Okay I'm scared, since when was the mighty Captain Jack Harkness nervous?" Ianto joked.

"Since when has Ianto Jones commented on my feelings?" Jack asked, Ianto's smile faded away into a straight line.

"Good point" Ianto replied, "So what did you want to talk about?" Ianto asked, reminding Jack's mind that he actually did ask for Ianto's attention, but what now worried Jack was how he was going to find the right words for his speech. Jack sucked in a lump of air, filling up his lungs, this routine always helped him think through what he was going to say, it was also a cure sometimes for him being nervous, with the oxygen travelling round his body picking up all signs of being nervous and leaving Jack's body full of no worries, but today it wasn't working.

"Well" Jack began, he always used the word 'well' when he started a long conversation, it always made him feel like he was getting to the whole point of the story, which he was proud of. He didn't like babbling on about a certain thing for over half an hour, it just wastes time, but Jack didn't know weather what he wanted to ask Ianto was wasting time or not. It all depends on Ianto's answer, that's if he does answer.

Jack began to feel uncomfortable the way his body was laid out on the grass, how could he ever ask the question like this? When has anyone asked a question like this, well except Rhys who had to lie down on the couch to ask the question, Jack was defiantly not going to ask the question like that! His style was much more classical and rich. Jack propped his body up, so it now rested on his left hand, with his right tucked up away in his pocket, being accompanied with a palm size box, his fingers stoked the velvet case, his fingers tingled to the soft touch.

"We've been classed as a couple for two years now, but it never came to me as a couple, it was just the start of our relationship, so I think it's now time to make us an official couple" Jack began, his heart began to feel the tension, thumping wildly behind his lungs, unable to be seen by the rest of Jack's chest, but it still beated on, making Jack more nervous than ever. His hand shook inside his pocket with the box, he was surprised the ring hasn't fallen out of the box yet, with all the shaking his hand was making it would be able to mix fruit to a smoothie if he wanted to. Thoughts swam to Jack's head, helping him find the words for his next sentence, if he done it right, it would be his last sentence, then his torture of 'I need to talk to Ianto' could finally be over.

"What I'm trying to say Ianto is, I Jack Harkness is asking you, Ianto Jones, to become my gorgeous husband, making you become Ianto Harkness-Jones, so we can be together forever just you and me, will you marry me?" Jack asked, retrieving the velvet box from his pocket, lifting his position so he was now sitting, allowing him to place his left hand on the box to reveal the ring which sat inside.

Ianto gasped, staring down towards the silver ring with a diamond in the centre, no wonder Jack was nervous, heck even Ianto would be nervous at this point. It took time for Ianto to register that Jack was still waiting for a reply, but Ianto was paying more attention to the ring. It was beautiful one of a kind, it must have cost a fortune, was this how much Ianto meant to him?

"So, what do you think? Will you become my husband?" Jack asked, Ianto glanced his blue crystal eyes towards Jack's face, he was more nervous than ever, sweat was dripping off his hair and onto the shady grass, he was soaked in his own sweat, not a good experience to go through, you always stank after your sweat had dried. Above all Jack was shaking like a leaf; it was about time Ianto saved him from further nervous feelings.

"Of course I will Caraid!" Ianto replied, pulling Jack into a loving hug. Jack sighed in relief, soon smiling to himself, he had done it, and he had now gained Ianto who was soon going to be his husband, his soul mate. Tears of joy began to appear in Ianto's eyes, he never thought this day would come; he always imagined Jack would disappear again, but this time leaving him forever, going after his Doctor again like he did before. But Ianto had misjudged all this time, god he was glad. To think that Owen used to call him Jack's part time shag, but Ianto was a lot more than that now, he was Jack's future husband, this should teach Owen a lesson!

"So this is why you were so nervous!" Ianto laughed, pulling away from the hug, being able to once again look into Jack's blue eyes, they were now filled with joy and happiness, pure happiness.

"Well I wouldn't say nervous I think that's gone a bit too far, I would say anxious" Jack replied.

"Same thing!" Ianto pointed out, Jack just shrugged his shoulders, he almost forgot about placing the ring on Ianto's finger.

"Let me do the honour" Jack announced, picking up the silver ring from it's sitting position, now placing the ring on its new home, Ianto's finger. Slowly Jack pushed the ring further along the finger until it could travel no further, it was a perfect fit. Jack smiled towards the ring, leaning down to plant a kiss on contents of Ianto's hand, and then making his way up towards Ianto's ear.

"You're mine now" Jack whispered into Ianto's ear, it sent shivers down his spine, but it was good shivers.

"Aren't I just" Ianto smiled, pulling Jack into a passionate kiss under the moonlight...

Both men lay in their double mattress bed, Jack holding an embrace on Ianto, who was quite happy about being in Jack's strong arms, his left hand rested on top of Jack's arm, with his ring shining in the sun's beam. They were exhausted from the amount of celebration sex they had last night, they barged into their flat door, both eager to celebrate their engagement, plus Jack wanted Ianto so much on their bed. After all, Ianto was now Jack's, same with Jack being Ianto's, but Jack liked it being Ianto as Jack's. Jack could hardly be patient, soon they scrambled in the door, with Ianto being shoved against the first wall by Jack, kissing Ianto senseless, leading up to them having sex in bed. This left them to where they now are now, both shattered, enjoying each others presence.

Jack's eyebrows narrowed, soon followed by his face making different emotions, something was wrong. Jack snapped his eyes open, something was wrong with his stomach, but what? Jack glanced down towards it, hoping there was a bruise there and he had just smacked it, but he was wrong. There wasn't a bruise neither a cut, there was nothing wrong with it, but there was a problem with his stomach in the inside of his body not from the outside.
Another jolt of pain hit his stomach, but this time it was worse, it felt like he had been punched in the gut, but there was no one reasonable for punching him.

Jack's mouth filled with saliva, since when did his mouth fill up with saliva so quickly? Jack swallowed the contents of the saliva so it travelled back down his throat. The taste was different to normal saliva, he soon realised what was wrong with his stomach. Jack's eyes widened, he released his grip on Ianto and shifted off the bed.
Jack sprinted towards the bathroom, his mouth soon refilled with more saliva, Jack swallowed it back down, trying his hardest not to let anything come out of his mouth, if he did he would have Ianto to answer to later.

Jack collapsed in front of the toilet, his body shook violently. Strange noises left his mouth, soon followed by the contents of Jack's stomach, going straight into the toilet.

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